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Content at Scale is an AI writing platform specializing in long-form content. It lets you create high-quality blog posts in a couple of minutes. The AI software rewrites high-performing content from Google to increase your chances of ranking. 

Plus, Content at Scale also comes with a built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tool to help you optimize the content even further. The AI platform uses three different AI models to generate human-like content, likely to pass AI content detection. 

We scored Content at Scale 4.5 for its ability to generate high-quality content compared to most other AI writing tools. It also has an AI-detector to check your content before publishing. You can connect Content at Scale to your WordPress site to publish the generated content directly on your site. 

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Generating long-form content at scale


Start at $49/mo. or $39/year to enjoy 2 months free

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  • Pros
  • Generate high-quality content
  • Automatic external linking
  • Built-in document editor
  • AI-content detector
  • SEO optimized content
  • Cons
  • It can be expensive 
  • No built-in writing assistant

Ease of Use




Content Quality


Value for Money


What Is Content at Scale? 

Content at Scale is a content automation platform designed to generate fully optimized and high-quality content. The AI specializes in long-form content, allowing you to generate full blog posts in just minutes. 

content at scale review

The AI crawls Google to find top-ranking content for your target keywords. Then, it parses the data and rewrites it to create a high-ranking blog post. This means you can generate content with little more than a keyword–no need for lengthy prompts. 

According to the Content at Scale, the AI generates original content that is also likely to pass AI content detectors.  

Some of the AI’s key features include: 

  • Content generation
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • AI content detector
  • WordPress plugin
  • Automated internal linking 

Is Content at Scale Right For Your Team?

We recommend Content at Scale if you meet the following description: 

  • You need to generate long-form content that requires minimal editing and formatting
  • You don’t mind paying a premium price to speed up your content creation
  • You want an AI that can generate content that’s likely to rank on Google
  • You want to eliminate manual work like adding external links and publishing to WordPress

However, Content at Scale might not be the right fit if:

  • You are working with a tight budget
  • You regularly create short-form content 
  • You need an AI that can generate images for your content

Pros & Cons Of Content at Scale  


Generate high-quality content 

Content at Scale generates some of the best quality content of any AI tool. It outputs fewer mistakes than most other tools. It also formats your content to improve readability and make it visually appealing.  

Automatic external linking 

The AI writer automatically adds external links to your content to make it more authoritative. 

Built-in document editor 

Content at Scale provides a built-in Google Docs-style document editor to help you work on your content without leaving the platform. Any edits you make also syndicate directly to your WordPress site in real-time. So you don’t have to edit your content on WordPress. 

AI content detector 

The platform has an AI content detector add on to check your content before publishing it.

SEO optimized content

This AI writer crawls top-performing content on Google to generate content that’s likely to rank. It also provides a built-in SEO tool to help you optimize your post further. 


It can be expensive

The cheapest plan costs $39 per month for just one user. Team plans start at $105 per month for just three users. And the SEO add-on will also set you back $179 per month.

No Writing Assistant

Content at Scale doesn’t have a built-in grammar checker. This means you’ll likely need to leave the platform to check your content for grammar and spelling issues. 

Getting Started With Content at Scale

Getting started with Content at Scale is slightly different from most other AI writing platforms. But, it’s just as easy to sign up for the service. 

Visit the Content at Scale website and enter your email address and name. Click “Next” for a short product tour.  

content at scale landing page

After the tour, you’ll be asked to provide your name and email and click “Get Started.”

signup page of content at scale

You’ll be taken to the pricing page, where you’ll choose your plan. 

content at scale pricing plan

Enter your payment information to complete the rest of the signup process. 

content at scale payment page

You’ll be taken to the main dashboard, and here’s how it looks. 

Content at scale main dashboard

Let’s see what Content at Scale has to offer. And, more importantly, if it’s worth the price–spoiler, it is expensive!


Usually, we’d dive right into the ‘meat’ of the review, testing the features and so on. But the dashboard deserves its stand-alone section. It’s one of the best we’ve seen for an AI writer, especially if you’re into analytics. 

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of the number of posts you’ve created and the total word count. 

More importantly, it also shows you how much time and money you’ve saved by using Content at Scale, just in case you need to justify it to yourself or the higher-ups! There’s also a graph to track your day-to-day or month-to-month productivity. 

Content at scale productivity tracker

The dashboard also gives you a quick overview of your progress. So you know exactly where you are in your workflow the moment you log into your account. 

Content at scale progress overview

Content Generator  

Like most AI writing platforms, Content at Scale’s main selling point is the ability to generate entire blog posts in just minutes. Navigate to “Projects” in the left menu and click “Create a Project.” 

Next, enter your project’ details, including project name, URL, context, target audience, tone of voice, and word count range. 

Content at scale content generator

As a side note, creating your first blog post is slightly less intuitive compared to most AI writers we’ve used. Most platforms let you jump right into creating a blog post, either with a template or a prompt. 

But, let’s remember that Content at Scale is designed to grow your content creation capacity. So it makes sense that the platform would require you to set up separate projects for all your different websites. 

Plus, you can publish your content directly on WordPress from the AI platform, so the extra effort is worth it. 

Back to creating a blog post. Once inside your project, click “Write post.”

Creating project on content at scale

Now choose how you want to generate your blog post. Your options include creating a blog post from a: 

  • Keyword
  • Existing blog post URL
  • Podcast episode
  • YouTube video
  • Custom audio file
  • Document
Writing post on content at scale

Most people are accustomed to generating blog posts from keywords. Content at Scale will ask you to specify your keywords and choose the word count range. 

Content at scale project details

There’s the option to add additional context to guide the AI towards the desired output. However, Content at Scale suggests leaving this part blank unless your content must cover very specific topics or niches. 

Content at Scale assumes that you want your content to rank. So it’ll base its output on existing high-performing content without needing additional human input. 

Check out the next section to see the result!

Generated Content Quality 

First, Content at Scale lets you create an outline. You can also edit and customize the outline as needed. 

Below is the blog outline that the AI generated for our keyword “Local SEO tips for small businesses.”

Content at scale generated outline

These are all solid local SEO tips that are likely to help a business rank in local searches. Overall, it's a solid outline that covers the tips a beginner would need to know (we specified a beginner audience when creating the project). 

Here’s the message you’ll see when you ask the AI to generate the blog post from your outline. 

Your content is being written message

It took just under six minutes to generate the full blog article. You’ll need to keep refreshing the page, so you know when your blog is ready. Otherwise, it could be an infinite wait!

Below is the introduction Content at Scale generated. You can easily confuse it for a human-written intro. It is attention-grabbing and packed with value propositions. It also effectively sets the stage for the rest of the post. 

Frankly, it’s impressive!

Content at scale generated introduction

Just under the intro, Content at Scale conveniently generated a table of contents. So that’s one editing task already out of the way. 

Plus, these are excellent headers. They are clear and concise and don’t sound generic. Some of these are actually creative (e.g., “Friendly URLs that Talk”) and indistinguishable from human-written content.  

Content at scale table of contents

Content at Scale even added statistics, studies, and external links. There were also multiple click-to-tweet captions featured in the generated content. 

Content at scale generated content

However, referencing the above screenshot, we couldn’t find the actual statistics Content at Scale quoted when we opened both HubSpot and Search Engine Journal links. The AI also ‘forgot’ to link to one of the studies it quoted. 

So, make sure you verify all the external links, statistics, and claims Content at Scale generates. 

On the plus side, the sources it quoted were packed with statistics that we could quickly swap with what Content at Scale provided. 

In many other cases, the Content at Scale linked to the correct websites and information, which again saves time when looking for external links. It provided ten external links in total.  

Plus, the external links, even when they didn’t match the statistics, consistently linked to high-authority websites. 

Another nice touch from Content at Scale is the “key takeaway” sections the AI added to the content. They were mostly good to use as-is, and provided real value to our blog. 

Content at scale key takeaway

However, one of the key takeaways started mid-sentence. So, again, you’ll want to make sure you proofread and edit the content before publishing.

Content at scale key takeaway error

Overall, Content at Scale’s output isn’t publish-ready. Fact-checking aside, there’s still some editing required to ensure that the content sounds human and matches your voice and style. 

But this AI produced better quality writing than we’ve seen in our extensive testing of similar AI writing tools. And the formatting was also very impressive. Which again will save you time when polishing the final draft. 

Editor & Editing 

Content at Scale provides a Google Docs-style text editor to work on your generated content. You get all the formatting options you need to get your content publish-ready. These include choosing the font type, text color, bulletin, numbering, headers, etc. 

You can also open the editor in full screen to help you reduce distractions. Here’s what the editor looks like in ‘normal’ mode. You’ll see the SEO tool on the right, which can be distracting. 

Content at scale document editor

And below is the full-screen mode. There are no distractions, and you have plenty of space to work on your document. You can also see more of your document at once. 

Document editor in full-screen mode

You can even set the document status to easily keep track of your progress when generating bulk content. It’s little touches like these that make or break an AI user experience. 

Content at scale document status

The document editor also incorporates a chatbot called Ask AIMEE. You can ask it to fix your spelling or grammar, shorten or expand sentences and paragraphs, and much more. Simply highlight the text you want to alter and instruct the chatbot. 

On the downside, the AI platform doesn’t have a Grammarly-style writing assistant. So you’ll likely need to paste your content to your grammar checker when editing the content.  

We did find quite a few minor grammar errors when we checked the content. These included missing commas, wordiness, and improper punctuation.

It would have been nice to catch these mistakes inside Content at Scale, since that’s where the content is stored anyway and can be published directly on WordPress. 

At this price range, it’s surprising that Content at Scale doesn’t have a grammar checker. 

Tools like Writer come with a comprehensive grammar checker at a fraction of the cost of using Content at Scale. 


Content at Scale specializes in long-form content. But, the platform’s most recent update introduced “Blueprints.” These are pre-built prompts to help you create any type of content, including short-form content. 

Now, you can create product descriptions, social media posts, emails, and much more. These blueprints are customizable to fit your needs. You can also save your custom blueprints. 

Additionally, Content at Scale provides 40+ “AI Agents”, specially trained for specific tasks. There’s an agent for creating social media posts, another for Shopify descriptions, and so on.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content at Scale has a built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tool to help you optimize your content before publishing. It won't replace your current SEO stack like Semrush or Moz, but it does offer useful insights for optimizing your content. 

It’ll give you an overall SEO score to help you estimate the amount of work needed to optimize your content. 

Content at scale SEO score

Furthermore, it’ll suggest keywords and guide you with keyword usage. 

Content at scale keyword suggestions

Content at Scale also gives you an on-page SEO checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything. The checklist is also incredibly useful for a beginner just learning SEO fundamentals. 

Content at scale onpage SEO checklist

An SEO expert will likely find this feature too basic. But, a beginner learning the ropes will find it useful for optimizing their content. It helps with keyword research and provides optimization reports. 


Content at Scale has three pricing tiers. The AI writing tool charges according to your usage. 

content at scale pricing structure

The Individual plan costs $39 per month. It comes with AIMEE chat, unlimited AI detector scans, AI Blueprints, and more. This plan is good for one person. 

The Team plan costs $105 per month for three users. You also get additional benefits like priority AI processing, AI blueprints, prompt library, and more. 

The Enterprise plan lets you create a custom package according to your needs. You’ll need to contact the sales team to receive a custom price. 

The SEO toolkit is an add-on service for $105 per month. It comes with 100 keyword research look-ups per month, SEO scoring, 25 topic reports, and more. 

seo bundle

Closing Notes on Content at Scale 

Content at Scale won’t replace an experienced writer and SEO specialist, but it will make their work easier. The AI generates high-quality content compared to most other AI writers we’ve tried. You only need to edit the content slightly to give it a human touch. 

Still, the AI writing platform misses a few crucial features. These include an image generator, a built-in writing assistant, and AI-assisted writing. Even so, it’ll quickly generate a full blog post, complete with external links, takeaways, table of contents, and more. 

Ultimately, the question you’ll have to answer is how much you are willing to pay to speed up your content creation process. Team plans start at $105 per month, and you’ll need to pay an extra $179 per month to access the AI-assisted SEO. 

Got Questions?

What is Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is an AI-powered platform that quickly generates SEO-optimized, long-form content, designed to help increase your chances of ranking on Google. It offers unique features like automatic external linking, a WordPress plugin for direct publishing, and an AI content detector to ensure the content's originality

Who should use Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is ideal for digital marketers, content creators, and businesses looking to scale up their content production with minimal editing and formatting effort. It's especially beneficial for those who require high-quality, long-form content and have the budget to invest in a premium AI writing tool.

Can Content at Scale publish directly to my website?

Yes, Content at Scale can connect to your WordPress site, allowing you to publish the generated content directly from the platform, streamlining your content management process.

Is the content created by Content at Scale likely to rank on Google?

The platform is engineered to rewrite high-performing content from Google, increasing the likelihood of ranking. It also provides SEO tools to further optimize the content.

Can Content at Scale detect if the content is AI-generated?

Yes, Content at Scale includes an AI content detector tool to check your content before publishing, ensuring it maintains a human-like quality that's less likely to be flagged as AI-generated.

What are the limitations of Content at Scale?

While Content at Scale excels in many areas, it can be expensive for some users, does not offer a free trial, and lacks a built-in writing assistant for grammar and spelling checks.

How does the built-in SEO tool in Content at Scale work?

The SEO tool, RankWell, provides keyword suggestions, an SEO score, and an on-page SEO checklist to help optimize your content for search engines, though it's more suited for beginners than SEO experts.

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