In our 2024 digital world, AI Project Management software is changing the game across sectors, tackling classic project management challenges that old-school tools couldn’t handle.

reviewing 7 best aI project management tools

In this no-fluff guide, we reveal how AI is making waves in project management and what to think about when choosing an AI tool. Plus, we’ll spotlight 7 standout AI tools you need to know. Stay tuned!

The Impact of AI on Project Management

AI is setting new standards in project management. Here’s how:

  1. Hyper-Personalization: AI enables managers to analyze customer data, spot behavior patterns, and tailor experiences. This means personalized experiences that increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Smarter Decision-making: AI reduces guesswork, allowing managers to use real-time analytics for decision-making. Spotting opportunities, tweaking project details, and driving growth are now easier.
  3. Streamlined Work: AI can automate routine tasks, freeing managers for strategic work. It’s boosting efficiency across sectors.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration: AI-based tools enable smooth communication between teams, keeping everyone aligned and enhancing product delivery.
  5. Predictive Analytics AI’s predictive analytics let managers foresee market trends, customer needs, and potential challenges. Staying a step ahead is the new norm.

In summary, AI is transforming project management. With its robust features, managers can enhance customer experiences, make data-based decisions, and stay competitive.

Evaluating AI Project Management Tools: Key Considerations

Choosing the right AI project management tool can be tricky, with so many options out there. When evaluating tools, keep these key factors in mind:

  1. Usability: Look for an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate, even for beginners. Complex tools with steep learning curves will frustrate more than help.
  2. Cost: A high price doesn’t mean high quality. Set your budget, identify necessary features, and pick a tool that balances cost with functionality.
  3. Integration: Pick a tool that blends seamlessly with your current systems and software.
  4. AI Features: Evaluate each tool’s AI features. Does it offer just basic automation or does it include advanced capabilities like predictive analytics?
  5. Support: Choose vendors that offer robust help resources, be it FAQ sections, tutorial guides, or a dedicated customer support team.

These considerations should guide you through the range of AI project management tools. We’ve ranked 7 powerful tools, but the aim isn’t to find a universally ‘best’ tool. Instead, find an AI tool that best meets your specific needs.

7 Best AI Project Management Tools


Best Overall

ClickUp Company Logo

Our Take

ClickUp excels at marrying advanced AI with an intuitive interface. Its all-in-one platform integrates project management, chat, and docs to streamline work. The key differentiator is its customizable, role-based AI assistant and bold vision for future AI capabilities. Flexible pricing adapts to diverse team needs. In short, ClickUp delivers robust AI in a user-friendly package that enhances productivity.

4.8 out of 5

Best For

Businesses seeking comprehensive solutions


Free to $29/mo


Up to 45% Off Billed Annually

Why We Picked It

ClickUp is a project management tool that blends cutting-edge AI with an easy-to-use interface. ClickUp doesn’t just follow AI project management trends – it leads the pack in adopting and applying advanced generative AI capabilities. As an early AI adopter, ClickUp is poised to implement new AI advancements as they emerge quickly.

ClickUp home page

With a robust free version and paid options for larger teams, ClickUp provides an all-in-one solution tailored to diverse needs.

The unique appeal of ClickUp is its consolidated one-stop platform, replacing multiple disjointed productivity tools. Key features include spreadsheets, project management tools, chat functionality, goal tracking, document collaboration and storage, a task toolbar, and a task status indicator.

ClickUp is accessible even for non-technical users. With availability across cloud, desktop, mobile, and as a browser extension, ClickUp ensures ubiquitous access.

AI Features

ClickUp continues to pioneer the integration of AI into project management, setting itself apart with its advanced ClickUp AI Assistant. This AI assistant goes beyond the conventional, offering a suite of robust functionalities tailored for diverse roles, making it stand out from the competition.

The latest iteration of ClickUp AI boasts features that significantly enhance productivity and collaboration. It’s not just about automating tasks but redefining how teams work. The AI assistant can now summarize lengthy texts, generate action items, and even edit documents on the fly. It’s like having a personal editor, and assistant rolled into one, ensuring your content is always top-notch. Furthermore, ClickUp AI provides role-based tools and templates, streamlining the content creation process and ensuring relevance for specific job roles.

Looking ahead, ClickUp’s roadmap promises even more exciting AI-driven features. With capabilities like auto-created subtasks, AI search, task summaries, and automatic progress tracking in the pipeline, it’s evident that ClickUp is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI in project management. Their vast array of pre-tested AI prompts remains valuable, fostering creativity and efficiency in tasks ranging from brainstorming marketing strategies to developing comprehensive campaigns.

Check out our review of ClickUp AI for more details.


Pricing structure for Click Up ai project management tool.

ClickUp offers a tiered pricing model, with an increasing number of automation available as you climb the ladder:

  • Free option — Ideal for personal use, offering unlimited Gantt charts.
  • Unlimited — $9 per user per month, no user limit.
  • Business — $19 per user per month.
  • Business Plus — $29 per user per month.
  • Enterprise — Pricing details provided upon request
  • ClickUp AI — $5 on top of any paid plan


Best for Intuitive User Experience

Airtable's company logo

Our Take

Airtable has carved out a spot in AI project management with its smooth mix of easy-to-use design and powerful AI features. Its versatile nature appeals to all business sizes, from small startups to large companies. Airtable can be used for anything – managing databases, collaborating on projects, and more. The biggest advantage is Airtable’s intuitive interface which makes AI less daunting for beginners. It includes AI abilities like generating content to enhance workflows. And the pricing works for a wide range of budgets.

4.7 out of 5

Best For

Small to Medium-sized businesses


Free to $20/mo


20% Off Billed Annually

Why We Picked It

Airtable has become a top choice for AI project management by seamlessly blending user-friendly design and advanced AI capabilities. With its adaptable approach fitting diverse business needs, Airtable stands out as a leader in this space. Airtable stays on the cutting edge by quickly integrating new AI technologies like generative writing as they emerge.

reviewing airtable ai project management

Airtable works as both a collaboration platform and a database manager, enabling teams to create, store, edit and share databases. This flexibility makes it ideal for project managers wanting tight collaboration. Available on web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Airtable ensures accessibility across devices.

Airtable’s standout feature is its user-friendly design, making AI technology less daunting, especially for those new to the field. In contrast to other database management systems, Airtable offers a clean, intuitive, and colorful interface, a significant advantage for those less tech-savvy.

AI Features

Airtable’s commitment to AI integration shows through its blend of customizable templates and prompts. It harnesses generative AI to streamline workflows organization-wide, providing flexible solutions tailored to different departments’ needs. For example, HR can use AI to craft job posts. Marketing can leverage AI to research competitors. Product teams can utilize AI to brainstorm potential product specifications.

The possibilities are vast. The key takeaway is that Airtable applies AI as a versatile tool to assist diverse roles and needs across a company. Its seamless AI integration tailored to specific use cases elevates workflows.


Airtable's Diverse Pricing Structure

Airtable’s pricing structure consists of four tiers, catering to a wide range of users:

  • Free account — Designed for individuals or small teams.
  • Plus account — Priced at $12 per month per seat or $120 annually, with allowances for guest accounts.
  • Pro account — Available at $24 per month or $240 annually per seat.
  • Enterprise account — Pricing details provided upon request.


Best for Knowledge Sharing and Documentation

Notion Company Logo

Our Take

Notion offers a flexible, AI-powered workspace for seamless knowledge sharing and documentation. With customizable workflows and data management, plus versatile AI features, Notion helps users maximize productivity and organize projects. The AI can summarize long texts, generate creative ideas, and more. These capabilities make Notion’s AI a strong asset for project management. By integrating robust AI features into its adaptable workspace, Notion enables users to work smarter and collaborate better.

4.7 out of 5

Best For

Knowledge Sharing and Documentation




Up to 20% Off Billed Annually

Why We Picked It

Notion is a flexible workspace designed specifically for project management. It has added strong AI capabilities, making it an all-in-one solution for teams of all sizes. With a focus on clarity and speed, Notion empowers project managers to customize the system to their needs.

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for enhanced knowledge sharing and documentation

What makes Notion the top choice for knowledge sharing and documentation? First, it lets users finely tune workflows by controlling the information that needs tracking. This customized control facilitates efficient knowledge exchange. Teams can freely share info, align efforts, and work towards goals more seamlessly.

For documentation, Notion excels in storing, organizing and retrieving diverse data types. It streamlines record keeping, reporting, and paperwork. With its user-friendly interface, all documentation is just a few clicks away, boosting productivity and efficiency.

AI Features

Notion’s AI is like a personal assistant that responds quickly and accurately to your requests. It can summarize long texts like meeting notes or proposals to pull out key points and save you from reading pages of content.

But Notion’s AI goes beyond summarization. It can also generate initial ideas for things like product features, marketing campaigns, or business strategies to spark creativity. For drafting written content such as articles or emails, Notion’s AI lends a hand too.

A hallmark of AI project management tools is automating tedious tasks to improve productivity. Notion follows this model. Whether you need to shorten or lengthen a document, or adjust the tone and voice, Notion’s AI got you covered. If you’ve started a document, Notion’s AI can step in to complete it in your style.


Notion Pricing Plans

Notion offers four-tier pricing to cater to a diverse range of needs:

  • Free — Suitable for individual users.
  • Plus — $10 a month or $8 when billed annually, ideal for small groups.
  • Business — $18 a month or $15 billed annually, designed for companies that need to link multiple teams.
  • Enterprise — Pricing details provided upon request, offering advanced controls to manage entire organizations.

Best for Visual Workflow Management company logo

Our Take excels at project management by promoting transparency and collaboration through its user-friendly interface. Its unique approach lets users build custom management tools tailored to their needs.’s plans to launch an AI assistant and integrate generative AI point to a bright future. With tiered pricing, fits solo users to large companies.

4.6 out of 5

Best For

Visual Workflow Management


Free to $20/mo


18% Off Billed Annually

Why We Picked It is a top platform for online collaboration and project management. It fosters transparency by letting team members share real-time updates and progress. - A New Way of Visual Workflow ai project Management

What really makes unique is its commitment to customization. Rather than one-size-fits-all solutions, it empowers users to build their own tailored management tools. This promotes greater efficiency and productivity for each user’s specific needs. also shines with its intuitive visual interface. Users can easily visualize work pipelines for a clear overview of tasks and status. This visual component is extremely beneficial for organizations that rely on visual cues to manage projects. It streamlines tracking and reduces cognitive load.

AI Features

Monday AI is a feature that brings artificial intelligence capabilities into the platform. It aims to expand how users interact with and build on the WorkOS system. The AI technology is currently used in several apps, with more in development for the future. AI is gradually releasing to select users for beta testing. Once enabled for an account, each individual user will need to approve access before they can start using the AI features.

Some of the existing AI app offerings include Automated Task Generation, Summarize and Rephrase, Monday Docs, Formula Builder, Updates Creation and Fast Replies. An upcoming app will focus on composing and rephrasing emails. plans to continue expanding its AI platform based on customer feedback and needs. Users can provide input on the AI through surveys or directly within the platform during use.

Pricing Pricing Structure

With a tiered pricing model, accommodates various user requirements, with higher tiers offering increased file storage and longer activity logs:

  • Free option — Ideal for individuals with project management needs.
  • Basic — $10 per month.
  • Standard — $12 per month.
  • Pro — $20 per month.
  • Enterprise — Pricing details provided upon request.


Best  for Task Prioritization and Team Collaboration

asana logo

Our Take

Asana stands out in project management with its extensive customization options and seamless AI integration. It focuses on task prioritization and team collaboration. With multiple project views, Asana coordinates workflows efficiently. AI features like a writing assistant and “co-create mode” make Asana even more powerful. Tiered pricing provides flexibility for diverse needs.

4.4 out of 5

Best For

Task Prioritization and Team Collaboration


Free to $30.49/mo


Up to 18.53% Billed Annually

Why We Picked It

Asana is a unique workplace management platform designed to help project managers navigate complex tasks. Its extensive customization options and integrated AI tools make Asana a top choice of project management tools.

Asana is one of the ai project management company

Asana is in a league of its own when it comes to task prioritization and team collaboration. Features like list view for task organization, timeline for planning/scheduling, and boards for defining work stages provide the perfect foundation. These features make it easy for project managers to prioritize tasks effectively, keeping the team’s workflow smooth and well-coordinated.

The variety of Asana’s project views is another highlight. Teams can easily visualize tasks, track progress, and align with objectives. This detailed visualization paired with seamless collaboration makes Asana a powerhouse for task prioritization and team collaboration.

AI Features

Asana integrates AI tools that interact with key platform elements like list views, timelines, and boards.

Asana’s AI also acts as a writing assistant, instantly summarizing content and highlighting action items. Another unique tool is “co-create mode” where AI assists with project development collaboratively. This helps users accomplish goals more efficiently together.

By analyzing project data, the AI can identify potential bottlenecks like outstanding bugs, allowing teams to address these issues promptly to maintain quality and productivity.


Asana Pricing Plans

Asana offers a tiered pricing model to cater to varying user needs:

  • Basic — Ideal for individuals or teams just starting with project management.
  • Premium — $13.49 per month or $10.99 when billed annually.
  • Business — $30.49 per month or $24.99 when billed annually.
  • Enterprise — Pricing details provided upon request


Best For Budget Buyers

Ayanza Company Logo

Our Take

Ayanza is an intriguing entry into the realm of AI-assisted project management tools, offering an appealing pay-as-you-go pricing structure that’s budget-friendly for disciplined users. Coupled with an intuitive interface and diverse AI capabilities, Ayanza is an excellent choice for small teams or individuals seeking cost-effective project management solutions.

4.1 out of 5

Best For

Budget Buyers


free to $10 per user/month; optional features available


40% Off Billed Annually

Why We Picked It

What sets Ayanza apart is its distinct pricing structure, making it an appealing option for those seeking AI-aided project management solutions without breaking the bank. Ayanza’s unique pay-as-you-go model ensures that economical users can maintain a minimal cost footprint, provided they stay disciplined with their usage. Although the pricing model may not favor larger enterprises, it presents a cost-effective solution for individuals and small teams.

Ayanza is an intelligent collaboration suite for budget-conscious teams

A recent entrant to the project management software market, Ayanza prioritizes user-friendliness. Its intuitive interface and a plethora of pre-designed templates simplify project management. Key features include real-time chat, collaborative note-taking, and a newsfeed for the latest team updates, rendering project management seamless.

AI Features

Ayanza steps into the world of AI by offering a personalized AI assistant embedded within its project management system. Designed to expedite simple tasks, it is capable of answering direct questions, creating content like blog posts or emails, and brainstorming ideas on diverse topics, among other generative AI tasks. An AI-powered team management system is also available, assisting project managers in guiding their teams to establish and achieve key objectives.


Ayanza’s pricing structure deviates significantly from the norm in AI project management platforms. The company operates on a flexible payment model. It provides the first $50 worth of product usage free each month. Below is a breakdown of the features you can access monthly:

  • Free up to 25 users (all features included).
  • More Than 25 Users: $10 per user/month, $6 if billed yearly
  • $50 credit each month that can be used for more users or features

Microsoft Project

Best For Large Enterprises


Our Take

Microsoft Project stands as a powerful and sophisticated choice for larger, more established corporations looking for high-level project management capabilities. It blends advanced functionalities with Microsoft’s pioneering AI technology, making it an excellent solution for handling complex projects within mature corporate environments.

4.0 out of 5

Best For

Large Enterprises


$10/mo to $55/mo



Why We Picked It

While ClickUp is a top overall pick, the best project management tool depends on a company’s specific needs. For large enterprises, Microsoft Project often fits best due to its advanced features.

Microsoft Project - Powerful Project Management Solution for Large Enterprises

Although Microsoft Project has a high price tag and no free version, this is less of an issue for big businesses with larger budgets. They typically need the robust capabilities Microsoft Project provides.

Microsoft Project enables collaboration regardless of team location. It’s accessible via desktop or web browser and integrates well with other Microsoft tools. It’s packed with features to manage teams, timelines, and resources, making it a favorite of experienced project managers. The complexity may be challenging for beginners, but for handling complex projects in a business setting, Microsoft Project excels.

In summary, while not ideal for smaller businesses, Microsoft Project’s sophisticated features make it a top pick for large enterprises with complex needs and sufficient budgets.

AI Features

As a leader in AI, Microsoft taps into its strengths to benefit customers. It has integrated its AI tool “Copilot” into its suite of products, including Microsoft Project. Using generative AI, Copilot creates new content to automate repetitive tasks. These AI capabilities are seamlessly built into Microsoft Project.

In short, Microsoft Project taps into Microsoft’s AI prowess to eliminate repetitive tasks. The tight integration gives users direct access to the benefits of AI without disruption.


Microsoft Project Pricing Tiers

In contrast to other AI project management tools, Microsoft Project does not provide a free version, apart from its monthly trial plan. Here are the three tiers of cloud-based solutions offered by Microsoft Project:

  • Project Plan 1 — $10 per user per month.
  • Project Plan 3 — $30 per user per month, including the use of a desktop client.
  • Project Plan 5 — $55 per user per month.

Additionally, Microsoft Project proposes three on-premise solutions available as a one-time purchase:

  • Project Standard 2021 — $679.99.
  • Project Professional 2021 — $1129.99, comes with collaboration tools and other advanced features.
  • Project Server — pricing is not publicly disclosed


AI project management has become essential for business competitiveness. Solutions like ClickUp, Notion and Microsoft showcase tailored options for diverse needs.

While approaches vary, AI delivers common benefits – increased efficiency, insight, and collaboration. Adoption is accelerating as organizations recognize AI’s potential.

Choose solutions aligned to your priorities and culture for smooth integration. Focus on change management for successful adoption.

AI project management is a strategic investment in future-proofing your business. Keeping pace with AI will ensure you stay nimble and resilient in our rapidly evolving world. Act decisively to leverage AI’s productivity potential.

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