Kickresume: Top AI Choice for Your Resume & Cover Letter? [2024]

Updated June 15, 2024

Published December 31, 2023

Kickresume: Top AI Choice for Your Resume & Cover Letter?  [2024]

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Kickresume is an AI resume and cover letter writer to help you write stronger resumes. You can use it to write a resume from scratch, optimize an existing resume, or generate an entire resume or cover letter with AI. 

More than that, Kickresume is also a personal career coach who’ll hold your hand through your job search journey. The AI offers personalized suggestions for strengthening your resume, recommends resources to help you in your career path, and more.

We scored Kickresume 4.7/5 for how easy it is to create a resume from scratch using the platform’s AI writer. We also love the industry-specific templates, which you can customize manually or with AI.

Best For

Recent graduates, job seekers, and professionals


Start at $19/mo. or $7/mo. billed annually

Free Version

Limited free-forever plan available


  • Write a resume from scratch with AI
  • Score your resume
  • Careers resources and guides
  • Create ATS-friendly resumes
  • Easy to use


  • Can’t create a cover letter based on a job description
  • Limited industry-specific support

Ease Of Use


AI Writer


Customization Options




What Is Kickresume AI?

Kickresume is an AI-powered resume builder and cover letter writer. You can use the AI resume builder to quickly generate a resume from scratch. Simply input a job title and the AI delivers a complete resume that you can edit and personalize to showcase your unique value proposition.

Similarly, the AI cover letter writer can generate a complete cover letter based on a job title. Again, edit the cover letter to show you’re fit for the job. You can also use the AI to analyze and score your resume. It’ll even provide personalized suggestions to strengthen your resume.

The platform’s other AI features include a resignation letter generator, a built-in AI writer, and a career coach.

Is Kickresume Right For You?

We recommend Kickresume if you fit the following descriptions

  • You’re creating a resume for the first time
  • You want to create multiple versions of your resume quickly
  • You struggle with finding the right wording for your resume
  • You want AI assistance generating first drafts for your cover letters or resumes

However, Kickresume might not be the first choice in the following scenarios:

  • You’re seeking employment in a very niche industry
  • You need to generate cover letters and resumes in different languages
  • You want to customize cover letters to specific job descriptions

Pros & Cons of Kickresume


Write a resume from scratch with AI

Kickresume lets you generate a resume from scratch with AI. Many similar tools merely help you optimize an existing resume, not write one from scratch.

Score your resume

Kickresume will score your resume against similar successful resumes in its database. The AI also provides personalized suggestions and one-click recommendations to improve your score.

Career resources and guides

Kickresume also offers career resources and guidance. There’s a built-in AI career coach and job interview generator. The platform also offers many other resources, including guides, templates, and more.

Create ATS-friendly resumes

Kickresume helps you create resumes and cover letters that are likely to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Easy to use

The platform is intuitive and easy to use, even for first-timers.


Can’t create a cover letter based on a job description

Some AIs let you upload a job description and the AI will help you craft a cover letter to match the JD. Kickresume doesn’t support this feature. However, Kickresume can help you generate a cover letter from a job title with AI.

Limited industry-specific support

Kickresume might be less useful if you work in a very niche industry. You won’t get access to related templates, and the AI might not be well-trained in your field.

Getting Started With Kickresume

To get started, visit the Kickresume website and click “Sign Up” in the top-right corner. You can go ahead and create your resume without signing up. But, you’ll need to create an account to download your resume. So it is better to get this step out of the way early on.

kickresume landing page

You can sign up with an email address or Google or LinkedIn account.

kickresume sign in page

You’ll be taken to the Kickresume AI Wizard, where you can start creating your resume with AI.

kickresume ai wizard

AI Resume Writer

Kickresume’s AI Wizard helps you create a resume from scratch using artificial intelligence (AI). The chatbot-style AI will ask you questions, including your name and most recent job title.

It’ll also ask you to pick a resume template.

kickresume chatbot

Next, Kickresume will automatically write your resume. It’ll include important sections like Profile, Work Experience, Skills, etc.

You can see the unedited resume the AI wrote for us. Simply click a section to edit.

kickresume generated resume example

Right off the bat, we love that Kickresume AI can write an entire resume from scratch. Of course, you’ll need to edit it to make it yours. However, not all AIs provide this kind of assistance.

For example, Resume Worded offers AI guidance for optimizing an existing resume. However, unlike Kickresume, Resume Worded won’t write the resume from scratch.

So we’re happy about Kickresume’s AI resume content-generation capabilities.

Additionally, the platform’s AI helps you edit the contents of your resume. For example, you can open a section like “Work Experience” to edit it.

You’ll find the “AI Writer” which you can use to generate content from scratch, rephrase existing content, or add phrases.

kickresume ai writer

In the below example, we created an empty “Work Experience” section. Then, we asked the AI to generate the section.

First, it asked us to provide a job title for the new section.

entering job title on kickresume

Below is the work experience description the AI generated near-instantly. It’s a solid description, which we can easily edit with our particulars.

kickresume generated work experience

Besides the minor formatting issue, the AI writer provides a lot of help when writing a resume from scratch. And, if nothing else, you can use whatever the AI generates as inspiration for your content.

Below is Kickresume’s rewrite of our previous section. Again, it’s a terrific description that we can personalize.

kickresume rewriting work experience section

We created yet another empty work experience section. This time, we asked the AI Writer to provide phrases for a previous role as “Talent Acquisition Specialist.”

As you can see below, we simply had to review what Kickresume provided and click “Add” to add the phrase to the resume. Again, the AI provided a terrific baseline to create our draft. It’s only a matter of personalizing the content to make the resume ours!

kickresume generated phrase suggestions

Kickresume also provides extensive customization, besides editing the contents of your resume. For example, you can move sections around and change or remove icons in the “Hobbies” section, like in the below screenshot.

kickresume customization options

Overall, we’re impressed by Kickresume’s ability to generate complete resumes in just a few minutes. The AI Writer is particularly useful for anyone who is creating a resume for the first time.

Resume Analysis

You can also use Kickresume to check and optimize your resume. For example, you can analyze the resume you built from scratch with Kickresume. Alternatively, upload an existing resume to check it.

Go to the AI Toolbox in the left menu and click “Analysis” to check your resume.

kickresume analysis

Kickresume will provide an overall score like the one below, so you know how much you need to improve your resume.

kickresume overall score

The resume score is based on other successful resumes in the platform’s database.

Furthermore, the checker grades your resume on three important criteria:

Completeness — A good resume should include all the details a recruiter needs to assess your qualifications (e.g., resume objective/summary, work experience, education, etc.)

Professional Formatting and Clarity — A good resume is well organized and easy to understand (think of things like clean layout, clear section headings, and bullets)

Varied and Precise Language — Kickresume checks your document for overused expressions and action verbs, which may dilute the uniqueness of your resume

kickresume resume checklist

Finally, Kickresume will provide personalized suggestions for improving your resume. You can accept these suggestions in one click. Plus, the checker also provides more general tips to help improve your resume further.

Overall, we love Kickresume’s personalized assistance in optimizing resumes. It’s not as advanced as Resume Worded’s resume analysis. However, this feature helps optimize your resumes for Applicant Traffic Systems (ATS).

AI Cover Letter Writer

You can also use Kickresume to generate cover letters with AI. It’s a terrific tool for anyone struggling with writing a first draft of their cover letter.

From the dashboard, click the “Cover Letters” tab, then click “New Cover Letter With AI.”

kickresume cover letter writer

The AI will ask you to enter the job title for which you want to generate a cover letter. It’ll also ask you to paste the job description for the position you’re interested in. In this example, we used “Payroll Specialist.”

job description for cover letter

The AI will also ask you to choose the resume you intend to use with the cover letter. This step allows the AI to customize the cover letter to your resume.

customizing cover letter to resume

Below is the cover letter we were able to generate using the AI Cover Letter Writer.

kickresume generated cover letter

The above example isn’t perfect. But, it’s a great starting point for a first draft, and there is plenty of inspiration here.

You also get access to the AI Writer in case you need to generate new content or rephrase the cover letter.

Overall, the cover letter provides a great starting point to work from. And, if you’re feeling uninspired, or don’t have a lot of experience writing cover letters, Kickresume provides a simple and easy solution.

AI Resignation Letter Generator

Similarly, Kickresume has a tool for crafting resignation letters. From your dashboard, go to the “Resignation Letters” tab and click “New Resignation Letter.”

kickresume resignation letter

Kickresume will ask you to choose a template. You can also filter the templates by profession from the drop-down menu.

kickresume resignation letter templates

Next, enter the necessary information, including your details and the details of the person you’re addressing the letter to.

entering details for resignation letter

Finally, access the AI Writer on the left side and enter your job title to generate the resignation letter.

generating resignation letter

Below is the resignation letter the AI generated near-instantly.

kickresume generated resignation letter

Again, the AI did a terrific job crafting the resignation letter from scratch. It needs editing before sending, including editing the placeholder information and personalizing the letter.

You once again have access to the AI Writer tool. It’ll help you in case you want to rewrite the content.

But, overall, the AI once again creates a jumping-off point. Resignations can be difficult, and many people might appreciate this Kickresume feature.

Job Interview

You can use the AI Toolkit to generate job interview questions. Click “Job Interview” in the AI Toolkit, and enter your job title.

kickresume job interview preparation

Below are some sample interview questions we generated for the job title “HR Manager.”

kickresume sample interview questions

The above are actual questions you’re likely to encounter at a job interview. You can also tell from the reference to the global pandemic that the questions are also recent.

This feature won’t blow you away. You could do the same with ChatGPT or Google Bard. However, given the context of Kickstarter, it’s nice to have all these features together where you need them.

Other Features

Other Kickresume features to help you along your career journey include:

  • Website Builder — Turn your resume into a personal website in one click
  • Resume templates — 35+ customizable ATS-friendly templates designed by professional typographers
  • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume — Import your LinkedIn profile to create your resume
  • Pajama Jobs — Get matched with remote jobs
  • Career coach — Get help identifying gaps in your skill set with AI


Kickresume has four plans, including a free plan.

kickresume pricing

The Free plan provides access to four basic resume templates, four matching cover letter templates, one basic website template, and more.

The Monthly plan costs $19 per month. You get 35+ professional resume and matching cover letter templates, seven personal website templates, an AI Writer, an AI resume checker, and more.

You can also save money by opting for the Quarterly plan for $13 per month or the Yearly plan for $7 per month.

Closing Notes on Kickresume

Kickresume is a terrific AI resume and cover letter builder that can help make the job-hunting process less daunting. We particularly like that you can use AI to build a resume from scratch. Its personalized resume optimization suggestions and guidance offer invaluable help in creating a resume that’s likely to catch the recruiter’s attention.

We highly recommend this tool for job seekers of all types. This includes recent graduates starting on their career path to seasoned professionals looking to switch careers.

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