Novoresume: Is It Right for You and what to Expect [2024]

Updated May 27, 2024

Published January 2, 2024

Novoresume: Is It Right for You and what to Expect [2024]

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Novoresume is a powerful AI-powered resume builder that can help you create a resume from scratch or optimize an existing one. The platform’s AI assistant analyzes the contents of your resume and your instructions to provide helpful and high-quality examples for building your resume. 

The platform also has an Optimizer that assesses your resume and scores it based on what recruiters look for in winning resumes. Novoresume also provides tips to help you optimize your resume and increase your chances of securing the job.

We rated Novoresume 4.5 for the useful examples it provides when building a resume from scratch. Novoresume is equally helpful when optimizing or updating an existing resume. 

Best For

Individuals looking to create and optimize their resume


Start at $19.99/mo. or $99.99/yr

Free Version

Limited free-forever plan available


  • AI-assisted resume writer
  • Create ATS-friendly resumes
  • Built-in resume optimizer
  • Easy to use


  • Basic template customization
  • Expensive

AI Assistance


Content Guidance


Ease Of Use




What Is Novoresume?

Novoresume is an AI-powered resume builder and optimizer that helps job seekers increase their chances of getting hired. The built-in AI assistant provides high-quality examples to help you build a strong resume.

Similarly, Novoresume provides an AI-assisted CV and cover letter builder. The platform also features an AI-powered content optimizer to improve your resume. The Optimizer provides a score and suggestions to help you strengthen your resume.

Novoresume also provides in-platform tips and suggestions, ATS-friendly resumes, and a vast library of related resources to help you in your job hunt.

Is Novoresume Right For You?

We recommend Novoresume if you fit into the following user groups:

  • You need guidance or inspiration creating or updating your resume
  • You want to increase your chances of passing an applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • You are creating a resume for the first time
  • You would like to create multiple versions of your resume
  • You wish to create resumes in different languages

However, Novoresume isn’t the best option if you:

  • Would like to create multiple resumes for free
  • You want highly customizable resume templates
  • You need to generate resume content for a niche industry

Pros & Cons of Novoresume


AI-assisted resume writer

Novoresume is a terrific tool for writing resumes from scratch. The platform’s AI Assistant provides numerous high-quality examples that you can add to your resume, or simply use for inspiration.

Create ATS-friendly resumes

Novoresume offers ATS-friendly templates across all professional experience levels. This way, you can create a resume that suits your specific background and industry.

Resume optimizer

The built-in Optimizer scores your resume so you know what to improve. The Optimizer also points to specific sections in your resume to improve, as well as providing tips for improving.

Easy to use

Novoresume is easy and intuitive to use, even for first-time users.


Basic template customization

Although Novoresume lets you customize things like template layout, the overall customization is limited. For example, you can’t change resume icons and other design elements to fit your exact preferences.


Novoresume is pricier than many other AI resume builders that offer similar functionality. For example, Kickresume costs between $3 and $9, depending on the subscription term.

Getting Started With Novoresume

Getting started with Novoresume is easy. Visit the Novoresume website and click “Get Started Now.” This is an opportunity to try the platform for free, with no credit card required.

You can go right ahead and create your first resume from a selection of more than eight free templates. Or, create your account by clicking “Register” in the top-right corner.

This will save you the trouble of creating an account later when you need to download your resume.

You can register by providing an email address, or create an account directly with your Google account.

novoresume sign up page

You’ll be taken to Novoresume’s dashboard.

novoresume dashboard

Let’s explore what Novoresume has to offer!

Resume AI Assistant

The platform suggests creating a resume, as opposed to a CV, if you have less than five years of professional experience.

Simply click “Resume” from your dashboard and choose a template.

creating resume on novoresume

There are hundreds of templates spanning numerous categories. You can pick from Creative, Professional, Traditional, and many more categories.

You’ll notice that each resume type is structured differently to cater to different preferences and professional backgrounds.

novoresume resume templates

Novoresume also lets you pick your experience level to help tailor your resume to your specific work experience.

For example, a student might need to showcase their education experience first, while a freelancer might prioritize skills and work experience first.

selecting experience level on novoresume

There’s an AI Assistant available in the template to help you generate each section of the resume. The AI Assistant is on the left, and the resume template is on the right.

novoresume ai assistant

In the below example, we used AI to generate a professional summary for the job title “HR Assistant.”

The AI assistant gave us six job summary options to pick from. These are just two examples of the summary generated by AI for us.

novoresume generated job summaries

The AI certainly provides a strong starting point for building the career summary section of our resume. We only need to replace the placeholder text with our personal information or edit the summary, depending on our job experience.

Next, we decided to create the Skills section with the AI assistant.

It gave us 30 skills examples to pick from. Plus, all these are fundamental skills for an HR Assistant, so it’s a terrific result from Novoresume’s AI assistant.

novoresume suggested skills

The AI even generated related courses to add to the “Education” section. We only added our degree and the AI did the rest.

novoresume generated related courses

The AI will even generate examples for the “Hobbies” section if you’re drawing a blank. In our example, the AI generated 30 different interests so we could choose the ones that fit our personality.

novoresume generated hobbies

Here’s the bare-bones template we started with:

novoresume resume template example

And here is what we’ve generated so far, in just a couple of minutes!

novoresume generated resume example

The AI assistant is an extremely valuable tool if you’re creating a resume for the first time. It helps you write every part of your resume, except maybe generating personal details like where you went to university.

The AI is also straightforward to use. In most instances, you only need to click “Generate” and the AI will use the information in your resume (e.g., job title or education) to generate the content.

Plus, the platform even recommends the best resume layout for your experience level. This way, you can put the most important or relevant information first and where the recruiter is likely to see it early in the screening process.

We also love that you can add extra details, such as your previous job experience or skills, to guide the AI towards more personalized content.

Overall, Novoresume’s Resume Builder and AI Assistant isn’t just useful for beginners. More experienced professionals can customize templates, use tailored prompts, and create multiple versions of the same resume to improve their chances of getting hired.

CV AI Assistant

Similarly, you can use Novoresume’s AI assistant to build your CV from scratch. The platform recommends creating a CV if you have more than five years of professional experience.

Again, the AI assistant is on your left, and your CV is on the right. Simply choose the section you want to generate content for (e.g., summary) and copy the generated content to your CV.

generating cv on novoresume

We entered our job title “Sales Coordinator” in the template and asked the AI to generate a professional summary without any additional input in the prompt box.

generating professional summary on novoresume

The AI generated a few job summaries without additional input aside from the job title we added to the template.

novoresume generated job summary examples

In the above example, we only need to replace the placeholder text with relevant and specific information. The summaries are good, although we thought they were a little generic.

So this time we added a bit about our professional experience in the prompt box.

novoresume prompt example

This time, the summary is much more specific and overall better than the previous examples.

novoresume generated specific job summary

The AI also generated relevant achievements that we could add to the resume. We specified that these should be for a Sales Coordinator position.

You can see that we could copy most of these directly into our resume and edit slightly with our actual achievements.

novoresume generated achievements

Here’s how our CV is looking so far, after working on it for less than five minutes:

novoresume generated cv example

The best advice we can offer is to use the prompt box to guide the AI towards a high-quality output. Some of its outputs are generic, but you get a much better result by nudging the AI in the right direction.

With this tool, you could be sending several customized CVs a day. Plus, the platform’s layout is optimized for efficiency.

Overall, we’re impressed with the AI’s ability to understand prompts and deliver accordingly. It’s an especially useful tool if you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a CV. The AI will help you to generate each section in just minutes.

Cover Letter AI Assistant

The AI assistant is also available to help you craft a cover letter. The best part is that you can insert the job description in the prompt box to guide the AI to the desired output.

From your dashboard, click the “Cover Letters” tab and then click “+ Cover Letter.

novoresume cover letter feature

Novoresume will ask you to choose a template.

novoresume cover letter templates

For this test, we added a job description for a “Database Administrator” in the AI Assistant’s prompt box.

novoresume job description prompt

Take a look at the cover letter the AI generated:

novoresume generated cover letter example

It’s a solid cover letter, that we can edit to showcase our skills and experience. The AI even captured the most important requirements in the job description, including a background in programming languages such as PL/SQL coding.

You can see the original job description below. The highlighted parts show some of the keywords that Novoresume captured in its generated cover letter.

original job description for novoresume

Once again, Novoresume’s AI Assistant excels at the task. It did a great job capturing the important details of our job description and tailoring the cover letter to the position.

You could generate an even better cover letter by including additional information in the AI’s prompt box. For example, you could instruct the AI to focus on specific strengths or work experience related to the job to personalize the cover letter even more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the AI assistant to write your first-ever cover letter, or you simply need to hasten the job application process. Either way, the AI delivers results effortlessly.

However, like in all the examples so far, we do not recommend using the content the AI generates as-is. Be sure to edit and customize the content as needed.

With Novoresume, you never again have to stare at a blank page or template wondering what to write!

Resume Optimizer

Novoresume also has an AI CV/Resume optimizer that scores your resume on a scale of 1-100.

Click the “Optimizer” at the top-right of your resume to see your score. Clicking the Optimizer also alerts you to the parts of your resume that need optimizing with red exclamation marks.

novoresume resume optimizer

Clicking the exclamation mark gives you details about the issue. Then, click “Fix It” to start optimizing your resume.

novoresume suggestions for optimization

Novoresume will also provide specific, actionable advice to improve your resume.

In the below example, the AI recommended adding a “Soft Skills” section, among other suggestions.

novoresume providing actionable suggestions

And Novoresume also provides tips for filling in the work experience section.

novoresume suggested tips

The Optimizer is certainly nice to have. It updates your score in real-time, so you can keep track of your improvements. You’ll also likely create an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)-friendly resume with the AI’s guidance.

Novoresume scores your performance for each section. In this example, the Optimizer scored our certificates section.

novoresume score for overall performance

The only complaint with Novoresume is it doesn’t provide personalized advice. The tips it offers are sometimes too general. It would have been nice to know exactly what we needed to do to achieve a higher score.

Still, Novoresume’s optimizer score, coupled with the platform’s tips, can help you craft a winning resume.


Novoresume has a free Basic plan and a paid Premium plan.

novoresume pricing

The Basic plan lets you create one version of your CV or resume and also limits your resume to one page. You also get pre-defined layouts, three fonts, and 3D color themes.

The Premium plan costs $19.99 per month with month-to-month billing. However, annual billing costs $99.99 per year, saving $139 annually.

The Premium plan lets you create multiple versions of your CV. You can also create resumes up to 10 pages long. Other features in this plan include custom layouts, 12 fonts, 74 color themes, and more.

However, you’ll need to purchase tokens separately to use the AI assistant. The price starts at $0.99 for 60 tokens. For reference, each generation costs one token.

novoresume token prices

Closing Thoughts On Novoresume

Overall, Novoresume is a solid and competent AI resume builder. This is especially true if you’re creating a resume for the first time. The platform provides templates tailored to your professional experience and background. Plus, the AI offers useful examples and advice to help you craft a strong resume.

Our only major complaint is the price. There are much cheaper options that work just as well as Novoresume, or even better in some cases.

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