Vidnoz: Your Go-To AI Tool for Quick and Free Video Making? [2024]

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Updated June 27, 2024

Published June 18, 2024

Vidnoz: Your Go-To AI Tool for Quick and Free Video Making? [2024]

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Vidnoz is an interesting AI Video Generator with at least 20 AI tools to keep you occupied. We particularly liked the AI voiceovers, avatars, and scriptwriter tools. This combination makes Vidnoz a terrific tool for quickly creating explainer, E-learning, or training videos with little to no video editing experience.

Besides creating videos, there are many fascinating tools to play around with or even use for professional projects. There is a tool to transform your scripts into celebrity voiceovers, image/video face swap tools, and a tool to remove vocals from audio.

We rated Vidnoz 4.6/5 for its numerous AI tools and the opportunities they present. More than that, you only need an idea and Vidnoz will help write the script and narrate and present your content in 20 minutes or less.

Best For

Quickly creating videos with AI voiceovers and presenters


Start at $26.99/mo. or $19.99 /mo billed annually

Free Plan

Limited free-forever plan available


  • Versatile AI platform
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous AI avatars and voices
  • Customizable templates


  • Some features need improvement
  • No image generator

AI Features


Output Quality


Ease of Use




What is Vidnoz AI?

Vidnoz is an AI video generator designed to simplify video content creation for various applications. The platform provides 1000+ pre-built professional templates for creating news content, explainer videos, educational material, and numerous other video formats.

The text-to-speech functionality lets you create AI voiceovers for scripts. There are also numerous AI avatars to present your content. You don’t need professional studio equipment or even to appear on the screen to create high-quality videos.

The built-in Editor lets you personalize your videos including adding text, changing the narration speed and tone, and more. Vidnoz also offers additional AI tools (20 in total), including AI face swap, background remover, voice changer, and background remover.

Is Vidnoz AI Right For You?

We recommend Vidnoz AI for the following types of users:

  • You want to create professional videos with AI presenters and voiceovers
  • You’re new to video editing and need a simple tool
  • You want to generate video scripts with AI
  • You’re looking for a fun AI platform for entertainment
  • You want to transform your scripts into audio-only content

However, Vidnoz AI isn’t the best platform for these types of users:

  • You want to generate images for your projects
  • You need an advanced video editor

Pros & Cons Of Vidnoz AI


Versatile AI platform

Vidnoz offers 20 AI tools for video, photo, and voice tasks. You can create videos from a text script, turn selfies into professional headshots, remove vocals from audio, and much more.

Easy to use

Vidnoz is intuitive and easy to use. Start from a template in the home screen or navigate to the AI tools in the left menu to perform specific tasks.

Numerous AI avatars and voices

This platform offers up to 900+ AI avatars and 460+ AI voices. There are also some terrific options if you take your time selecting the voices or avatars.

Customizable templates

You can quickly create videos by choosing from 1,000+ templates.


Some features need improvement

Some features like the AI text-to-video, video enhancer, and cartoon generator could be improved.

No image generator

There’s no dedicated text-to-image tool for generating photos with AI.

Getting Started With Vidnoz AI

To use Vidnoz AI, visit and click “Create Free AI Video.”

Sign up directly with your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Microsoft account. Alternatively, provide an email address and password to create your account.

Vidnoz will ask you about the content you want to create. Your answers help the platform adapt to your specific use case.

You’ll land on the Dashboard where you can create your first video from scratch or using a template.

You can also navigate to AI Tools in the left menu and choose the tool you want to use for your project, such as Text to Speech, Video Enhancer, and so on.

Let’s see what Vidnoz AI has to offer.

AI Script Generator

One of the best things about AI tools is you can start from just an idea, and the AI will do the heavy lifting. In the case of Vidnoz’s AI Script Generator, all you need is a concept or idea and the AI will create a script for you.

For the first test, we asked the AI to write a “short story about a dog that found a lost child in the park.”

It’s a simple prompt that’s easy to understand, allowing us to assess the AI’s ability to understand text input. While specific, the prompt also leaves room for interpretation, allowing us to gauge the AI’s creativity.

Vidnoz also lets you choose the tone, which helps guide the AI towards the desired output.

The AI created our short story in just a few seconds. It was a simple story, but well-crafted and charming. It featured a clear plot, well-developed characters, and emotional resonance.

A story crafted by a creative writer might feature complex plot twists and detailed characters. However, AI tools like the Script Generator aren’t designed to replace human writers. If nothing else, you can use its output as a first draft and make adjustments to improve the story.

We tried again with a different prompt. This time we tested the AI’s ability to create dialogue. The results were equally satisfactory. The dialogue flowed naturally, and the AI captured the essence of our prompt (two childhood friends reunited after 30 years).

There’s also the option to edit scripts with AI, including asking Vidnoz to shorten, expand, or rephrase your script. This feature is common in stand-alone AI writing assistants and is nice for quickly modifying text.

Additionally, you can set the tone. You want this from a text generator, allowing you to get close to the desired result.

We were overall happy with the AI script generator. It consistently provided relevant and well-written scripts. These needed manual editing to reach the desired quality, but that’s typical of AI-generated text.

Vidnoz also lets you export your scripts in a TXT file. Alternatively, copy the text to a clipboard, and paste it into your preferred document editor.

AI Avatars

There are two ways to create videos from text in Vidnoz. The first is converting scripts to video with an AI narrator. This option is useful for training videos, news content, explainer videos, and similar content.

The second method is to create videos from a text script, which we’ll explore in the next section.

We liked that this feature is nested in the AI Script Generator so you don’t have to copy over your script to a different tool within Vidnoz.

Click “Create Video by Script” after generating your text and transform it into a video. We did that for this test using our first script in the previous section.

We didn’t change any settings when generating this video. The AI picked the avatar, narrator's voice, background, and all other details. It took the AI about a minute to generate the 50-second video, which is fairly quick.

The AI narrator's voice in this video sounded slightly robotic but still good. It’s one of the better-quality AI voices we’ve seen after testing dozens of similar tools.

The AI avatar was also good, though we’ve seen slightly better quality (read hyperrealistic avatars) with tools like

You can also choose the AI Avatar tool from the left menu and create your narration from scratch by picking an AI avatar and voice.

You can access 900+ avatars with the Pro plan, which is more than we typically see with these tools. There are also different genders, ethnicities, and professions, so there’s a great selection here.

You can create conversations between two AI avatars. Not all avatar generators have this option. You can also personalize your videos by adding backgrounds, text, music, and more.

You can also adjust AI voice settings like emotion, speed, and pitch. There's even the option to specify how the AI should pronounce specific words.

Below is a short conversational video showing how these elements come together. The AI voice quality is quite good in this video. And it only took a few minutes to create the video with minimal effort.

However, the AI avatars could have been better. We’d have wanted natural hand and lip movements. But, it’ll do if the primary focus is the information being conveyed rather than detailed visuals.

In short, the AI voice and avatar quality varies in Vidnoz. You’ll need to test different options before you land on the right one. However, you’ll eventually find the perfect combination to bring your scripts to life. The available personalization options are also sufficient for creating custom professional videos.

Side Note:

Side Note

You can use the text-to-speech tool in Vidnoz to create audio-only AI voiceovers. There’s also an AI Voice Changer for creating celebrity voiceovers. Check out the AI Morgan Freeman voiceover below.

AI Text To Video

The AI Text to Video tool converts your idea, topic, or script into video. You can configure basic settings like background music, subtitles, and AI voice beforehand. These settings help the AI deliver the desired result and reduce editing time.

We asked the AI to create a video about the best places to visit in NYC. This test would show if Vidnoz can provide accurate and relevant video content to match the text prompt.

The script, which the AI created from scratch, was particularly impressive. It showed a solid grasp of our prompt.

The narration was also good quality, considering we provided minimal direction for AI voices (we only specified gender and mood). The background music was another nice touch.

However, the actual video wasn’t quite up to par. It was more like a slideshow or photo collage than a live-action video. The images were severely distorted and were likely AI-generated.

We rewrote the prompt and specified that the AI should generate a live-action video.

The result was only slightly better than the previous attempt. The AI created a shaky video with still images, not the video clips we wanted. Some pictures were slightly distorted and looked AI-generated. It’s strange since Vidnoz has a native Pexels integration where the AI can easily source high-quality clips.

We noticed the “Video Clip Generator” option and thought we’d try another way.

This second option even lets us choose the video style.

This option created clips like we wanted, and they matched our prompt. It’s a feasible workaround if you’re willing to generate each scene and combine these in the Editor to create your video. We recommend this option given the high-quality and relevant clips the AI made.

Although Vidnoz editor doesn’t match advanced tools like Adobe Premier, it’s still useful for personalizing your videos. There’s a drag-and-drop timeline editor to place your clips in the desired sequence. Plus basic edits like cutting videos, changing the playback speed, adding filters, and more.

You can add assets like text, audio, images, and more.

Although Vidnoz’s text-to-video could use a little work, we can’t write it off entirely. It produced very high-quality AI-generated clips. And if you need a quicker way, you can find high-quality videos in the Pexels library integration. A few minutes in the editor is enough to produce a professional video with no professional editing experience required.

AI Video Enhancer

Vidnoz has an AI Video Enhancer tool to enhance low-resolution videos. This tool lets you upscale your video quality up to 4K.

We tested the AI Video Enhancer using a low-quality video from YouTube. We immediately noticed there’s no option to upload videos via URL. The supported formats include M4V, MP4, MOV, and WEBM.

The unsupported URL upload isn’t a dealbreaker. But it’s a common option with these types of tools. It would also be convenient.

Our first attempt at enhancing a very low quality video wasn’t successful. The difference was barely visible. But, to be fair, the resolution video format for this test was far below the recommended threshold for most use cases.

We tried again with a different video with slightly higher pixel count. But the video is still considered low quality for most typical use cases.

Again, the difference in the output was barely visible. It’s important to note that Vidnoz isn’t a dedicated video editing tools. So the results of this test are hardly surprising.

In conclusion, the AI Video Enhancer needs improving. It might be able to enhance videos closer to 720p resolution. But, if you’re hoping to enhance old digitized home videos to future-proof them, you’re better off using an advanced tool like VideoProc.


Vidnoz offers three different packages depending on your needs. Each package also offers tiered pricing to suit your usage.

The main package is called the Vidnoz AI Plan and has four pricing options. These include Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

The Free plan gives you one minute of video per day, 800+ AI avatars, and 20 AI scripts daily.

The Starter plan costs $19.99 per month billed annually or $26.99 per month billed monthly. It offers 15 minutes of video monthly 900+ AI avatars, and 460+ AI voices, up from 170+ with the free plan.

The Business plan costs $56.99 billed annually or $79.99 per month billed monthly. You get 30 minutes of videos monthly. It also offers additional features unavailable in the Starter plan, including video embed, custom brand kit, and voice cloning.

The Enterprise plan offers unlimited video minutes, custom AI avatars, and customized solutions among other enterprise features. You’ll need to contact sales to get a quote.

The Vidnoz Flex package has two pricing plans. It’s designed for business use.

The Free plan gives you up to 30 minutes of video per month. Add up to 50 videos to your library and get a free default page template.

The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month billed annually or $19.99 billed monthly. You can create and upload unlimited videos. You also get video interaction tools and custom logo branding unavailable with the Free plan.

Finally, there’s a dedicated Vidnoz AI Face Swap package with three pricing plans depending on your usage.

Closing Notes on Vidnoz

Vidnoz offers numerous AI tools to expand your content creation possibilities. They aren’t all perfect, but you have enough to work with to create interesting and unique content quickly. Aside from generating videos with AI avatars and voiceovers, the platform has an AI voice changer, background remover, headshot generator, and many other interesting tools to explore as a hobby or for professional projects. 

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