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For the most part, we found PimEyes to be a robust face search engine for finding images online containing faces using its reverse image search capabilities and other powerful features. It’s a handy tool for known personalities and users who continuously track if their identity online is being used illegally by scammers, identity thieves, and people involved in fraudulent activities.

On the other hand, PimEyes’ Face Search tool notoriously struggles with low-quality images; specifically, users must follow the platform’s photo requirements to have accurate image searches. The platform isn’t affordable either, with its lowest monthly plan starting at $29.99.

PimEyes has been involved in various controversies concerning users' privacy, mainly due to image indexing and continuous face searches for its feature, PimEyes’ Alerts. It can show false positives, leading to unjust accusations against users. The platform also doesn’t have restrictions for users searching for a face that’s not their own, which can be an ethical concern.

Best For

Known personalities, law enforcement, and people monitoring their online presence


Free to $299.99/mo.


Three free daily searches on the Face Search tool

  • The Best
  • Robust facial recognition capabilities
  • Powerful reverse image search feature
  • Offers a free search option
  • The Worst
  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Search accuracy depends on the quality of the reference image

Ease of Use


Value for Money






What is PimEyes?

PimEyes is a powerful online face search engine tool that uses AI, machine learning algorithms, and facial recognition technologies to enable users to find images that contain faces similar to the user’s uploaded photos and where they appear online. It features Deep Search, a premium reverse image search tool, and PimEyes’ Alert, which alerts users for new image search results containing their faces.

what is pimeyes

Is PimEyes Right For You?

We recommend PimEyes for users who fit into these descriptions:

  • You want to check if your face is used in illegal activities like fraud and identity theft.
  • You’re a known personality or influencer who needs to monitor your online presence by setting up Alerts.
  • You want professional assistance placing takedown notices to third-party sites actively using your face.

PimEyes might not be ideal for users that fit in any of the following descriptions:

  • You’re a casual internet user with no uploaded images that contain your face.
  • You’re not actively sharing your photos and activities online, which decreases your chances of identity theft.
  • You don’t need to actively monitor your online presence through AI face recognition tools.

Pros & Cons of PimEyes


Robust facial recognition capabilities

PimEyes uses advanced facial recognition technologies that allow users to conduct image-based searches.

Powerful reverse image search feature

The platform utilizes its massive image index of over 900 million to find photos similar to the user’s uploaded images by comparing key facial traits and features.

Offers a free search option

Users can utilize PimEyes’ Face Search feature for free, with three daily searches. However, they must pay a one-time fee to view an image’s site source.

Track where your photos appear online via PimEyes’ alerts

Premium users can set up Alerts to notify them once their face appears on third-party sites and PimEyes’ public image search.


Expensive pricing plans

PimEyes is one of the most expensive AI face recognition tools compared to competitor software like FaceCheck.ID and TinEye. For instance, you’ll need to pay almost $300 to use Deep Search—a comprehensive feature for face recognition searches.

Search accuracy depends on the quality of the reference image

PimEyes is one of the most expensive AI face recognition tools compared to competitor software like FaceCheck.ID and TinEye. For instance, you’ll need to pay almost $300 to use Deep Search—a comprehensive feature for face recognition searches.

Issues about ethical concerns and potential misuse of the tool

While the platform heavily influences users to use the tool for personal use, it doesn’t have restrictions to prevent that situation from happening, which can be an ethical concern.

What Sets PimEyes Apart

Compared to competitor face search engine tools like FaceCheck.ID, TinEye, and Search4faces, PimEyes has more powerful facial recognition capabilities, with over 900 million indexed images. Its free and premium versions provide the same search results, making it a reliable tool even in its free version. Also, it can let users know if their image is being used online on new search results using PimEyes’ Alerts.

Key Features

As an AI-powered online face search engine tool, PimEyes has various tools for reverse image search and maintaining a user’s online privacy. Here’s a list of PimEyes’ key features:

Face Search

The Face Search tool is one of PimEyes’ main features for finding faces online. After uploading reference images, the tool uses its facial recognition algorithms to find images online—using the platform’s massive image index—that resemble the facial features in the uploaded images. Also, free users are limited to three face searches per day.

For instance, we’ll upload an image of the famous actor Henry Cavill in the tool:

PimEyes offers a face search tool

Once uploaded, you can customize the image search by customizing the search time and toggling Safe Search to avoid explicit content on the results.

After a few seconds, the tool will display all the different times that the uploaded image has been used on various sites, including images that are similar to the uploaded photo:

An example face image result using the PimEyes face search feature

To check a specific photo’s source site, select it and choose Open Site. For free users, however, you’ll need to pay an additional $7.99 to access this feature:

To check for a specific photo, you need to unlock the paid plan

The PimEyes’ Face Search feature provided us with a quick way of finding a face online and its site source using the platform’s reverse image search capabilities. However, it can struggle with low-resolution face images, resulting in false positives; free users must also pay a one-time fee before viewing the source site.

PimEyes’ Alerts

PimEyes’ Alerts is a premium monitoring tool on the platform that lets users set up an Alert. This service saves your uploaded images and uses them on daily searches to find new results that might contain your face.

It works similarly to the Face search tool, except it’s done automatically, and you’re notified each time it finds a new photo with your face. This feature allows users to control their online presence and take appropriate measures once these images are inappropriately used on third-party sites.

While we didn’t have the opportunity to try this feature, we think PimEyes’ Alerts is a great initiative by the platform for users who are constantly monitoring their online presence through preset Alerts.


The PROtect feature is a premium service that allows individuals to remove images that contain their faces on the internet through legal action. Each premium user subscribed to the PROtect plan is entitled to a professional agent who will handle legal measures (e.g., DMCA/GDPR Takedown Notices) on your behalf for taking down your image on source websites.

PimEyes offers a 'Protect' feature

They will also be responsible for updating you on whether the site has removed your image and if their interventions were effective.

We found this premium feature useful since each case is handled by a professional agent, giving users peace of mind. PimEyes’ Agents are responsible for communicating the legal takedown notices and updating the user once their measures are successful.


Besides its free version, PimEyes offers three main pricing plans (20% off when billed annually):

PimEyes pricing plan

Open Plus

The Open Plus is for users who want more significant Face Search limits. The plan starts at $29.99 per month or $300.70/year. It includes up to 25 daily reverse image searches and access to the sources of all results. You can also set up up to three PimEyes’ Alerts and have access to the platform’s dedicated support.


The PROtect plan helps you keep an eye on your online presence. It starts at $39.99 per month or $383.90 per year. With this plan, you get all the features of the Open Plus plan, plus 15 alerts from PimEyes. You also get expert help for reporting and removing images from websites and search results using DMCA/GDPR Takedown Notices.

Prices can vary. The PROtect Plus plan costs $79.98 per month or $767.90 per year. If you need even more support, the PROtect Pro plan is $139.99 per month or $1,343.90 per year. These higher-tier plans offer more time with agents and more options for planned takedowns.


The Advanced plan is for known personalities that actively monitor their online presence. It costs $299.99 per month or $3,004.70/year. The plan includes unlimited daily searches, access to sources of results, and up to 500 PimEyes’ Alerts. The plan features the Deep Search feature for more thorough and accurate reverse image searches in the platform’s index. Users can also export their image search results to PDF or CSV files.

Users can use PimEyes’ Face search tool for free on their official website, with three free daily searches. However, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $14.99 per search to see the source of the photos. Check here to learn more about PimEye’s pricing plans.

Final Thoughts on PimEyes

PimEyes is one of today’s most popular and controversial AI face recognition tools. We liked its Face Search and PROtect features, allowing users to find sites that illegally use their face online and delete them through DMCA and GDPR Takedown Notices imposed by the platform’s professional Agents.

We gave the tool an overall rating of 4.2/5 due to its robust face recognition and reverse image search capabilities. However, we thought the tool was too expensive, especially when users must pay approximately $300 to use Deep Search (PimEyes’ premier reverse image search tool) and have unlimited searches. It’s also involved in controversy, which has led some countries to ban the platform.

Overall, we recommend this tool for users who want to monitor their online presence and avoid unnoticeable online issues like identity theft.

Got Questions?

What is PimEyes?

PimEyes is an advanced online face search engine that utilizes AI, machine learning, and facial recognition technologies to help users find images online that match or resemble their uploaded photos.

How does PimEyes work?

PimEyes scans its vast image index of over 900 million images, using facial recognition algorithms to identify matches or similarities to the user's uploaded photo.

How accurate is PimEyes' Face Search tool?

Based on reviews by the New York Times and the Daily Mail, PimEyes is highly accurate for the face recognition of known celebrities and media journalists. However, only 25 percent of the results were accurate for the average person. Its accuracy can also depend on the quality of the reference image and its features, which are laid out by the platform in detail in this article.

How can I contact PimEyes for support or assistance?

For support or assistance with PimEyes, you can use their contact form on the official website, and their support team typically responds within one working day

What are Alternatives to PimEyes?

Some popular alternatives to PimEyes are FaceCheck.ID, TinEye, Bing Visual Search, and Google Lens. Tools like Bing Visual Search and Google Lens can perform free reverse image searches. While FaceCheck.ID and TinEye are proven face search engine tools that use face recognition algorithms for finding faces and their online sources.

Can I use PimEyes for free?

Yes. All users can access PimEyes’ Face Search tool for free on their official site. However, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $7.99 to check the sources of each photo. If you want more access to the platform’s features, subscribe to one of their paid plans.

Is it legal to use PimEyes for personal use?

Yes, but this topic heavily depends on your location and the purpose of the search. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission in the United States could prevent users from using PimEyes to search for children’s photos to protect a child’s privacy. Moreover, based on PimEyes’ Terms of Service, the tool is intended solely for personal use, which means it’s legal to use PimEyes for yourself as long as your country allows AI face recognition tools.

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