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Based on our FreedomGPT review, the tool is impressive in giving censor-free and unbiased answers to various topics. It’s a new, open-source AI chatbot that offers two main AI types: Edge AI (Liberty and Scarlett AI) and Cloud AI (ChatGPT-3.5). FreedomGPT works best when run locally on the user’s computer to maximize user privacy.

However, it has notoriously slow response times, which can be a huge downside for writers who use AI for productivity. Its web version is almost always offline, so users will likely need to install its desktop client. It has also been dubbed as a controversial AI tool by many users due to the unfiltered nature of its answers, which can be offensive at times.

Best For

Writers and casual AI chatbot hobbyists



  • The Best
  • Open-source and free software
  • User-friendly
  • Gives uncensored and unbiased answers
  • Doesn’t track user data
  • The Worst
  • The web version is always offline
  • Slow response times on the desktop version
  • Can generate unregulated and offensive responses

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Answer Quality






What is FreedomGPT?

FreedomGPT is a free and open-source AI chatbot that prioritizes private and uncensored responses with its users. While it has a web version, it encourages users to download the FreedomGPT client for complete privacy and security by running the tool locally on their computer. The chatbot has also faced controversy for giving offensive and inaccurate responses to its users’ queries.


Is FreedomGPT Right for You?

We recommend FreedomGPT if you fit the following descriptions:

  • You want to experiment with a free and open-source AI chatbot.
  • You want an offline-capable AI chatbot that doesn’t track user data.
  • You want an AI chatbot that gives censor-free and unbiased responses.

FreedomGPT might not be ideal for you when:

  • You need an AI chatbot that can provide concise answers quickly.
  • You’re using AI chatbots for productivity and professional work.
  • You prefer AI chatbots that have safeguards against offensive or sensitive content.
  • You prefer using AI chatbots that can answer a diverse amount of queries.

Pros & Cons of FreedomGPT


Open-source and free software

FreedomGPT is a free and open-source project that uses large language models (LLMs) based on Alpaca and LLaMA models by Stanford University.


FreedomGPT’s desktop client is easy to use, where users will only need to download their desired AI model and use it for various AI prompts similar to ChatGPT.

Offline-capable and doesn’t track user data

Besides its web version, users can run FreedomGPT on their computer while offline. Also, since it runs locally on the user’s computer, the program cannot track user data.

Gives uncensored and unbiased responses

The platform aims to provide censor-free and unbiased answers to users, giving them different perspectives and ideas about a certain topic.

Can be used for content creation, language translation, and more

Users can utilize FreedomGPT as a ChatGPT alternative for content creation, language translation, marketing tasks, and more.


The web version is constantly offline

Based on our experience, the platform’s web version is unusable—a massive downside for users who prefer using the tool online.

Slow response times on the desktop version

After trying out FreedomGPT’s Liberty AI model from its desktop client, we had to wait more than 20 minutes for a complete response—a huge difference from ChatGPT.

Can generate unregulated and offensive responses

While the platform promotes free speech through censor-free responses, it can sometimes give sensitive and offensive answers, which makes it inadvisable for younger users.

What Sets FreedomGPT Apart

Compared to free AI chatbots like Bard, ChatFlash, and ChatGPT’s free version, FreedomGPT is free and open-source software that you can use online (via their site) or offline through its desktop client. Unlike most AI tools, the tool provides uncensored and unbiased answers on its offline version, with safety measures to prevent generating offensive or harmful content. It also doesn’t track user data and maintains total privacy for all users.

Contrary to its name, FreedomGPT mainly uses Alpaca and LLaMA large language models on its main AI models instead of GPT technology to provide human-like answers. However, users can access ChatGPT-3.5 via the Cloud AI feature on its desktop client.

Key Features

FreedomGPT has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. After installing the desktop client, you’ll need to download content from the AI model you’d like to use from the AI Cortex interface. In this example, we’ll use Liberty, which takes up about 5 GB of memory:

FreedomGPT homepage

Once downloaded, you can use it to get unfiltered answers to your queries, including questions that are considered controversial or sensitive. For instance, we’ll ask the question, “How do I overthrow an authoritarian government?” on the tool:

FreedomGPT liberty interface page

After nearly twenty minutes, Liberty shows a detailed response to the controversial query:

FreedomGPT example answer

Next, we’ll ask Liberty, “How can I rob a bank with fully armed security? "

FreedomGPT follow up question

After thirty minutes, Liberty generates a comprehensive response:

FreedomGPT answer to follow-up question

To copy the answer, click the Copy icon on the top-right.

Besides Liberty, you can also use Scarlett AI, but you’ll need to download it first. FreedomGPT also has a Voice-to-Text AI feature, which is still under development. To delete your AI conversations, select Clear Conversations on the left dashboard:

FreedomGPT menu with Clear conversations option

We found FreedomGPT’s desktop client user-friendly; after downloading its primary AI model, Liberty, it was ready to be used. However, one huge downside was its slow response time, which took us a minimum of 20 minutes before it provided a complete response.


FreedomGPT is entirely free for everyone to use on its official site. However, users are highly recommended to use its desktop client version—available for Windows and Mac OS users—since its web client is constantly offline.

Final Thoughts on FreedomGPT

We liked FreedomGPT’s initiative to develop an AI chatbot platform that gives censor-free and unbiased responses. It keeps its users anonymous by not tracking user data and AI conversations. It’s also free and open-source, allowing users to customize the platform according to their use case.

We gave FreedomGPT an overall rating of 3.6/5 due to its ease of use and accessibility even offline. However, we experienced slow response times and occasional bugs when we used its desktop version. It also has limited training data compared to ChatGPT, making it more suitable for casual and experimental use than a productivity tool.

We recommend this tool for users wanting to use AI to experiment with various prompts censored in ChatGPT and other AI chatbot platforms.

Got Questions?

Is FreedomGPT completely free?

Yes. FreedomGPT is an open-source AI chatbot that you can use online through its web version or offline via its downloadable desktop client.

How does FreedomGPT work?

The tool uses an LLM built using Stanford’s Alpaca and LLaMA open-source language and developed by CellStrat AI Research Lab. It uses deep learning algorithms and massive training data on its main Edge AI models, Liberty and Scarlett, to generate human-like responses to users’ queries. Due to its aim of censor-free AI, FreedomGPT can provide unfiltered and unbiased answers.

Is FreedomGPT safe to download?

Yes. Its desktop client is free for Windows and Mac OS users. However, depending on your computer’s limitations, you may experience slow response times. 

Is FreedomGPT as good as ChatGPT?

No. Compared to FreedomGPT, ChatGPT is based on OpenAI’s GPT language model, which is trained with more significant amounts of data and is well-suited for new users since it has features for content moderation. ChatGPT is also more likely to provide accurate and factual responses, unlike FreedomGPT, which is a new AI chatbot with limited training data. 

On the other hand, FreedomGPT excels in providing a more secure and private user experience than most AI chatbots since it doesn’t track user data. Users can still access ChatGPT-3.5 on FreedomAI’s desktop client through Cloud AI.

What are the benefits of using FreedomGPT?

FreedomGPT can provide censor-free and unbiased responses to users’ queries, which allows for the free expression of thoughts and ideas. It’s a free and open-source software and gives a more secure user experience since it doesn’t track user data and grants complete privacy. Also, users can download its desktop client since it's offline-capable.

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