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Copy.ai is an AI-powered content writing platform with numerous use cases. You can use it to generate blog posts, social media content, email marketing copy, and so much more. 

The platform is easy to use, even for people with zero experience with AI writing tools. Moreover, Copy.ai comes with built-in prompt templates and a prompt improver to help you write clear and specific prompts to help the AI generate the desired output. 

We scored Copy.ai 4.6/5 for its numerous use cases and automation features. Specifically, the AI’s workflows can help you automate repetitive marketing tasks. 

Best For

Anyone who wants to generate diverse content more efficiently


Start at $49/mo. or $36/mo. billed annually

Free Version

2,000 chat words and 200 bonus credits for 1 seat

  • The Best
  • Templates to help you write better prompts 
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile AI writing platform 
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • The Worst
  • Generated content may require significant editing
  • It can be expensive for large teams 
  • Lacks an image generator
  • No built-in grammar and plagiarism checker

Ease of Use


Content Quality




Value For Money


What Is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can generate many types of copy. Including blog posts, website copy, email marketing copy, and much more. The platform provides 90+ templates to generate virtually any kind of copy you can imagine. 

Copywriting on Auto Pilot

This AI writing tool can work with many different AI models, not just one. This flexibility lets Copy.ai create content more effectively than tools that use only one AI model.

Copy.ai is also SOC 2 Type II compliant, meaning that any data you input into the AI is secured by enterprise-grade security. This peace of mind is especially important if you use AI to generate content that contains sensitive information. 

Some of Copy.ai’s main features include: 

  • Outline generator 
  • Prompt Improver 
  • AI prompt library 
  • AI-powered content generator
  • Built-in text editor
  • AI chat

Is Copy.ai Right For Your Team? 

Copy.ai is right for your team if:

  • You need a unified platform that can manage social media, email, content marketing, and more
  • You want to automate repetitive marketing tasks
  • You need an AI tool that supports large teams
  • You are a novice who needs help generating marketing copy
  • You wish to scale your marketing campaigns with automation

Copy.ai isn’t right for your team if you:

  • You want an AI with built-in grammar and plagiarism checker
  • You want inexpensive marketing automation at scale
  • You need to generate images for your content 

Pros & Cons of Copy.ai 


Templates to help you write better prompts

Copy.ai offers 90+ prompt templates to help you write prompts that are more likely to generate the desired content.  

Easy to use

The AI has a clean dashboard and intuitive workflows. It's easy to figure out how to use it once you’re logged in. 

Versatile AI writing platform 

You can generate just about any content type with Copy.ai. From writing and summarizing content to creating social media ads and marketing emails, Copy.ai is a complete AI-powered content generation toolkit. 

Automate repetitive tasks

No need to manually repurpose content, create bulk articles, or create ad copy. Copy.ai lets you create custom workflows to automate numerous marketing tasks. You can also take advantage of the platform’s pre-built workflows to get started quicker. 


Generated content may require significant editing

Copy.ai generated some of the better-quality content we’ve seen when testing and using AI writing tools. However, the output still requires significant editing before it is publish-ready. 

It can be expensive for large teams 

Team plans cost up to $3,000 per month, depending on your team’s size. The platform’s workflows are also metered. This means you may still need to purchase more credits on top of the base monthly subscription if you exceed your plan’s usage limit. 

Lacks an image generator

Images are an integral part of content marketing, and we hope Copy.ai will consider adding an image generator to its platform. Especially at this price point. 

No built-in grammar and plagiarism checker

Copy.ai has a built-in document editor. However, it doesn’t come with a grammar or plagiarism checker. 

Getting Started With Copy.ai 

It’s easy to get started with Copy.ai. Visit the Copy.ai website and click “Try for free” in the top-right corner. The free trial gives you the chance to test the AI before deciding if it is right for your team. 

 Copy AI website landing page

You’ll be asked to provide your email address. You can also sign in with your Google or Facebook account for quick access. 

Copy AI signup page

Copy.ai will ask you a few questions about yourself and your goals during setup. This survey helps the AI to customize your experience. But you can also skip the survey if you want to jump right into creating content. 

Welcome to Copy AI survey questionnaire

Finally, you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you can start generating content. 

Copy AI primary working dashboard

Blog Outline 

Copy.ai can help you create an outline for your blog post by simply providing it with a topic. It’ll save you time creating an outline from scratch or give you inspiration for ideas or angles for your blog post. 

You can use Copy.ai’s prompt box to instruct the AI to create a blog post. But we liked the prompt templates, which allow you to create high-quality prompts. 

At the bottom of the prompt box, click “Browse Prompts” > “Content/SEO” > “Blog Outline.” 

You can see the prompt template below. You don’t have to spend too much time crafting the perfect prompt. 

Blog outline feature with prompt template

And here’s our prompt after filling in the template. It’s a solid prompt that guides the AI to the output we expect. 

Filling in the prompt in the template

Below is part of the outline that Copy.ai generated. It’s too long, with too many sub-headers. 

Copy AI generated blog post outline

Copy.ai also went off on a tangent and included topics that aren’t directly related to optimizing Google My Business. 

Continuation of the generated blog post outline

But that’s OK. The important part is that the AI generated critical sections to cover. 

For example, encouraging and responding to reviews, accurate name, address, and phone number (NAP), and adding relevant photos and videos are all things that Google suggests for improving local visibility. 

And, even the ‘irrelevant’ subheadings are still critical elements of local SEO as a whole. Although you’ll need to cut out a lot from your outline, Copy.ai provides a terrific jumping-off point for creating your blog post. 

Prompt Improver 

We’re not accustomed to the kind help Copy.ai provides for prompt engineering, so we thought this feature deserves a brief mention.

Prompts are essential for providing an AI with the instructions and context needed to generate the desired output. These can be tricky to get right, lowering the chance that the AI will give you what you want. 

For instance, ambiguous or unclear prompts will likely lead to undesirable outputs. 

Besides the prompt templates, Copy.ai also has a “Prompt Improver” feature right under the prompt box. It helps you refine your prompts to increase the chances of better quality and more relevant outputs. 

Here’s an example of a too-broad prompt that doesn’t provide enough context to guide the AI effectively. 

Testing the prompt improver feature with broader prompt

And here’s Copy.ai’s improved version. It's far more detailed and likely to give us the desired output. 

Sample improved prompt

You can also edit the improved prompt to fit your desired output. 

Blog Post Generator 

Copy.ai can help you generate blogs from scratch based on your prompt instructions. Again, we used the prompt template to guide us in crafting our prompt. 

Blog post generator feature using a given prompt

Below is Copy.ai’s blog post, which you can add to the built-in text editor. 

The introduction is pretty good. We can make it even better with a strong hook in the first sentence. We could also shorten some sentences for conciseness. But overall, it’s a decent intro. 

Sample blog post introduction generated by Copy AI

And here’s a sample of the blog’s body. 

Sample blog post body generated by Copy AI

Overall, Copy.ai did a solid job of covering the topics in our prompt. It also provided some high-level tips and information in a relatively short (600-word) post. 

Would we publish this article as is? 


It requires extensive editing to make it publish-ready. The post is too wordy and could be condensed in many places. 

We could also make the text easier to read. It scored 23 on the Flesch reading-ease test, which is about the reading level of a college graduate. So it is not easily accessible to most readers. 

However, on a more positive note, we didn’t find any major grammar issues when we ran the article through a grammar checker. We also didn’t pick up any factual errors from the generated content. 

So, while you’ll need to edit the content that Copy.ai generates, you’re still getting a terrific starting point for crafting your high-quality blog post. 

Content Editor 

Copy.ai has a built-in editor to help you work on content. It works much like Google Docs and similar editors. 

It has everything you need to edit your copy, including headers, bullet lists, adding links, and the usual formatting features you’d expect from Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

However, this document editor is far from perfect.

First, it’s off to the side. You can’t get it to go full-screen, which is mildly annoying when working on your content. 

Testing the content editor feature

More importantly, Copy.ai doesn’t come with a built-in grammar or plagiarism checker. You’ll need to use a third-party tool like Grammarly or a grammar checker browser extension. 

Again, we found no serious grammatical issues (besides many wordy sentences) with the generated text. Copy.ai’s text was also 100% original when we checked it with Grammarly. 

However, it would have been great if we could confirm these things without leaving the Copy.ai interface. 


Copy.ai features numerous workflows for content/SEO, sales, email marketing, and more. These workflows help you automate repetitive tasks. 

You can create custom workflows from scratch using a prompt. Copy.ai also provides numerous workflow templates for common tasks like writing blog posts, generating press releases, and writing short LinkedIn connection notes. 

Here’s an example of a workflow for repurposing blog posts. 

Go to “Workflows” > “Content/SEO” > “Repurpose Blog Post.” 

Workflow for repurposing blog posts

Then enter the URL for the blog post you want to repurpose. Copy.ai will scrape the blog post and automatically write LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (now X), posts and more. 

Trying out the repurpose blog post feature

Here’s the LinkedIn post that Copy.ai generated from our original blog post. It’s honestly impressive. And there’s a link at the end to direct users to the original post. 

Repurpose blog post into a LinkedIn post

And here’s the X (formerly Twitter) post that Copy.ai generated. Again, it’s really impressive and can be used as-is or with very little editing. 

Repurpose blog post into another type of post

And here’s the marketing email Copy.ai generated from our blog post. Again, it’s very impressive. It just needs slight editing, and it’s ready to send to our contact list!

Repurpose blog into a marketing email

So far, nothing has popped up as particularly exceptional about Copy.ai. It gets the job done, and the quality of the generated content is good, but still requires editing. 

But, its Workflows feature is by far our favorite one! After trying out numerous workflows, It’s easy to see how Copy.ai can simplify repetitive tasks like generating Google Ads and press releases, writing social media posts, and crafting cold outbound emails. 


Copy AI uses a freemium model. The AI charges for usage rather than features, providing you with access to the entire platform regardless of your plan. 

Copy.ai also charges credits to use workflows. You get an X number of credits per month depending on your plan. Then, you’ll need to purchase more credits if you exceed the plan’s credit limit. 

The number of credits you consume depends on the workflow’s complexity. Each credit costs $0.10 per credit, with a $50 purchase minimum. A simple workflow like the one featured in this review costs roughly 25 credits or $2.50.

There’s a free-forever plan offering 2,000 words in chat per month and 200 bonus workflow credits. 

Copy AI pricing plan

The Pro plan supports up to five users and offers unlimited words in chat. You get 500 workflow credits per month. This plan costs $36 per month with annual billing. 

Next, the Team plan costs $186 per month with annual billing. You get unlimited words in chat and 3,000 monthly credits. This plan supports 20 users. 

The Growth plan costs $1,000 per month with annual billing. It supports 75 users and offers unlimited words in chat and 20,000 workflow credits per month. 

The Scale plan supports up to 200 users and costs $3,000 per month with annual billing. It offers unlimited words in chat and 75,000 workflow credits. 

Closing Notes On Copy.ai 

Copy.ai is a capable, AI-powered copywriting tool that can help you generate virtually any type of content. The generated content requires human editing, but so do all AI writing assistants. 

More than generating content, Copy.ai also helps you automate repetitive tasks. Making it worth the price if you need to streamline your digital marketing campaign across multiple social media platforms and marketing channels. 

Got Questions?

What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is an AI-powered copywriting tool designed to generate diverse content types, from blog posts and social media content to email marketing copy.

Who is Copy.ai best suited for?

Copy.ai is ideal for anyone looking to efficiently generate a wide range of content, especially those in content marketing, social media management, and email marketing.

How user-friendly is Copy.ai?

With its intuitive dashboard and built-in prompt templates, Copy.ai is designed to be easy to use, even for those new to AI writing tools.

Does Copy.ai offer any automation features?

Yes, Copy.ai provides workflows that help automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as repurposing blog posts for social media or generating press releases.

Does Copy.ai have a built-in grammar or plagiarism checker?

No, while Copy.ai has a built-in document editor, it doesn't come with a grammar or plagiarism checker. Users may need to use third-party tools for these checks.

Can Copy.ai generate images for content?

Currently, Copy.ai does not have an image generator feature. It focuses primarily on text-based content generation.

What security measures does Copy.ai have in place?

Copy.ai is SOC 2 Type II compliant, ensuring that any data input into the platform is protected by enterprise-grade security.

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