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So far, based on our Pictory review, we have found it to be an easy-to-use AI tool for creating generative video content. It has script-to-video capabilities and allows users to edit videos using the video’s transcribed version, making it unique from other AI-powered video editors like Fliki and InVideo. 

It can also generate short-form versions of videos using Video Highlights, making it perfect for marketers, content creators, and brands looking to create trending content about their brand on social media and video-sharing platforms, such as Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok content.

On the other hand, one of Pictory’s main downsides is its limited video customization and editing features. Their pricing plans are also expensive, considering what features they offer to their users.

Best For

Content creators, marketers, and social media managers


$23/mo. to $119/mo.


Annual discount save more than 15%

  • The Best
  • User-friendly video editor
  • Robust Script-to-Video and Video Highlights features
  • Access to royalty-free stock images, clips, and music options
  • The Worst
  • Lacks advanced video customization features
  • AI voiceovers can sound robotic
  • Expensive pricing options

Ease of Use


Value for Money






What is Pictory?

Pictory is an AI-driven video creation platform that transforms text like blog articles and scripts into customizable videos. Its main features include text-to-video tools, video editing using text, creating video highlights, and auto-captioning on videos. This tool is primarily valuable for bloggers, marketers, and content creators.

pictory review

Is Pictory Right For You?

We recommend Pictory if you fit into the following descriptions:

  • You want to create AI-generated videos using a script or blog post.
  • Your team wants to generate video highlights from your recent meetings and other video content you can repurpose.
  • You want access to advanced AI editing features, like Edit Video Using Text.
  • You’re a course creator who wants auto-captioning on your video content.

Pictory may not be suitable for you if:

  • You prefer using traditional video editing tools for more control over the editing process.
  • You want more natural-sounding AI voiceovers on your video content.
  • You’re a startup that has limited funds for AI editing software.

Pros & Cons of Pictory


User-friendly video editor

Pictory’s video editor feature is easy to use, which lets users rearrange scenes and customize the video’s audio, text, and more.

Robust script-to-video and video highlights capabilities

The platform allows users to create AI-generated videos using scripts, blog posts, etc., using Script-to-Video. Using AI, it can also highlight key details on the video to create short-form content.

Choose from up to 60 AI text-to-speech voices

Users can choose from up to 60 pre-defined AI voices for video voiceovers, which can be sorted to male or female.

Access to royalty-free stock images, clips, and music options

Pictory’s Script-to-Video feature lets users pick from premade video templates that use royalty-free images and clips. Users can also choose from over 10,000 music options for their videos.


Lacks advanced video customization options

Besides basic video editing options and Edit Video Using Text, Pictory lacks advanced video customization options compared to traditional video editing software like Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

AI voiceovers can sound robotic

Some of its pre-defined AI voices for video voiceovers sound robotic, which can be a downside for video creators.

Expensive pricing options

Pictory has expensive pricing plans considering what features it can offer. AI-powered competitor tools like Fliki, Synthesia, and InVideo are great alternatives for Pictory due to their features and pricing.

What Sets Pictory Apart

Compared to competitor tools like Synthesia, Fliki, and InVideo, Pictory has more robust AI-video generation capabilities, which mainly use AI, NLP, text-to-speech, and computer vision to create relevant and engaging videos based on the user’s prompt. Users can also use the tool’s extensive media library and add personal branding to the video, like their logo, fonts, and colors.

Key Features

As an AI-driven video creation and editing  platform, here are some of the best features of Pictory:

Script to Video

The Script to Video feature lets users create AI-generated videos using scripts, articles, or similar content. The tool uses the inputted text as a prompt, enabling it to generate a video in seconds using relevant images and music. For instance, we’ll create a video about Twitter/X using information from Wikipedia:

Pictory can create AI-generated videos using scripts, articles, or similar content

Next, you can choose from in-built video templates and your desired aspect ratio. We’ll select ‘Executive’ with a 16:9 ratio:

Pictory offers in-build video templates

Once the video is created, you’ll be redirected to the video editor page—it allows you to customize specific elements on the video, like rearranging scenes, editing visuals, audio, text, and more:

The video editor page in Pictory offers a range of editing tools

Once the video’s ready, you can save it to your device by clicking Download.

This AI-powered feature was easy to use and created videos in seconds using written content. Users can also make basic edits on the Video Editor, which we found user-friendly.

Edit Video Using Text

Another valuable feature of Pictory is Edit Video using Text. As its name suggests, it enables users to edit a video by removing parts of it using its transcribed version. It features the Auto Highlights tool, which lets users create a shorter video version by only including relevant details highlighted by AI—handy for making short-form content on various platforms.

Besides that, the tool can remove filler words and silences, add subtitles, and customize the video’s aspect ratio. In this example, we’ll use a YouTube video about the best AI tools in 2023 by TechTelligence. To start, paste the video link on the field; you can also upload videos from your computer:

Pictory editing video using text feature

Once the video is uploaded, the tool will generate a transcription for the video, which will allow you to edit it:

AI-generated transcription for uploaded video

If you want to remove a portion of the video, you’ll need to highlight it from the transcription and select Delete from video. In this example, we’ll remove the first few lines from the transcribed version:

For example removing a portion of the video using Pictory

After it's removed, the player will only play the remaining parts. To customize the video’s elements, click Customize video, which will direct you to the video editor page.

Next, if you want to make short-form content from the video that you can share to other platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, etc., you can use the Auto Highlights feature. In this example, we’ll use the same video and include at least 25% of the key highlights:

Create short from content using Pictory

After the AI scans the transcript for highlights, it will be placed on the Highlights tab. You can delete some portions using Unhighlight or manually add highlights from the transcript by selecting Add to highlights:

Example of deleting portions of transcript

Like a regular video, you can edit all video highlights using the platform’s built-in editor by selecting Customize highlights video. To save the video highlight to your computer, select Download video highlight:

Customize highlights video using its built-in editor

The Edit Video Using Text feature is the platform’s bread-and-butter tool; it has an intuitive interface where we edit the video by deleting segments on the video’s transcription. We also like the Auto Highlights tool for creating short-form content using key highlights picked by AI.


As a powerful AI video creation tool, Pictory offers three main pricing plans, with a 15% discount for annual billing:

Review of Pictory's pricing plan.

The Standard plan is best for video creators needing limited video creation limits. It starts at $23 per month or $19/mo. when paid annually. The plan allows one user per account, generating up to 30 videos monthly. Users can create text-to-video projects of up to 10 minutes, 10 hours of video transcription per month, and edit existing video recordings of up to one hour long. It also includes 34 AI text-to-speech voices.

The Premium plan is suited for small and mid-sized marketing teams or video creators with constant workloads. The plan starts at $47 per month or $39/mo. when billed annually. It offers everything from the Standard plan, including 60 generated videos monthly, up to 20 minutes of text-to-video projects, 20 hours of video transcription per month, and editing existing video recordings of up to 3 hours long. It also includes 60 AI text-to-speech voices.

The Teams plan is ideal for large marketing teams or video creators who plan to share and collaborate in video creation and editing. It starts at $119 per month or $99/mo. when billed annually. The plan features everything from the Premium plan with up to 3 users per account, up to 90 generated videos per month, and text-to-video projects of 30 minutes in length. Users will also have access to sharing and collaboration features.

Pictory also offers a free trial that allows users to generate up to three videos with up to 10 minutes in length. It's a great chance to explore Pictory's features without spending any money. Take advantage of this trial to find out if Pictory is right for your video needs and see how it can help you make cool videos.

Final Thoughts on Pictory

Pictory is an impressive AI video generator and editing tool for course creators, online coaches, and marketing teams looking to create long and short-form videos for their brand. We liked its Script-to-Video and Auto Highlights features since they were easy to use and quickly generated shareable video content.

We rated the tool 4.0/5 because of its ease of use and serviceable features. However, considering its tools, especially its limited video customization options, we thought its pricing plans were expensive. Its pre-defined AI voices can sound artificial, which isn’t suitable for YouTube creators looking to monetize their content.

Got Questions?

Is Pictory AI safe?

Yes. Based on Pictory’s Privacy Policy, the platform employs security measures to protect user information and generated content. They also have a Terms of Service, which indicates the terms and conditions of using the platform, including user responsibilities and permissions granted by Pictory.

Does YouTube monetize Pictory AI-generated videos?

No. According to YouTube’s Channel Monetization Policies, the platform avoids monetization of templated or programmatically created content, which includes AI-generated videos. So, while creating videos using AI saves time and effort, YouTube may not monetize them—but you can still upload them on the platform as long as they follow the platform’s Community Guidelines.

What are alternatives to Pictory AI?

Some practical alternatives to Pictory AI include Fliki, InVideo, Synthesia, Vidra, and Lumen5. These AI video makers have features and capabilities similar to Pictory, like text-to-video, video editing tools, auto-captioning, and more. Users can also access their media library for copyright-free stock images and music.

Can I use Pictory AI on mobile?

No. You can only access Pictory’s video creation and editing features from their official site, which works best on desktop browsers. However, you can still view your Pictory AI-generated videos from your phone after downloading them.

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