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FaceCheck ID is a new-generation face recognition tool that you can use to know the actual identity of people based on photos. It uses AI and machine learning to check the similarity of the uploaded photo to millions of other images in its database. 

We love the intuitive website interface, which makes running checks easy. Also, reports are automatically deleted after 24 hours, but you can create a permanent link for future reference. You can also contact the team to have your photos removed from the database.

We've awarded FaceCheck ID a 4.5/5 for generating near-accurate reports, even though we experienced a downtime of 7 minutes. You can use it for basic criminal background checks and catfish detection on social media.  Sadly, you cannot download the report, but you can create a permanent link for future reference and sharing by clicking on the link below the report.

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Identity checking



  • The Best
  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Provides an Opt-out option
  • Huge database
  • The Worst
  • Downtime
  • The report cannot be downloaded

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What is FaceCheck ID?

FaceCheck ID is software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It checks your photo or someone’s photo for similarities with other photos posted on social media, pedophile databases, mugshots, news & blogs, videos, and scammer databases. 

facecheck id review

Please note that FaceCheck ID does not have a mobile app. There is a scammer app on Google Play with the same name, and we have confirmed with FaceCheck ID that they are taking active actions to take it down.

We tested the software to determine its usability, credibility, and how it compares with its competitors like PimEyes. The key aspects we focussed on are:

  • Usability
  • Privacy and safety
  • Accuracy
  • Pricing

Is FaceCheck ID Right for You?

We recommend FaceCheck ID if you are looking for face recognition software that can do the following:

  • Protect your family from criminals by revealing the true identity of the people you/they interact with
  • Check someone’s credibility before meeting them
  • Determine whether a social media profile is real 
  • Protect you from con artists
  • Conduct a criminal background check

FaceCheck ID is not ideal for you if:

  • Want a report that you can download 
  • Want a report that is 100% accurate
  • Want data from classified government databases

FaceCheck ID's Main Features

FaceCheck ID is simple yet powerful face recognition software. Here are the main features.

Powerful Facial Recognition Technology

FaceCheck ID is powered by AI facial recognition technology. It uses these two technologies to scour the internet for photos similar to the uploaded image by looking at facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, skin color, and more. 

Huge Database of Human Images

The database has millions of images from multiple sources such as social media platforms, news websites, blogs, and sex offenders and scammers databases. It uses machine learning, and the database is continuously updated. 


The FaceCheck ID website is designed with the users' needs in mind. It's utterly easy to use, and no prior experience is required. You only need to upload a photo of the person you want to do a background check on, agree to the terms, and click the search button to start the process.

Privacy and Security Features

FaceCheck ID is keen on protecting its user's data. You can check whether your photos are in the database and request removal by contacting the support team through the website. 

Once you complete a check, the uploaded photo and the report are not indexed. They are deleted automatically after 24 hours. It also doesn’t record IP addresses and only uses photos uploaded online and publicly available to generate the report. 

Pros & Cons of FaceCheck ID

Like other AI tools, FaceCheck ID could be better.


Easy to use

Anyone with basic computer skills can upload a photo on the website and run a check in seconds.

Huge database of images

It's connected to a vast database of images collected from multiple online sources. The database has millions of pictures, and this helps it generate detailed reports of similar pictures found online.

Opt-out option

You can request your photos be permanently deleted from its database by selecting them from the report and submitting a photo of your ID or passport. Alternatively, you can upload a selfie with two fingers on your chin for verification instead of an ID/Passport photo. 



You may have to wait up to ten minutes for your photo to be scanned. The downtime depends on the number of users using the website.

No report download option

Surprisingly, FaceCheck ID doesn’t allow users to download the generated report. You can only create a permanent link by clicking on the link in the report. Its competitors, such as PimEyes, allow users to export the report as a PDF or CSV file.

Getting Started with FaceCheck ID 

As mentioned, you don’t need special skills or experience to use FaceCheck ID. Here is a three-step guide to using FaceCheck ID. 

Step 1: Visit the Website (https://facecheck.id/)

Visit https://facecheck.id/ to start the process. 

Visiting FaceCheck ID

Step 2: Upload a Photo

Return to the homepage and click the "Browse" button to select an image from your computer. 

Selecting an image

Accept the Terms of Use and complete the Captcha check to confirm that you're human, then click on the "Search Internet By Face" button. 

Accepting the terms

Depending on the number of people using the platform, you may have to wait in line for several minutes. 

Waiting in line

We waited seven minutes for our turn, and when it finally arrived, the software swiftly generated the report in just 19.2 seconds.

Step 3: Results

Once the check is complete, FaceCheck ID will generate a report. Each photo in the report has an accuracy score between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the higher the resemblance to the photo you uploaded.

Checking results

For example, a quality score of 100 means the photo matched completely with your uploaded picture.  Here are the four main accuracy score levels:

  • 90 – 100 = Certain match
  • 83 – 89 = Confident Match
  • 70 – 82 Uncertain Match
  • 50 -69 Weak Match

The search report is deleted after 24 hours, but you can create a permanent link for future reference by clicking on the link below the report. 

Creating a permanent link

The website recommends uploading a quality photo that shows all the facial features to get the best results. For even better results, upload more than one photo, but make sure the photos are of the same person. 

How Does FaceCheck ID Compare With PimEyes?

FaceCheck ID is better and more efficient than PimEyes.  Here is why we think it’s better. For more context, please also read our PimEyes review.

Provides Image MetaData

PimEyes provides metadata, but you must pay for a subscription to access this information. 

PimEyes plan

However, FaceCheck ID provides users free access to standard image metadata. In the screenshot below, you can see the sites where the photo was found. 

FaceCheck ID showing image metadata

You can visit the webpage that has the photo by hovering your mouse on the icon above the photo and clicking. Read the disclaimer and click “I Understand” to be redirected to the website page or social media platform.

FaceCheck ID disclaimer


FaceCheck ID is free, allowing users to do reverse image searches without paying a penny. There is also no limit on the number of searches you can do daily. 

On the other hand, PimEyes discourages users from using photos that belong to others. It's against their terms and conditions.  You can only use the tool to discover copyright infringement of your photos. Also, you have to pay for this to do a reverse search image. 

PimEyes free plan only allows users to do 20 searches. After that, you will be prompted to subscribe to one of their three plans.

  • OpenPlus 
  • PROtect
  • Advanced

Provides Detailed Reports

The report generated by PimEyes has few results compared to the FaceCheck ID. This is because it does a basic search, and you must subscribe to do a deep search and get a detailed report. 

We uploaded a photo to PimEyes and searched; the report had only nine images.

PimEyes reports

We uploaded the same photo to FaceCheck ID; the report had a whooping 48 images. 

FaceCheck ID reports

Simple Opt-Out Process

You can request the platform to remove your photos from their database using this form.

FaceCheck ID Opt-Out process

As shown in the screenshot above, the requirements are simple. You don’t have to upload your ID or Passport photo. Instead, you can upload a selfie with two fingers touching your chin for verification. 

However, PimEyes unnecessarily complicates the process by making it mandatory for users to upload a photo of their ID or passport. You must also provide your email address to receive the confirmation letter. 

PimEyes requiring ID to opt out

We believe the FaceCheck ID opt-up process is more user-friendly than PimEyes’s. 

On FaceCheck ID, select your images from the report, click “Remove Image,” and submit your ID/Passport photo or selfie to start the removal process. 

FaceCheck ID removing image process

The images will be deleted from the FaceCheck database within 1 and 5 business days. 

Accuracy Levels

FaceCheck ID goes the extra mile to generate a report and assign a similarity or match score to each photo from 0-100. This metric comes in handy when selecting which photos to submit for removal.

FaceCheck ID showing accuracy score

PimEyes doesn’t assign a similarity score to the photos. It’s up to you to decide how similar your photo is to the pictures in the results for opt-out submission. 


FaceCheck ID is an advanced face recognition software that uses AI and machine learning to run background checks using photos. You can request that the company delete your pictures from the database. 

Adding more features, such as downloading and sharing the report, will make it more efficient and functional.


What is FaceCheck ID?

FaceCheck ID is a face recognition tool that uses AI and machine learning to compare a photo you upload with millions of other images online. It's useful for identity checks, criminal background checks, and detecting fake social media profiles.

How does FaceCheck ID work?

You upload a photo, agree to the terms, and click the search button. The software scans its vast database and generates a report showing similar images found online. Each photo in the report has an accuracy score between 0 and 100, indicating how closely it matches the uploaded image.

How secure is FaceCheck ID?

The platform takes user privacy seriously. Your uploaded photo and the generated report are deleted after 24 hours. You can also request to have your photos removed from their database.

Can I download the report?

No, you can't download the report. However, you can create a permanent link for future reference.

How does FaceCheck ID compare with PimEyes?

FaceCheck ID offers more features for free and has a simpler opt-out process. While PimEyes provides fewer results and requires payment for detailed reports, FaceCheck ID gives you more comprehensive results without any cost.

Can I use FaceCheck ID for criminal background checks?

Yes, you can use it for basic criminal background checks, but it's not 100% accurate and should not replace official background checks.

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