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Our GPTGO review shows that it is a free and powerful search engine tool, combining a paid version of ChatGPT and Google Search API for generating detailed and up-to-date answers on various topics. It’s completely free, easy to use, and doesn’t track user information, making it a dependable tool for students, researchers, and casual users.

It doesn’t have many downsides besides it being a new search engine tool and its difficulty in finding answers that concern real-time data, like forex, weather information, etc.

Best For

Students, research professionals, and users finding a Google alternative



Mobile App


  • The Best
  • Completely free search engine
  • Easy-to-use
  • Uses Google Search API and a paid version of ChatGPT
  • Maintains users’ anonymity by not storing search data
  • Supports over 50 languages
  • The Worst
  • Cannot generate responses for lesser-known queries or real-time data
  • Advertising affecting user experiences

Ease of Use


Answer Quality






What is GPTGO?

GPTGO is a free search engine that combines Google search capabilities and AI-generated responses of ChatGPT to give users precise and relevant search information. It features Ask GPT (directly uses ChatGPT for responses) and Search & Ask GPT, which uses Google Search API and ChatGPT to provide relevant and accurate answers. Its mobile app, Go AI/Chat AI, is free on Android and iOS devices.

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Is GPTGO Right for You?

We recommend GPTGO for users that fit the following descriptions:

  • You need to search for information quickly using Google search and ChatGPT.
  • You want a search engine that keeps your search data anonymous.
  • You want to use a paid version of ChatGPT for your queries.

GPTGO might not be ideal for users who:

  • Are not open to using ChatGPT as a reliable source of information.
  • Have queries concerning real-time data (e.g., current forex rates, stock market data, etc.).

Pros & Cons of GPTGO


Completely free AI-powered search engine

GPTGO is an entirely free search engine powered by a paid version of ChatGPT Google Search API, letting users find relevant answers about various topics using AI.


GPTGO is an easy-to-use tool that you can utilize similarly to Google; it can generate answers based on normal search queries and even display image results.

Uses Google search API and ChatGPT to provide accurate answers

The platform can provide versatile answers using ChatGPT’s training data and Google Search API to consider various web search results.

Maintains users’ anonymity by not storing search data

Unlike popular search engines like Google, GPTGO keeps its users anonymous by not storing their search data.

Supports over 50 languages

The tool can generate answers in over 50 languages, such as French, English, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and more.

Mobile app available

GPTGO has a mobile app for Android (Go AI) and iOS (Chat AI) that’s free to download.


Cannot generate responses for real-time or lesser-known queries

Since ChatGPT relies on its training data, it cannot generate accurate answers for newer topics, like features on a new AI tool. It can also struggle with real-time queries, like knowing the weather today, forex data, etc.

Advertising affecting user experiences

GPTGo relies on advertising to support its business, but the many ads on the sites would delay results and affect user experiences

What Sets GPTGO Apart

Compared to other AI-powered search engine tools that use OpenAI’s ChatGPT, GPTGO is a free tool that’s user-friendly and provides insightful responses to various user queries. It allows users to find answers using ChatGPT or a combination of Google’s search results and ChatGPT for more refined and up-to-date responses. The tool also doesn’t store search data and doesn’t require any sign-ups, making its users virtually anonymous and safe.

Key Features

GPTGO’s main feature is its search engine tool; users can type in their desired search query and select from two main search options: Ask GPT and Search and Ask GPT. As mentioned, Ask GPT gets its responses directly using the tool’s built-in ChatGPT feature. For instance, we’ll ask the tool the question what is science?” using the Ask GPT option:

GPTGO web landing page

After a few seconds, it will generate an answer using ChatGPT, which you can copy or enhance by clicking Search & Ask GPT:

The GPTGO 'search and ask' function generates text using ChatGPT

To compare, we’ll use the same question, but for the Search & Ask GPT function, which fetches a response from Google search and enhances it using ChatGPT:

GPTGO review on 'search and ask GPT' function

It shows a different answer from earlier since it considers results from Google. The interface also shows indexed web and image results from the platform. To get a response in a different language, select the Output Language menu and choose your desired language.

We liked the tool’s versatility of giving answers using a paid version of ChatGPT and Google Search API. While both provided relevant answers, we liked the Search & Ask GPT feature since it considers indexed web results from Google. However, it can struggle with queries about real-time data, like weather information, forex, stock exchange, etc.


GPTGO is a free search engine tool that you can use on its official site, making it an ideal tool for students, researchers, and casual internet users who need AI search capabilities. You can also download its mobile app, Go AI/Chat AI, for free on your Android or iOS device.

Final Thoughts on GPTGO

GPTGO is an impressive search engine tool that uses ChatGPT and Google Search API capabilities to provide relevant and accurate responses to various user queries. We liked its simple user interface and the two main search features (Ask GPT and Search & Ask GPT), which give users variety when finding answers to their questions.

We gave the tool a high overall rating of 4.8/5 since it was free, easy to use, and an excellent alternative for search engines like Google because it doesn’t track search data. However, Google still excels in generating answers that concern real-time information—a feature that GPTGO lacks.

Overall, we highly recommend this tool for students, researchers, educators, and users who are looking for an alternative for Google.

Got Questions?

What is GPTGO?

GPTGO is a free and easy-to-use search engine that uses Google Search API and ChatGPT to provide accurate and relevant answers to users’ queries. It has two main features: Ask GPT (direct answer from ChatGPT) and Search & Ask GPT, which uses Google Search API to search for up-to-date answers and ChatGPT to enrich the response using AI. It also shows relevant search and image results for the query.

Is GPTGO safe?

Yes. According to its official site, GPTGO doesn’t track user information, unlike popular search engines like Google and Bing. It keeps its users virtually anonymous since it doesn’t require them to sign up and input personal information like emails, mobile numbers, etc.

Can I use GPTGO for free?

Yes. GPTGO is an entirely free AI-powered search engine tool you can access on its official site.

What are alternatives to GPTGO?

Some popular GPTGO alternatives are Perplexity AI, NoowAI, Character.AI, Bard, and PoeAI. These tools can search for the most relevant and accurate answers to user queries. Some tools also offer more automation and content creation features. However, the most similar alternative to GPTGO is Perplexity AI, which uses similar capabilities to the platform (ChatGPT and Google search).

Can I use GPTGO on mobile?

Yes. You can use GPTGO on your smartphone by downloading its app, Go AI in iOS, or Chat AI in Android. It has similar features as the GPTGO, except for multilingual support in its responses. It’s available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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