LoopCV Review: Simplify and Speed Up Your Job Search with AI

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Updated May 29, 2024

Published September 14, 2023

LoopCV Review: Simplify and Speed Up Your Job Search with AI

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LoopCV is an innovative AI-powered job search platform that simplifies and automates key aspects of job hunting to reduce tedious work for individual seekers. The platform is easy to use, competitively priced, and offers a range of features that make it stand out in the crowded job search automation market.

In our LoopCV review, we were impressed by LoopCV's ability to automate repetitive tasks, increase applicant visibility, and provide a simple, easy-to-learn interface. The platform's affordability is also a plus. However, LoopCV's relevance and customization limitations may be a turn-off for some users. Additionally, the platform's basic analytics and robotic email templates may not be sufficient for high-level marketers.

Overall, we rate LoopCV 4.2/5.0 stars for delivering substantial value by simplifying and speeding up job searching, filtering, and automatic applications.

Best For

Individual job seekers and freelancers

Key Features

Auto-apply for jobs, Recruiter emails, CV optimization




  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Increases applicant visibility
  • Simple easy-to-learn interface
  • Affordable


  • Irrelevant job matches
  • Robotic email templates
  • No skill assessments
  • Basic analytics



Value For Money






What is LoopCV?

LoopCV is an AI-driven job search and job listing application assistant. It's designed to simplify and automate job hunting, saving valuable time for individual seekers.

loopcv landingpage

With LoopCV, you can upload your CV and set specific job preferences, including titles and locations. The platform then automatically scours the web for relevant job openings and applies to them. Notably, you can review and approve matched job postings before the final submission.

LoopCV also offers follow-up messaging to recruiters to express your enthusiasm. Premium users can even access consultation calls to boost their job search. It's worth highlighting LoopCV's user-friendly interface and competitive pricing in the job search automation landscape.

How LoopCV Works

LoopCV simplifies the job-seeking process into three effortless steps. First, users create a profile and specify their job preferences, including titles and locations. Then, the platform deploys AI technology to scour the web for relevant job openings that match these criteria.

loopcv webpage

What sets LoopCV apart is its use of "Loops."

A Loop is a comprehensive job search package with user-defined parameters, a CV attachment, and an email template. Users can create multiple Loops, each tailored to specific job requirements, with personalized CVs for maximum impact.

This streamlined approach accelerates the application process and ensures that job seekers are well-matched to the opportunities they pursue. LoopCV's platform conveniently consolidates all necessary tools and information, making it a valuable asset for navigating today's competitive job market.

Is LoopCV Right For You?

LoopCV is right for you if:

  • You are looking to simplify and expedite your job search.
  • You want to automate repetitive job application tasks and streamline email outreach.
  • Optimizing your CV and emails for specific job listings appeals to you.

LoopCV may not right be for you if:

  • Highly accurate job matches are crucial for your job search.
  • You require skill assessment features as part of your job search process.

Pros & Cons


Automates many repetitive tasks

LoopCV's automation streamlines various time-consuming job search activities.

Increases applicant visibility

By consistently applying to relevant positions, LoopCV enhances user visibility to potential employers.

Simple easy-to-use

LoopCV boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a quick learning curve for all users.


LoopCV offers budget-friendly pricing, particularly when compared to enterprise-level job search and recruitment solutions.


Irrelevant job matches

Users may encounter occasional mismatches with job listings, affecting the precision of their job search.

Robotic email templates

LoopCV's email templates, while convenient, may lack a personal touch, requiring customization for enhanced engagement.

No skill assessments

LoopCV does not provide features for skill assessments, potentially limiting users in showcasing their qualifications.

Basic analytics

LoopCV's analytics are relatively basic, potentially restricting users seeking comprehensive insights for refining their job search strategy.

Getting Started with LoopCV

To start your journey with LoopCV, click 'Get Started' on the homepage, where you can sign up using your email, password, or Google account.

getting started with loopcv

Upon logging in, you'll be greeted by the dashboard, your hub for creating and analyzing your Loops.

loopcv dashboard view

The first step is to create a user profile. Click on the 'Profile' button at the bottom of the left pane on the dashboard to open the profile page. We found it impressive that the profile page is minimalist by design, requiring only essential information. This user-friendly design reduces redundancy in filling out your CV.

On the 'Personal Info' tab, update vital details like the name you wish to use in job applications, email, location, and upload your CV in Word or PDF formats. To access more platform features, including premium ones, head to the 'Pricing Plan' tab, where you can upgrade from the basic free features.

Steps to Find and Apply for Jobs Using LoopCV

LoopCV streamlines job seeking into three simple steps:

Step 1: Searching for jobs

The first step involves completing the job information in the 'Search Info' section.

loopcv job search feature

Step 2: Select or Create an Email Template

Set up email templates linked to each Loop. LoopCV provides ready-made templates for easy personalization.

create an email template with loopcv

Step 3: Adjust Loop Settings

Customize your job search by excluding specific companies or specifying keywords. Exclude unwanted positions and target roles that align with your skills. The options in this section to further refine job listings to apply to are Company Exclusion, Keyword Specification, and Exclude Keywords.

adjust settings in LoopCV

The 'Start The Loop' under the 'Review' tab will automatically search job listings that meet the set criteria.

loop details under review

We found that the matching process takes a few seconds to return results that meet the filter criteria. Moreover, users can refine their job search strategy by filtering companies and accessing valuable insights in the 'Loop Stats' tab, which reveals the total number of job matches and the number of applications accepted by the system.

Review of Core Features

Advanced Job Matching

Based on our testing, LoopCV's job-matching feature is one of its most robust capabilities. In our search for a Product Manager job in Los Angeles, we customized five keyword filters for the Loop and found it identified jobs aligned to our niche keywords with about 85% accuracy. Increasing the number of keywords to ten increased the accuracy of job listing results to about 90%.

advanced job matching feature

We found some obvious drawbacks in the system while creating Loops. First off, perhaps in an effort to maintain a minimal design, Loop details dropdowns 'Experience Level' and 'Job Level' are quite limited. Users cannot use wildcards, specify their own levels, or combine more than one job or experience level to get finer matches.

loop details selection

LoopCV populates its job database with listings from popular platforms, including LinkedIn, Whoishiring, Monster, SimplyHired, and Indeed. The deep integration with major job boards provides significant coverage.

Giving users complete control over matching rules is a key differentiator we love about this platform. The ability to tailor preferences and exclude companies caters perfectly to individual job seekers’ needs.

Automated Job Search and Application

LoopCV's marquee automation is a time and effort saver. When the 'Automatically send emails' and 'Auto-fill Form Applications' are enabled in a loop, the system automatically sends applications to matched companies. This proved particularly useful for newly listed jobs that do not require further personalization of the email templates and CVs.

automated job search using loopccv

In the three days that we tested the system, it sent out four relevant job openings out of 33 job listings that met our job search criteria. The automated loops filtered to our set parameters proved to be effective, although it forced us to create two more loops for the same job just to specify slightly different job levels and job experience parameters.

The centralized dashboard provides clear visibility into critical metrics like match rate, outreach stats, and more. This level of transparency allowed us to refine our approach for maximum efficiency.

Organize Job Searches

LoopCV's Kanban board CRM brings much-needed organization to manage your search pipeline visually in one place. The intuitive board tracks all your applications across customizable columns like "Applied" and "Interview Scheduled" with easy drag-and-drop. It provides an at-a-glance overview of your entire process.

organize job searches

We love the ability to label columns to match your workflow and attach files like cover letters to applications. This customization streamlines follow-ups. The Kanban board has a familiar structure and is a great alternative to tracking jobs on a messy spreadsheet. Automated application tracking plus manual adjustments provide expert-level organization.

CV Optimization

LoopCV offers CV optimization but requires contacting their team to schedule a consultation call for expert review and tips. Reaching out for manual review creates extra steps. We wish this feature provided real-time automated advice like identifying gaps and suggesting improvements you could implement right from the dashboard. Still, the personalized expert guidance likely helps significantly polish your CV.


Basic Looper

Freefor one parallel job search and up to 10 applications per month

Standard Looper

$9.99/month for up to 20 parallel job searches and 100 applications per month

Premium Looper

$29.99/month for up to 50 parallel job searches and 300 applications per month with personalized support

Competitor Comparison

LoopCV focuses squarely on individual job seekers' needs, unlike Jobvite and other enterprise recruitment platforms. But it faces competition from AI-powered alternatives targeting similar users:

  • Jobscan: Focuses on CV/resume optimization and LinkedIn integration. Light on applying/outreach.
  • Gloat: Uses artificial intelligence to match employees with internal opportunities such as projects, gigs, mentorships, and roles.
  • SeekOut: Has more features for recruiters rather than job applicants. It provides powerful networking capabilities but is light on automated applications.

Final Thoughts

LoopCV has impacted how job seekers can leverage AI to automate many of the most tedious parts of the process, like applications and outreach. Its intelligent AI automation thoughtfully eliminates individual seekers' most significant pain points.

For most job hunters, the immense time savings LoopCV provides lead directly to more interviews. With easy onboarding and affordable pricing, it earns our recommendation as a practical assistant that makes job transitions far more efficient.

While it lacks some advanced tools that corporate platforms boast, LoopCV’s custom targeting of individual seeker needs makes it an excellent tool for anyone undergoing a job change today.

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