Resume Worded: Is It the Best AI for Resume and LinkedIn Profile? [2024]

Updated June 15, 2024

Published December 17, 2023

Resume Worded: Is It the Best AI for Resume and LinkedIn Profile? [2024]

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Resume Worded is an AI-powered career platform designed by hiring managers. Simply upload your resume, and you’ll receive a score in just a few seconds. 

Not only that, but the AI will hold your hand throughout the resume optimization process. It’ll identify potential issues with your resume. These include basic issues like spelling and grammar and more complex ones like word choice and impact.

It’ll also provide actionable feedback and suggestions to help you improve your resume. We scored Rescue Worded 4.7/5 for the immense value that the platform provides. Besides improving your resume, it’ll also help you tailor your resume to job descriptions, help you optimize your LinkedIn profile, and more.

Best For

Jobseekers who want to optimize their resume


Start at $49/mo. or $19/mo. billed annually

Free Version

Limited free-forever plan available


  • Comprehensive AI-powered career platform
  • Actionable feedback and suggestions
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money


  • It won’t write your resume for you
  • limited customization for free users
  • Possible document scanning issues

Ease Of Use




AI Features


Value For Money


What Is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is an AI career platform designed to help job-seekers at all levels of their careers. The AI resume scanner will perform 20+ checks and score your resume. It’ll also identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable feedback.

There’s also an AI assistant that’ll help rewrite sections of your resume for you. Plus, you can use the AI to match your resume to a target job description. The platform will identify missing keywords and gaps in your resume that could hurt your chances of landing the job.

There’s also a tool to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile. Simply download your profile in PDF, upload it to the tool, and it’ll offer actionable suggestions for improving your profile.

Resume Worded also provides applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly resume templates, hand-picked resume lines from top candidates, career advice, and more.

Is Resume Worded Right For You?

We highly recommend Resume Worded for the following types of users:

  • Recent graduates and entry-level professionals
  • Jobseekers at all levels
  • Professional resume writers wanting to scale their services
  • Anyone who needs help optimizing their LinkedIn profile
  • People who need help updating your resume

However, Resume Worded might not be a great option if you meet the following descriptions:

  • You have a very specific or unique career path
  • You’re looking for a free AI career platform
  • You need one-on-one career coaching or advice

Pros & Cons Of Resume Worded


Comprehensive AI-powered career platform

Resume Worded has most of what you need to improve your prospects in the job market. From optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile to career advice and more, this platform is a one-stop solution for all your job-hunting needs.

Actionable feedback and suggestions

Resume Worded doesn’t just score your resume. It provides detailed, actionable advice during every step of the resume optimization process. It’ll catch the mundane and more significant issues and provide corrective feedback.

Easy to use

The platform is intuitive and easy to use. All your tools are located on the main dashboard. The step-by-step workflows ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Great value for money

You can save up to 60% off with longer-term contracts. Plus, the possibility of landing your dream job will pay for any expenses incurred using the software many times over.


It won’t write your resume for you

Resume Worded is more of a resume optimizer than a resume builder. You won’t get nearly as much value if you’re using it to write a resume from scratch rather than improving an existing one.

There are no guarantees

Although Resume Worded does all it can to improve your prospects, there are no guarantees that this AI will help you land a job. You still need to ace the interview, among other things that Resume Worded can’t help you with.

Possible document scanning issues

The software is sometimes unable to read scanned documents or images generated with Canva or PDF. Make sure that you upload a PDF containing readable text.

Getting Started With Resume Worded

It’s easy to get started with Resume Worded. Visit the Resume Worded website and click “Get started for free.

resume worded landing page

You can sign up with either your Google account or provide an email address.

resume worded sign up page

You’ll be taken to a screen where you can use one of Resume Worded’s core tools. These are the Score My Resume and LinkedIn Profile Review.

resume worded main tools

You can also opt to go directly to your dashboard. Below is what the dashboard looks like. You have all your tools within easy reach in the left panel.

Score My Resume

The Score My Resume feature uses AI to analyze and score your resume. It’s a terrific tool for identifying what’s wrong with your current resume. You’ll also get tailored suggestions to help fix your resume.

Open “Score My Resume” in the left panel and choose your career level. This will help the AI tailor and personalize the resume review.

score my resume feature

In this example, we uploaded a sample PDF resume for a Human Resources Manager with 10 years of experience.

Resume Worded provides an overall score and an overview of your resume’s performance.

resume worded generated score

The AI scores your resume on four critical criteria. These include Impact, Style, Brevity, and Sections.

You can open each criterion in the left menu to view the corresponding resume issues.

resume worded suggested issues

We were impressed by the level of detail that Resume Worded went into. For example, the AI uncovered 43 issues potentially affecting our resumes’ impact on recruiters. These might include repetition, weak verbs, or spelling issues.

Resume Worded also identified a major issue with our use of numbers and metrics (or lack thereof) in the bullets to quantify our impact in our previous role.

resume worded suggestion example

The AI even gave practical examples of how hard numbers can demonstrate the impact of our work.

resume worded providing practical examples

Not only that, but the AI highlighted specific bullets that could be improved and provided practical suggestions for improvement.

resume worded improvement suggestions

And, as you can see from the right panel, the AI identified all the bullet points that could be improved.

Resume Worded also provided other equally insightful suggestions for improving impact, such as using accomplishment-oriented language and unique action verbs (rather than overusing action verbs).

The AI also provided suggestions to improve our resumes’

  • Brevity — The AI suggested that our resume was too short, with too few bullet points
  • Style — The AI noted stylistic issues with our resume, including improper date formatting and passive voice usage
  • Sections — The AI suggested improvements to the resume’s structure, including improving our summary section and adding a skills section

Resume Worded offers excellent help for improving and optimizing your resume. It’s like a resume-building boot camp designed just for you.

The platform even provides FAQs answered by real recruiters and hiring managers to give you more in-depth insights when improving your resume.

resume worded recruiter insights

Overall, Resume Builder offers immense value in helping you improve your resume. The Score My Resume feature analyzes your resume across 20+ factors to pinpoint potential issues you might need to know about.

And, it provides step-by-step guidance, tips, and suggestions to help you fix your resume. Plus, you can recalculate the score to see how much you’ve improved your resume.

Magic Write

Magic Write” is an AI writing assistant to help you rewrite and improve your resume. You can find it in the left menu in Score My Resume.

resume worded magic write

The feature asks you to choose a line from your resume to improve.

choosing text for improvement

Then ask Magic Write to generate suggestions.

magic write generating suggestions

There’s also a “Freestyle Mode” where you tell the AI what you did in your job, and it’ll automatically generate bullet points. Or, you can ask the AI to pick samples from top resumes, which you can customize for your resume.

Below is one line in our resume we asked Magic Write to generate suggestions to help us improve it.

resume line that needs improvement

Below are the suggestions the AI came up with. They are great alternatives to our original line. And we can also edit them to our liking.

resume worded generated suggestions

In the above examples, Magic Write emphasized our collaboration and problem-solving skills. The tone is also more confident and results-oriented than our original.

Overall, it’s great that Resume Worded offers AI assistance when rewriting your resume.

Targeted Resume

The Targeted Resume feature helps you to tailor your resume to a specific job description. Again, this feature uses AI to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying to.

Open “Targeted Resume” from your home screen and paste the target job description.

resume worded targeted resume feature

Next, upload your resume and the AI will automatically match your resume to the job description you provided.

But first, you’ll receive a score that tells you how closely your resume matches the job description.

resume worded generated relevancy score

The AI will also reveal the keywords and skills found in the job description but aren’t in your resume. Adding them might help you get past automated screening software or recruiters.

resume worded suggested keywords skills

The Magic Write feature is also available here to help you get tailored suggestions that match the job description. For example, you can enter a list of skills, and the AI will output suggestions to add to the resume.

The AI also takes you step-by-step adding relevant skills to your resume.

optimizing resume by adding skills

Overall, this is another terrific feature in Resume Worded. The AI holds your hand throughout the process of optimizing your resume for a specific job that you’re applying for.

It’s an incredibly valuable feature for increasing your chances of landing your dream job. Plus, it makes the process of tailoring your resume to each job you’re applying for much easier and faster.

LinkedIn Review

Resume Worded can also help you to optimize your LinkedIn profile. If nothing else, LinkedIn can improve your visibility and networking opportunities. An optimized profile can also complement your resume by showcasing your professional brand and demonstrating social proof.

You’ll first need to download your LinkedIn profile, and then upload it to the LinkedIn Review tool. You can download your profile by going to your LinkedIn public profile, clicking ‘More…’ then clicking ‘Save to PDF.’

downloading linkedin profile

You’ll get an overall score and an overview of your performance in critical LinkedIn profile sections.

resume worded overview for linkedin

The AI will also identify specific sections of your profile to fix. It’ll also provide actionable tips and suggestions to help you optimize your profile.

steps to improve linkedin score

You’re not just getting surface-level suggestions. This tool gives you detailed guidance for optimizing every section of your LinkedIn profile.

In the above example, the AI detected issues with our Work Experience section. Below is a screenshot after clicking “Fix” next to the issue. You can see some checks the software performed.

detailed suggestions to improve linkedin

Each check comes with detailed information and general advice. Plus actionable suggestions to address the issue.

resume worded generated actionable suggestions

Just like the Score My Resume feature, this LinkedIn optimizer goes into an impressive level of detail. You’ll be able to spot and address many of the potential issues with your LinkedIn profile.

Other Features

Resume Worded offers tons of other features, including:

  • Google Docs resume templates
  • Word resume templates
  • Networking email templates
  • Career advice

Resume Worded Pricing

Resume Worded has a free-forever plan which provides limited use of the platform’s features. For example, you get access to 10 metrics (data points that quantify your achievements and impact in your resume), 15 resume lines from real top candidates, and search and filter resume lines.

The Pro plan costs $19/month paid annually, $33/month billed quarterly, or $49 per month with month-to-month billing. This plan unlocks all limitations and features, allowing you full use of the platform’s capabilities.

Some features only available on the Pro plan include access to full reports, including Score My Resume, Target Resume, and LinkedIn Review. You also get access to recruiter insights, 60+ metrics, and much more.

Closing Notes on Resume Worded

Resume Worded is a comprehensive career platform with all the features you need to improve your chances of getting hired. The AI-powered platform covers all the important bases, including optimizing your resume, tailoring your resume to specific job applications, and improving your LinkedIn profile.

And, at just $19 per month with annual billing, this tool is the best next thing to hiring a professional resume writer or job search coach. We highly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to boost their chances of landing their dream job.

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