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For the most part, we liked DragGAN AI’s interactive and easy-to-use photo editing interface. It allows users to plot several Handle and Target points on the photo to readjust specific features, like eyes, arms, etc. It’s also free and does photo editing in seconds, making it a superb tool for experienced and newbie photo editors, designers, and hobbyists.

However, DragGAN AI is still new and under development; it has a raw user interface and may need technical expertise, especially on tasks like image masking. It isn't downloadable yet and is only available on demo. It also has limited photo customization features compared to other AI-powered photo editing software, like Prisma and Artisto.

Best For

Photo editors and AI image editing hobbyists



  • The Best
  • Free and open-source
  • User-friendly
  • Interactive point-based editing using AI
  • Can be used on demo via Hugging Face Spaces
  • The Worst
  • The tool is new and still under development
  • Lacks advanced photo customization options

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What is DragGAN AI?

DragGAN AI is a new, AI-driven photo editing innovation that stands for “Drag-based Generative Adversarial Network” and can interactively adjust images, much like pulling on points in the image to move them precisely where you want. The tool is still being developed; users can access its code via GitHub or its demo version on Hugging Face Spaces.

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Is DragGAN AI Right for You?

We recommend DragGAN AI if:

  • You want an unconventional AI photo editing tool that uses point-based editing.
  • You’re an AI image editing hobbyist who wants to experiment with new editing technology.

DragGAN AI is not suitable for users who:

  • You want more control over the photo editing process than using AI.
  • You need a proven and offline-capable photo editing tool for your projects.
  • You’re a professional photo editor who needs a comprehensive photo editing and customization tool.

Pros & Cons of DragGAN AI


Free and open-source software

DragGAN AI is a free and open-source tool that users can access through its demo on Hugging Face Spaces. Its code is also available on GitHub.


While DragGAN AI has a raw interface, it’s still user-friendly and only requires its users a few steps to edit specific features on a photo.

Interactive point-based editing using AI

As a point-based editing tool, users will need to place Handle (red) and Target (blue) points on specific features on the photo that they want the AI to move or adjust.


The tool is still new and under development

Users may experience a raw-looking user interface on its demo version since it's still under development. The tool doesn’t support photo uploads yet.

Limited to editing images with rigid structures

DragGAN AI’s training data is still limited, meaning it may still struggle to edit features on a photo with rigid structures.

Lacks advanced photo customization options

As an AI photo editing platform, DragGAN AI lacks photo customization options, like image resizing, adjusting the color and contrast of the photo, etc.

What Sets DragGAN AI Apart

Unlike conventional photo editing tools, DragGAN AI has a more straightforward point-based editing technique that allows anyone to edit features on a face or object based on their input. It uses a robust network architecture and AI to edit images interactively. However, this tool is still under development and can only be accessed on its demo version.

Key Features

DragGAN AI has a simple user interface with four main groups: Pretrained Model (you can choose between two AI models), Latent (movement of Handle and Target points), Drag (controls when you can add the points and start the AI editing process) and Mask (for image masking):

DragGan AI key features setting page

After clicking Add Points, the tool will show a demo image where you can try its capabilities. You can add points to any feature on the image that you want to readjust or move. For instance, we’ll move the hands of the woman further away from its hips by plotting points on both hands:

Example image showing DragGan AI's 'Add Points' tool

Remember that the first point you’ll create will be the Handle point (red dot), and then it will be connected to the second point you’ll plot, the Target point (blue dot). Select Start to begin the editing process.

After a few seconds, the tool generated this image:

Result image after applying the 'Add Points' tool

The AI successfully adjusted the right hand’s position but was unsuccessful in moving the other hand to the Target point. It also did not completely generate the image of the hand and arm.

Overall, we found DragGAN AI easy and fun to use. However, it might need technical expertise for its other features, like image masking. It’s still under development and doesn’t support photo uploads on its demo version.


DragGAN AI is a free and open-source software for users who want to experiment with AI-powered point-based editing. Currently, users can only use its demo version through Hugging Face Spaces. The tool’s developers have yet to release an official downloadable version of DragGAN AI.

Final Thoughts on DragGAN AI

DragGAN AI is a point-based photo editing tool powered by GAN deep learning neural networks. It allows users to interactively edit features on photos through plotting Handle and Target points, which the AI adjusts. It’s free and open-source, allowing them to utilize the platform on its web demo version.

We gave DragGAN AI an overall rating of 3.5/5 due to its user-friendliness and interactive photo editing style. However, since the tool is still in its early stages, its user interface looks raw, and features like image masking may require technical expertise. Its developers are still working on an official version of the tool.

Overall, we recommend this tool for AI image editing hobbyists wanting to experiment with a point-based editing tool.

Got Questions?

Is DragGAN AI free?

Yes. DragGAN AI is a free and open-source AI image editing software. However, you can only use its demo version since the tool is still under development.

What is DragGAN AI used for?

Users can utilize DragGAN AI for various image editing tasks, like reshaping or dragging elements in an image and manipulating face expressions and body poses. Users can also use it on multiple categories besides people, like animals, cars, landscapes, and more.

Is DragGAN AI suitable for beginners?

Yes. DragGAN AI aims to give everyone equal access to AI-driven image editing, regardless of their technical expertise. Its intuitive, point-based editing capabilities enable users to precisely transform features on an image in a few seconds. The tool is also free and open-source; however, it’s still under development.

Can DragGAN AI be used offline?

No. Since DragGAN AI is a web-based tool, it requires an internet connection for its features to work.

What are alternatives to DragGAN AI?

Some known alternatives to DragGAN AI include Artisto, DeepArt.io, and Prisma. While these tools don’t have similar capabilities as DragGAN AI, users can use them for AI-assisted video and image editing tasks. All apps have free versions and can be accessed on your phone (Prisma).

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