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Tweet Hunter is an AI-powered growth and sales platform for your Twitter account. It offers a variety of solutions for content creation, contact management, a CRM for monitoring leads, tweet scheduling, and automation, and many other features.

However, Tweet Hunter’s AI-generated tweets aren’t post-ready and may require editing. Its user interface and tools need a steep learning curve before users can maximize them. It also has an expensive price point compared to other AI-powered Twitter growth tools.

Best For

Twitter influencers, marketers, and brands looking to grow their Twitter following


$49/mo to $200/mo.

Free Trial

Seven-day free trial for all paid plans

  • The Best
  • Offers AI-powered tweet creation
  • Extensive automation and tweet scheduling tools
  • Massive library of viral tweets and thread ideas
  • Users can add unlimited Twitter accounts
  • The Worst
  • AI-generated tweets aren’t post-ready
  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Expensive pricing plans

Ease of Use


Value for Money






What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one solution for growing and monetizing your Twitter audience. It features a CRM, where you can check your contact lists or mentions and generate AI-powered replies to specific people’s tweets or ones relevant to your niche. It also offers automation and scheduling tools and an analytics dashboard that displays key metrics to grow your Twitter audience and engagement.

tweet hunter

Is Tweet Hunter Right For You?

We recommend Tweet Hunter for users who need the following:

  • You want to grow and monetize your Twitter audience.
  • You’re willing to use a third-party tool to streamline your content creation and audience engagement tasks on Twitter.
  • You’re a large brand looking to increase your leads on Twitter.
  • You’re managing multiple accounts to grow their Twitter audience.

Tweet Hunter may not be suited for you if:

  • You’re new to Twitter and aren’t active on your accounts.
  • You’re a startup business with limited funds.
  • You’re uncomfortable using third-party tools for your account’s security.
  • You prefer to grow and monetize your Twitter audience manually.

Pros & Cons of Tweet Hunter


Offers AI-powered tweet creation

Tweet Hunter uses advanced AI technology for its tweet and thread creation tools, enabling users to edit the AI-generated tweets before they’re posted.

Extensive automation and tweet scheduling tools

The platform has automation features, like Auto DM and Auto Plug, for constant user engagement. It also has an efficient scheduling tool for posting tweets at an optimal time.

Massive viral tweets library and thread ideas

Users will have access to 2M+ viral tweets that can be used as inspirations. The tool provides daily personalized tweets and thread suggestions depending on your niche.

Analytics tool for monitoring activity and engagement

Its Analytics dashboard is intuitive and contains all key metrics about your Twitter account’s activity, like engagement, profile visits, follower growth, tweet performance, and more.

Users can add unlimited Twitter accounts

Unlike other Twitter growth tools, Tweet Hunter allows premium users to add and manage unlimited Twitter accounts.


AI-generated tweets aren’t post-ready

While the AI Tweet Generator feature quickly produces tweets based on your chosen Twitter creator, it doesn’t produce post-ready tweets.

Steep learning curve for new users

Since Tweet Hunter is packed with features, newbies will take time to learn its tools and how to use each tool to their Twitter account effectively.


Tweet Hunter has expensive pricing plans due to its diverse features, making the tool more suited for Twitter creators and brands with the potential to grow and monetize their accounts.

What Sets Tweet Hunter Apart

Tweet Hunter excels in AI-driven content creation—users can generate tweets based on a keyword or topic related to their desired niche. Users can access high-performing viral tweets of specific users or keywords and use the TweetPredict tool to predict a tweet’s performance before it’s posted.

Key Features

Tweet Hunter offers a diverse number of features for growing and monetizing your Twitter account’s audience:

Content Creation

Tweet Hunter offers various tools for content creation, including an AI Tweet Generator and access to a massive amount of tweet ideas and inspiration from its viral tweets library. It features TweetPredict, which uses AI to predict your tweet’s performance before it's posted. The tool can also suggest daily personalized tweets and threads you can rewrite or edit before publishing.

Tweet Hunter - Tweet inspirations page

Overall, we liked the tool’s ability to search for viral tweets relevant to a specific niche. Users can utilize these tweets for inspiration and edit them manually or using AI. It’s TweetPredict feature is also handy for checking your tweet’s performance.

Twitter CRM

One of the sales and marketing-related features of Tweet Hunter is its CRM. It features Lead Finder—a tool that can help you find leads on the platform by suggesting different accounts based on your current prospects. It has tools to help you engage with selected people with AI-generated replies and contact management capabilities.

Twitter CRM page

We thought that feature was a unique addition since it allows you to check and engage with your leads through AI-generated replies. We liked its ability to find other related accounts, which can further grow your leads.

Scheduling and Automation

Another valuable capability of Tweet Hunter is tools in the Scheduling and Automation feature. You can schedule tweets and threads based on an optimal time, generate automated replies about your product on some of your best-performing tweets using Auto Plug, and automate responses to your direct messages (DMs) using the Auto DM tool. It also allows you to delay each tweet on threads through Thread Delay to avoid being flagged for spam.

Scheduled Tweets page

This tool is handy for users who are actively growing their following on Twitter in an efficient and automated way. We personally liked its Auto Plug and Auto DM tools, which are excellent for brands that are growing their leads.


The Analytics feature keeps you on track with every key metric about your Twitter account’s activity. It can track your profile’s impressions, engagement, clicks, visits, and more. It also monitors your account’s daily follower growth and displays insightful tweet analytics for your tweets, such as retweets, likes, and replies.

Analytics page

We found this feature easy to use and shows an intuitive dashboard with metrics about your tweets’ performance, follower growth, profile visits, and more. Its results data can also be sorted weekly, monthly, the past three months, or a custom date.


Tweet Hunter offers three main pricing plans, each with increasing features:

Tweet Hunter pricing

The Discover plan is for users who want to grow their Twitter audience with less AI intervention. It starts at $49 per month or $36/mo. when billed annually. The plan gives you access to Tweet Hunter’s viral tweets library, custom tweet inspirations, tweet scheduling and automation features, and access to the Analytics tool.

The Grow plan is ideal for growing brands that aim to automate their Twitter account growth and monetization. It starts at $49 per month or $36/mo. when billed yearly (50% off). The plan includes all features from the Discover plan, including unlimited use of AI-powered tools, like TweetPredict, Twitter CRM, thread ideas and hooks, and AI-assisted tweet creation.

The Enterprise plan is for large businesses who want to fully automate their content creation, audience growth, and monetization tasks on Twitter. The plan starts at $200 per month or $167/mo. when billed annually. It offers all features from the Grow plan, including a trainable AI engine depending on your business needs and direct access to ChatGPT.

Tweet Hunter also offers a seven-day free trial on all paid plans. However, you’ll need to input your payment information to continue. Check out Tweet Hunter’s pricing plans here.

Final Thoughts on Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool that contains diverse features, including an AI-assisted tweet generator, a CRM tool, scheduling and automation features, and much more. We liked its Analytics tool, which allows users to check key metrics about their Twitter account’s performance.

We gave it a 4.4/5 overall rating mainly due to its features and efficiency due to AI. However, it needs a steep learning curve for new users and may not be worth it for startups and accounts with less potential to grow and maintain a following.

Overall, we highly recommend this tool for users and brands looking to grow and monetize their Twitter audience using AI.

Got Questions?

What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is an AI-driven Twitter growth platform for growing and monetizing your Twitter audience. It features Twitter CRM for lead tracking, AI-assisted tweet creation, tweet scheduling, and automation features.

Is Tweet Hunter safe?

Yes. Tweet Hunter is one of the third-party apps that has undergone Twitter’s approval, which means it follows the platform’s Terms of Service. Tweet Hunter’s creators also ensure that the data stored on each tool are safe. However, adherence to Twitter’s guidelines while using Tweet Hunter is important to avoid putting your account at risk.

How much does Tweet Hunter cost?

Tweet Hunter offers three main pricing plans:

1. Discover – starts at $49 per month ($36/mo. when billed yearly).
2. Grow (currently at 50% off) – starts at $49 per month ($36/mo. when billed yearly).
3. Enterprise – starts at $200 per month ($167/mo. when billed yearly).

Each plan is eligible for a seven-day free trial for users who want to try out its core features. However, note that Tweet Hunter requires you to enter your payment details before availing of the free trial. Check out Tweet Hunter’s pricing plans here.

Is Tweet Hunter legit?

Yes. Tweet Hunter is a legitimate tool for influencers and brands looking to grow and monetize their Twitter audiences. It gives users access to a massive library of viral tweets for inspiration, tweet scheduling and automation features, and AI-powered features like Twitter CRM, AI-assisted tweet creation, and profile analytics.

What are alternatives to Tweet Hunter?

Some known Tweet Hunter alternatives are Typefully, TweetDeck, HypeFury, and Tweetsy. These tools offer similar features to Tweet Hunter, like tweet scheduling and automation tools, AI-assisted thread creation, and access to detailed analytics about your Twitter profile. They can also manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

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