Taplio: The Best AI Tool for Boosting LinkedIn Growth and Networking? [2024]

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Updated May 27, 2024

Published February 11, 2024

Taplio: The Best AI Tool for Boosting LinkedIn Growth and Networking? [2024]

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Taplio is a go-to LinkedIn tool for anyone who wants to grow their personal brand or business profile on LinkedIn. If you’re struggling with posting content regularly, Taplio has a content scheduling feature that’ll post your content without needing you to manually post it yourself.

Taplio also offers multiple AI tools to help you generate content. It doesn’t matter if all you have is a general idea of what you want to write about. Enter your topic in Taplio, and the AI will generate a high-quality post in seconds.

The platform also has an AI-powered Editor to help you refine and improve your posts before publishing. You can edit your content manually or ask the platform’s AI assistant for help. The AI can help you fix grammar mistakes, suggest improvements for your content, generate a Call to Action (CTA) or hook, and much more.

We scored Taplio 4.7/5 for its time-saving and content-optimization features. We also appreciate that Taplio lets you track key performance metrics like audience demographics, engagement, and conversions. 

Best For

Growing your LinkedIn presence with AI


Start at $65/mo. or $49/mo. billed annually

Free Trial

Seven-day free trial on all plans


  • Increase content efficiency
  • AI image generator
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Thousands of integrations
  • Easy to use


  • Limited platform support
  • No mobile app
  • No free pricing plan

AI Content Creation




Ease Of Use




What Is Taplio?

Taplio is an all-in-one AI-powered LinkedIn growth tool designed to help individuals and businesses expand their reach and engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter. The platform offers numerous features to streamline content creation, optimize engagement, and manage networks effectively.

The platform helps users overcome writer’s block by generating draft content that they can edit with AI. The AI provides personalized recommendations to improve your content, and will even rewrite and improve your content. Similarly, Taplio lets users seamlessly schedule posts for consistent and optimal timing.

Taplio can also identify trending topics and hashtags to help content creators stay ahead of trends. The AI will even re-write trending content to provide original posts. Plus, the data and analytics feature helps users track key metrics for individual posts and obtain valuable audience insights like demographics, interests, and engagement patterns.

Is Taplio Right For Your Team?

We recommend Taplio for the following types of users:

  • You want to scale your LinkedIn content production
  • You want ideas and inspiration for your LinkedIn content
  • You want to schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance
  • You want to generate hooks and CTAs for your LinkedIn posts

However, Taplio might not be the best option for the following types of users:

  • You’re looking for a platform that offers a free-forever plan for small personal projects
  • You want to improve your social media presence beyond LinkedIn and Twitter

Pros & Cons Of Taplio


Increase content efficiency

Taplio offers multiple AI-powered features to help you increase your content creation efficiency. These include generating post ideas and drafts, automatically generating posts, automatically identifying and re-writing trending posts, scheduling posts in advance, and more.

AI editor

Taplio has an AI editor to help you improve your content in seconds. Use the AI editor to fix grammar mistakes, expand posts, create hooks and CTAs, and more.

AI image generator

Taplio automatically generates high-quality and relevant images for your content in one click. You can also generate images in different styles, including Anime, Gothic, Impressionist, and many more.

Analytics and reporting

You can track critical post-performance metrics like engagement, reach, and conversions. These data-driven insights can help you refine your content strategy.

Thousands of integrations

Taplio integrates natively with Lemlist so you can add your Taplio LinkedIn contacts to your Lemlist outreach campaigns. Taplio also connects with Zappier, giving you access to 6000+ integrations, including CRM, email, and marketing automation tools.

Easy to use

Taplio is easy to use even for beginners. The user experience (UX) is easy to understand and navigate.


Limited platform support

Although Taplio also supports Twitter, the platform more focus on LinkedIn. Users looking to grow their Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok presence will have limations.

No mobile app

Currently, Taplio doesn't have a dedicated mobile app. Instead, you can access the Taplio website through your mobile browser when you're on the go.

No free pricing plan

Taplio offers only a seven-day trial for each pricing plan, allowing you to test the tool. If you wish to continue beyond the trial, you will have to purchase a plan.

Getting Started With Taplio

To get started, visit the Taplio website and click “Start For Free.”

taplio landing page

Next, enter your email address and password.

taplio sign up page

Choose your plan and click “START 7-DAY FREE TRIAL.”

taplio free trial

Now enter your payment details and click “Start trial” at the bottom of the page.

taplio enter payment details

Taplio will also ask you to connect your LinkedIn account.

taplio connect linkedin

Choose the subjects you're interested in writing and posting about. This will help to configure your personal AI.

taplio define topics

Finally, you’ll land on your dashboard. Here, you can start writing your posts on the right side. You can also access your scheduled posts, published posts, and drafts in the center of the dashboard. There’s also a main menu on the left side of the dashboard to access the platform’s features.

Let’s see what Taplio has to offer.

Generated For You

The “Generated For You” feature is one of Taplio’s AI generators that automatically creates LinkedIn posts based on your settings. These settings include your personal description (such as marketer or educator) and you can change these settings at any time.

To start automatically generating posts, go to the left menu and click “AI Generators” > “Generated For You.”

taplio generated for you

Take a look at our Taplio settings to fully appreciate the platform’s automatic post-generation capabilities.

Our Taplio settings indicate that we are a “passionate educator” and that we like to post about “practical teaching strategies,” “educational resources,” and “inspiring stories from the classroom.”

taplio ai settings

Here’s one of the posts that Taplio created for us based on our profile and personal description, with no extra prompting or any manual input.

taplio generated post

We thought the writing is clear and concise and the opening questions also capture the audience’s attention.

The post could be more personal if it included an anecdote. Adding relevant research studies could also strengthen our arguments. We can easily edit anything in the built-in Editor before posting. However, Taplio lets you edit your post before posting, so you can add more in the built-in editor.

taplio post editing

Here’s another post that the AI generated for us. This post is even better than the previous example. It’s a thought-provoking post that raises some important questions about the role of technology in diminishing the role of handwriting.

taplio generated post example

In total, Taplio delivered more than ten posts. They were all good-quality posts that only required a little editing.

What we like most is that Taplio updates these posts daily. So every day you log into your account, you have multiple posts waiting for you. It’s a useful feature if you’re struggling with posting more often on LinkedIn.

taplio content generated for you

Even if you don’t use these posts, there’s plenty of inspiration to help you write yours from scratch. This is an excellent Taplio feature that can make you become a more prolific and consistent content creator on LinkedIn.

Post Generator

Taplio also lets you convert your ideas into LinkedIn posts in less than a minute. All you need is a topic or post idea, and Taplio takes care of the rest. And, if you don’t have any topic ideas, Taplio will suggest some for you.

taplio post generator

Open “AI Generators” in the left menu and click “Post Generator.”

Next, enter your topic idea. Taplio will even suggest a topic if you click “Suggest Topic.”

taplio suggest topics

In our example, we asked Taplio to generate the topic and content. It chose the title “Why Rote Learning is Actually the Key to Innovative Thinking: A Controversial Take.”

Here’s the post the AI generated. The post reads naturally and is indistinguishable from human written content.

taplio ai generated post

You’ll also notice that the AI-generated post captured a personal experience with rote learning. That’s not by accident.

Taplio lets you choose tags that guide the AI when generating your content. In our case, we asked the AI to make our post concise, and friendly, and to include life experiences. The AI did a terrific job following instructions.

taplio tags

We love that Taplio generates original posts in seconds and with very little prompting. You don’t even need an idea to generate posts. Taplio remembers your preferences and settings and is happy to generate a title and accompanying content.

Now there’s no excuse not to post more often on LinkedIn. Simply ask Taplio to do it, and you’ll be ready to post in minutes.

Hook Generator

The “Hook Generator” lets you generate hooks for your LinkedIn content. A hook is great for grabbing your reader’s attention and sparking curiosity.

Open “AI Generators” and choose “Hook Generator” in the left menu.

taplio hook generator

Next, add your post title or topic. For this example, we asked the AI to generate a hook for the article it generated in the previous section. It’s titled “Why Rote Learning is Actually the Key to Innovative Thinking: A Controversial Take.”

taplio hook generator title

The AI Generated a few different hooks. These are high-quality hooks, and we can use most of them as-is. They are attention-grabbing and pique curiosity.

taplio generated hooks

We were once again impressed by the quality of Taplio’s generated content. These hooks are consistently concise and clear and express the main idea immediately. They also pose thought-provoking questions to make readers curious about reading the post.

And, like with all other Taplio AI Generators, the platform lets you pick the AI model to use. You can choose between GPT-4, which produces high-quality content but might be slower, or GPT -3.5 which generates content faster but might be lower quality.

taplio ai model options

You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into creating Taplio. It doesn’t just generate LinkedIn posts, it also creates powerful hooks to go with your content.

Repurpose Content

Taplio lets you repurpose your existing content with AI. This is a useful feature that lets you leverage your existing blog posts or videos to quickly create high-quality LinkedIn posts.

Go to “AI Generators” > “Repurpose Content” in the left menu.

taplio repurpose content

Choose the content format you want to repurpose for LinkedIn. Your options include YouTube videos and articles.

taplio content format

For the first test, we chose to repurpose an article from our website. You can read the original article here. It is a review of Beautiful AI.

Taplio took less than a minute to repurpose the article.

taplio repurposed content

First, you’ll notice the post starts with a call to action, which is a nice touch for grabbing the reader’s attention. The AI also highlights the tool’s main features, which we discuss extensively in the original article.

The fact that the post also includes Beautiful AI’s potential limitations helps to create trust with the reader. People want to know what’s good and bad with AI.

We also uploaded a YouTube video and asked Taplio to create a LinkedIn post. The video is a 10-minute TED talk about innovative thinking and whether it can be taught.

It took Taplio less than 20 seconds to generate this post.

taplio repurposed content

We were pleasantly surprised with Taplio’s post. We expected something like a transcript of the video. But, Taplio did a good job summarizing the video and extracting the key points and the underlying message.

The original video includes multiple jokes, personal anecdotes, and references to studies and experiments. However, Taplio glossed over the ‘irrelevant’ content and stuck with the key message.

Creating high-quality content takes time and effort. We appreciate that Taplio lets you repurpose your content for LinkedIn with barely any effort. This is essential if you want to express your ideas to a wider audience, leverage existing high-performing content, or simply experiment with different platforms to find your core audience.

Taplio’s Repurpose Content feature can certainly help you grow your LinkedIn presence by allowing you to quickly post fresh, high-quality content. Combined with post-scheduling, Taplio will also help you post more consistently. These are all great for growing an audience and building your brand.

Viral Content

Taplio can search LinkedIn for viral posts related to your AI settings. Viral posts are useful for identifying current trends and topics that resonate with LinkedIn users. This can give you inspiration for creating your content.

Access “Viral Content” from the left menu.

taplio viral content

The platform delivered numerous trending LinkedIn posts. Most weren’t related to our “educator” profile, but we had quite a few related posts to choose from.

taplio generated trending posts

Taplio also allows you to apply filters to increase the chances of finding relevant posts. For example, quite a few of the posts Taplio suggested were more than a year old.

We added filters to include posts published in the last 90 days and narrowed down the country to just the United States.

And, if you like, you can specify that Taplio only shows Twitter or LinkedIn posts.

taplio filter search results

This time the posts were slightly more relevant. However, Taplio still delivered many irrelevant posts based on our profile. Still, we got a few useful posts that we could rewrite or use as inspiration.

The best part is you can ask Taplio to generate versions of viral posts. So the AI will rewrite the post to give you a good starting point for crafting your content.

Identify a post you like and click the three dots at the bottom.

taplio generate variations

You can also choose how creative you want the AI to be when generating the variation.

taplio variations generation

The AI only took a couple of seconds to generate the variation. And, it did a good job of capturing the core message.

This is the post we used for the test to create the variations.

taplio example post

Here is what Taplio generated as a variation for us.

taplio generated variation post

The “Viral Content” feature isn’t perfect, though. Taplio delivers irrelevant posts regardless of your filters and keywords.

However, there are some real gems, and you're likely to find a few useful and relevant posts. In case, you need just one or two good ideas. So, it won’t matter that you can’t use every single post Taplio suggests.

Overall, this feature is useful for borrowing or learning from your competitors. It’ll save you time searching LinkedIn posts and playing around with keywords and filters to find viral content on LinkedIn to use as inspiration.


Finally, Taplio has a built-in Editor to help you polish your written or generated content. Click “Edit” at the bottom of any post to access the Editor.

Taplio’s Editor lets you add rich text. These include “Bold,” “Italic”, “Underlined” text, and more.

taplio editor settings

You can also add images, videos, and documents for your LinkedIn carousel. This is where you can share a series of slides or images in a single post. You can even ask Taplio’s AI to generate images for your content.

taplio image generation

You can generate various image styles including “Abstract,” “Anime,” “Gothic,” “Impressionism,” and more. Here’s an example of an image we generated with Taplio’s image generator.

taplio generated image

It's a very high-quality image, and we didn’t need to even prompt the AI. Our LinkedIn post discusses how educators should foster a creative learning environment. Taplio automatically picked up the posts’ theme and generated a relevant, high-quality image.

Taplio will even let you edit the generated image, including changing the aspect ratio, adjusting wrapper rounded corners, changing the screenshot position, and more.

taplio image editor

Taplio’s AI-powered Editor can also help you improve your content. This includes expanding your posts, creating a Call to Action (CTA), fixing grammar, and more.

taplio ai powered editor

Here are some tips the AI provided for improving our post. These are practical and actionable tips. They are also tailor-made for the post.

taplio generated tips

And here’s a CTA the AI generated for our post. It’s an engaging CTA that encourages audience participation.

taplio generated cta

Like with all AI-generated content, you’ll want to edit and personalize everything Taplio generates. However, we’re impressed with the sheer help the platform’s AI provides for editing and improving your content.

You can quickly generate images for your content without needing complex prompts. The AI figures out what your post is about, and automatically generates relevant images that are good enough to use.

The options to change your posts’ tone with AI, generate hooks and CTAs, or fix the content’s grammar are all welcome additions. Taplio already does a terrific job helping you quickly generate LinkedIn posts in seconds, and AI-assisted editing takes things to the next level.


Taplio has three pricing plans.

The Starter plan costs $65 per month, billed monthly, or $49 per month billed annually. This plan gives you 4M+ viral posts on every topic, advanced content scheduling, and a personal analytics dashboard. This is a good plan if you’re just starting to improve your presence on LinkedIn. You have most of what you need to schedule content and monitor your LinkedIn performance.

The Standard plan costs $99 per month billed monthly or $49 per month with an annual subscription. This tier offers AI-powered content and chat assistant, relationship builder, and team features. It’s a good plan for scaling your LinkedIn content production, building your personal brand on LinkedIn, and attracting business opportunities.

The Pro plan costs $199 per month billed monthly or $149 per month billed yearly. You get a lead database, higher limits on all relationship-building features, and higher limits on all AI-generation features. This is a good plan for companies and agencies that want to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts. It’s also a good option for collaborating on content creation and scheduling.

Taplio is a terrific LinkedIn growth tool. The price is about right compared to the competition, including Tweet Hunter and Hypefury. However, a free forever plan would be nice if you only need to use a LinkedIn tool occasionally.

Closing Notes On Taplio

Taplio is an all-in-one tool for growing your LinkedIn presence. Spending just ten or twenty minutes a day on Taplio can significantly increase your personal or business brand on LinkedIn. We highly recommend this platform if you don’t mind the relatively high price tag. The result is likely to pay for itself, especially if you’re targeting revenue growth with LinkedIn.

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