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Based on our in-depth Mixo review shows that it is a superb AI website launcher ideal for growing businesses and startups. It’s an easy-to-use platform and requires no coding, enabling non-tech-savvy users to build their site for product launches, beta programs, and more. 

On its free version, the platform can quickly create customizable websites, provide an SSL certificate for your site, and even host your site via Mixo’s servers once you publish it. However, it lacks advanced website customization features, like adding designs and app integrations.

Best For

Startups and SMBs


Free to $39/mo.


Annual billing (20% off)

  • The Best
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick AI-driven Website Builder
  • Allows website customization
  • Offers subscriber acquisition and feedback tools
  • The Worst
  • Limited app integrations
  • Lacks advanced website creation features

Ease of Use


Value for Money






What is Mixo?

Mixo is an AI-driven website builder for your solo entrepreneurs and growing businesses. It offers quick website launching, landing page creation, and customer feedback tools (email and survey forms) for businesses that want to gain insights about their new product. They also provide SSL certificates on all generated sites and site hosting services.

Is Mixo Right For You?

We recommend Mixo for your projects if you need the following:

  • You need fast landing page creation with the help of AI.
  • You want to create a site without needing to code or input designs.
  • You want to create multiple site pages with simple, AI-generated designs.
  • You need subscriber management and customer feedback tools for your site.

Mixo may not be suitable for users who:

  • You want to launch your own site manually and have the technical skills.
  • You want to have more control over designs of your site.
  • You want advanced site functionalities and integrations that Mixo cannot provide.

Pros & Cons of Mixo


Quick AI-driven website builder

Mixo can build a well-designed landing page in a few minutes with AI using a detailed prompt or description of your site. 


Mixo’s site creation, customization, and subscriber management tools are easy to use, allowing non-techy users to create their sites efficiently.

Allows website customization

While AI initially generates all site designs, users can customize elements on the homepage, the site’s SEO title, and meta description.

Free SSL certificate for all generated sites

Mixo grants free SSL certificates for all generated sites—even for free users. This keeps user data secure and verifies site ownership.

SEO-friendly Site for all devices

Mixo’s AI-generated sites are considered SEO-friendly for desktop and mobile platforms.

Offers subscriber acquisition and feedback tools

Mixo allows users to create a landing page with signup and survey forms to get business insights directly from users about their new product.


Limited app integrations

Compared to other AI-powered website builders like Unbounce and LeadPages, Mixo has only limited app integrations.

Lacks advanced website creation features

Since Mixo is primarily designed to create simple landing pages, it lacks tools for advanced website creation.

What Sets Mixo Apart

Compared to its competitor AI website builders like Unbounce, Launchrock, and LeadPages, Mixo can quickly produce your website using AI. It’s also extremely user-friendly since it requires no technical skills for website creation, like coding and design. However, Mixo lacks advanced site-building features, like a drag-and-drop interface and integration with e-commerce platforms.

Key Features

As an all-in-one AI website builder, here are Mixo’s best features:

AI-powered Website Creation

Mixo uses AI and NLP algorithms to generate your website using your startup idea or product. After a few minutes, the tool will preview the AI-generated landing page. For instance, we’ll create a website about a food and dining website with monthly newsletters:

mixo website landing page

The generated site will feature testimonials, relevant images, and a signup form on the landing page. Your site will also have an SSL certificate for security and will be hosted by Mixo’s Global Content Network servers:

AI-generated site page example

We liked this tool’s ability to generate a well-designed site using AI in a matter of minutes. Mixo provides SSL certificates and site hosting for its generated websites, even on its trial version.

Pages and Site Settings

Once you’ve saved the site, you can now customize its landing page using the Pages tool; you can change the elements (title, images, ratings, and reviews), add relevant keywords on the hero section to make it more SEO-friendly, and set up a signup form to gain leads and feedback from customers:

Use Mixo for website landing page settings

You can customize the site’s name, SEO title, and meta description on the Site Settings tool: 

Customize the site's name page

To integrate your Meta Pixel ID, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager account, select the Integrations tab:

The Integrations tab page on Mixo

Mixo also supports adding AI-generated pages to your site like an About Us page, Product Page, Pricing Page, and more: 

Add AI-generated pages to your website using Mixo

Once you’re finished customizing your site’s homepage, select Save to save all changes or Publish to make your site live. However, you must subscribe to Mixo’s Growth Site or Premium site plan to publish a site with multiple pages.

We liked this tool since it enables users to personalize various elements in their site. It’s user-friendly and allows you to get leads through signup forms. However, the feature would have been better if it supported more integrations.

Dashboard and Subscriber Management

Mixo’s dashboard will show you your created sites and their thumbnail. It also displays your recent subscribers, which you can download and export to other marketing tools to send personalized promotions and offers.

Dashboard and subscriber management page

We found this feature excellent since it allows users to export their subscribers to other CRM, marketing, and subscriber management platforms.


Mixo offers three pricing plans, each with increasing website pages and AI support:

mixo pricing plan

Basic Site

The Basic Site plan is ideal for startups and businesses needing only a single-page site. It starts at $9 per month or $7/mo. for annual billing. The plan offers website creation tools for a single-page website, site hosting, a customizable URL, and an SSL certificate.

Growth Site

The Growth Site plan is suited for small and mid-sized businesses. It costs $19 per month or $17/mo. when billed annually. The plan offers all features from the Basic Site plan, including AI-powered website creation for a 5-page site.

Premium Site

The Premium Site plan is ideal for large businesses that need multiple site pages. It starts at $39 per month or $29/mo. for annual billing. The plan includes all features on the Growth Site plan, supporting website creation of up to 50 pages and faster AI page generation.

Users signed up to Mixo can try the platform’s core features for free, including publishing your site to their servers. However, you can subscribe to a paid plan to customize your URL or publish sites with multiple pages. Mixo offers a seven-day free trial for all plans above.

Final Thoughts on Mixo

Mixo is a user-friendly AI website builder for creating landing pages and sites with simple functionalities. We liked its capability of creating a site within a few minutes using a detailed prompt. It also allows users to customize the site’s various elements, including its SEO title, meta descriptions, hero section, and more.

We gave it a 4.5/5 because of its ease of use, AI-assisted site creation, customer feedback, and subscriber management tools. However, it lacks tools for advanced site creation and app integrations.

We highly recommend this tool for businesses and startups that run beta testing for their software or pre-launch their products.

Got Questions?

What is Mixo used for?

Mixo is an AI-driven website builder for quick website creation. It’s used by solo entrepreneurs and growing businesses to test their business ideas and run beta testing for software programs and pre-launch products.

Is Mixo AI free?

Yes. Mixo offers a free plan for users who want to try out the platform’s core features, including access to their AI-powered site creator, customization to the site’s settings and pages, and publishing to Mixo’s servers. However, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan to customize your URL or publish sites with more than one page.

What are some alternatives to Mixo?

Some popular Mixo alternatives are Unbounce, LeadPages, Launchrock, and Strikingly. These site launchers are easy to use and require no coding, making them an excellent choice for non-tech-savvy users. They offer more professional-looking templates for your landing page and have drag-and-drop builders for site creation. 

Can users customize the content generated by Mixo AI?

Yes. Users can change the AI-generated content on the site through the Pages tool, like content on the hero and features section, testimonials, and more. They can also change the site image, SEO title, and meta description using the Site Settings tool.

Can Mixo AI be used for e-commerce sites?

No. Mixo isn’t compatible with e-commerce sites since it doesn’t have payment processing capabilities and other key features for e-commerce. However, you can look into e-commerce site builders like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix. These platforms offer features like online store creation, product listing, payment processing, and more.

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