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We had a positive experience using Easil and would happily recommend this design tool as an alternative to Canva. We appreciated how easy the tool is for non-designers. You don’t need any experience to create professional-quality social media posts, ads, or even live streams complete with professional-style overlays. 

The Easil editor was also incredibly easy to use, even for a beginner. The Grid Snap, which you can turn on or off, helps ensure precise element placement within a pre-defined grid. For pro designers, the ruler provides even more precise placement, allowing you to measure distances and ensure exact alignment between elements. 

We rated Easil 4.7/5 for its modern high-quality templates, ease of use, and the diversity of designs you can create. Overall, we had very few complaints about this design tool besides that it doesn't support social sharing. 

Best For

Mixed teams with professional designers and non-designers


Start at $7.50mo. or $6.25/mo. billed annually

Free Plan

Limited free-forever plan available

  • Pros
  • Easy to use for non-designers
  • Generous free trial
  • High-quality templates
  • Robust team features
  • Cons
  • No social sharing
  • No integrations

Ease of Use


Template Quality


Design Variety




What Is Easil 

Easil is a do-it-yourself (DIY) design tool that helps people with varying design experiences create professional and polished graphics. This graphic design tool features a drag-and-drop interface that enables users to produce high-quality, on-brand marketing materials.

easil review

The platform offers numerous high-quality templates across various categories, including Social Media, Branding, Marketing, and many more. So whether you want to create a professional-quality flyer, Facebook ad, or media kit, Easil lets you do it with no design skills required. 

Easil’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize your designs. It offers helpful features like rulers and grid snaps to help position elements precisely. The platform also gives you access to the Pexels library, with over three million high-quality stock photos and videos. You can also customize individual elements in your designs, including videos and images, graphics, text, and more to create personalized designs. 

Other Easil features include an image background remover, brand kits, and control of how your team accesses and edits custom designs. 

Is Easil Right For You? 

We recommend Easil for the following types of users: 

  • You have mixed teams of designers and non-designers 
  • You want to quickly create branded designs like social media posts, ads, and banners
  • You’re looking for different and more modern designs than Canva offers
  • You want to create professional-quality designs with zero technical skills or experience

However, Easil might not be the first choice for the following types of users

  • You need advanced editing options like Photoshop offers 
  • You want AI features like an image generator 

Pros & Cons of Easil 


Easy to use for non-designers

Easil sports intuitive workflows that make it easy for non-designers to create projects. The main tools are readily available on the dashboard while the professional templates require minimal editing to be publish-ready.

Generous free trial

The platform offers a generous 30-day free trial of the Plus plan, which offers all the platform’s main features. There’s also a free-forever plan with limited features when you exhaust the free trial.

High-quality templates

Easil offers modern, sleek, and high-quality templates. The available templates are carefully curated to give you the best aesthetics. You can also customize the templates to create personalized designs.

Robust team features

Easil offers robust team features including branding controls to restrict who can edit templates, a brand kit for storing your brand assets in one place, inviting team members to collaborate on drafts, and many more team features.


No social sharing

You can’t post directly to social media from the Easil platform. The tool also doesn’t support post-scheduling. Some alternatives like Snappa have this capability.

No integrations

Easil doesn’t integrate natively with your other tools, including Google Drive, Google Sheets, Shopify, and other platforms.

Getting Started With Easil 

To get started with Easil, visit about.easil.com and click “Start Now — It’s Free.” 

Easil website landing page

Provide your name, email address, and password to create your account. Alternatively, sign up directly with your Google or Facebook account. 

Easil sign up page

You’ll land on the platform’s minimalist Dashboard where you can choose a design and template and create your first project.  

Easil dashboard

Let’s see what Easil has to offer!


Easil offers 10,000+ pre-designed templates to help you create professional-looking graphics and videos. There is a heavy focus on social media, with thousands of templates for stories and reels, social posts, YouTube graphics, Pinterest pins, and more. 

Easil templates

Easil also offers numerous templates across multiple categories, including branding, marketing, and advertising. You get near endless possibilities whether you want to create a food menu, Facebook ads, media kits, or any design you can think of. 

Easil template categories

These templates are pre-sized and formatted for each social media platform. So you don’t have to worry about sizing and other technical details. Simply choose the relevant template for the platform you want to post and edit and customize the template. 

You can also search the massive template library by platform, design, or size. You can also search templates by color, which is convenient if you’re looking for a specific aesthetic. 

Easil template search options

Although Easil has a smaller template library than Canva, we noticed that the options were more curated than in Canva. There’s an element of quality vs. quantity. 

We also noted that Easil’s design style is more modern and edgy than most competitors. This makes it a great option if you’re mostly interested in eye-catching visuals and visually-appealing designs. 

Easil template designs

We also liked that Easil doesn’t include paid premium elements in its designs. You can use the templates as-is without paying extra for premium images or videos. It might sound trivial, but it’s one of the more frustrating things about using Canvas’ free version. 

On the downside, Easil doesn’t let you publish your designs directly to your social media account. You’ll have to download and upload them manually to your page. Competitors like Snappa allow social sharing from the platform, including scheduling your post. 

Overall, however, Easil offers beautiful, modern templates across numerous designs. The templates are also highly customizable, allowing you to create beautiful assets with little to no design experience. 


Easil provides a robust Editor for customizing virtually every aspect of your design. You’ll land in the Editor when you open a template or a blank canvas. You have all your design tools easily accessible in the right-hand menu. 

Easil editor

The drag-and-drop Editor lets you position elements exactly where you want them. There’s a Grid Snap feature where your elements or graphics automatically align to an invisible grid when you move them around your workspace. 

It’s a helpful feature for ensuring consistent spacing and alignment. You can toggle the Grid Snap on or off depending on your design needs. There are also rulers to use as guides for positioning elements precisely. You can also turn these on or off. 

Easil grid snap feature

You can edit text, including creating different effects without Photoshop. These include neon, refection, and layered shadow effects, among others. 

In this example, we created a realistic glowing neon effect by playing around with fonts, changing the background, and adding lighting accents. 

Easil text editor

Easil allows you to manipulate text to great detail, including adjusting shadows, position, color, and more. This allows you to manually create text effects by adjusting the different aspects and adding gradients, lighting accents, etc.

Easil text editing options

Another noteworthy feature is the Text Mask which lets you add images to native and uploaded fonts. If you’ve used Canva before, you know how difficult it can be to add images within letters. Canva treats each letter as an individual element, requiring unnecessary manual work to accomplish the desired result. 

With Easil, it’s as simple as adding your text, clicking the Text Mask icon, and choosing your image. Now you can quickly capture your audience’s attention with minimal design effort.

Easil text mask feature

Easil also lets you search and add Pexels stock images and videos directly in the Editor. This gives you access to 3+ million free images and videos to add to your projects. 

Easil stock images from Pexels

The Layers' menu is another stand-out feature that simplifies working with various elements. You can find and manage elements in the menu rather than from the workspace. It’s convenient if you have multiple elements that are layered together. 

Easil layers and inputs menu

In our example, we duplicated and layered together text to create the neon effect. Rather than trying to extract one text box under another in the workspace, we could simply select and remove one of the text boxes from the Layers menu. 

Creating neon text effect on Easil

Finally, you can add graphic elements like shapes, logos, patterns, and more to your design. Plus, the platform allows you to upload custom fonts, images, videos, and other assets. This makes it easy to create highly personalized designs that are consistently on-brand. 

Easil graphic elements

Easil’s editor isn’t as advanced as Photoshop and other professional design tools. You can’t create custom illustrations or edit specific areas of your photos independently. However, the editor is easy to use and caters to different skill levels. 

Non-designers and stick to basic adjustments like changing the font, background colors, and swapping text and images. Professional designers have the creative freedom to design text effects, work with custom assets, or layer and group elements to add depth and complexity to the designs–which might be enough for simple designs. 

Live Stream Overlays

Easil lets you easily create live stream overlays with zero design experience. Live video overlays can help to increase your broadcast’s production value and capture your audience’s attention. 

Like the platform’s social media templates, these overlays are optimized for live show production software like Streamyard, Ecamm, and BeLive. Easil also offers numerous overlay themes for social media live streams. 

Easil live stream overlays

Each theme comes with all the overlays you need to create a professional live stream. These include a pre-roll screen (intro), branded lower third graphic (for displaying contextual information like your name), section introduction (to introduce different segments of your show), and a thank you or closing screen. 

Easil overlay examples

Easil goes beyond the basics to help you create professional live shows. For example, you can add a countdown timer overlay for use on platforms like Ecamm Live. 

Easil countdown overlay

You also get a split screen if you have a co-host or guest and want to bring them up with you on the screen. You can even create a third box to get three people on the screen simultaneously. 

Easil split screen overlay

You can customize your overlays to fit your specific requirements. This includes changing the placeholder text, adjusting color schemes, swapping images, and more. 

Again, Easil doesn’t offer direct integrations with social media platforms. That means you can’t transfer your customized overlays directly to your page. You’ll need to download and upload the overlays to social media or live-streaming software. 

Still, Easil makes it easy to create professional live shows with no design experience. The overlays are visually captivating and professional-looking and can potentially increase your broadcast value with very little extra time and effort. 

Other Features

Some of Easil’s other features include: 

Background Remover — Easily remove unwanted backgrounds from your images

Easil Collection — Link multiple designs and update text and images across multiple design sizes

Magic Color Pallet Generator — Upload your images and Easil automatically generates matching color palettes to use in your designs

Editing Restrictions — Control who can edit templates and designs  


Easil offers four plans, including a free-forever plan. 

Easil pricing

Easil Basic, the free plan, offers 2,500+ pre-designed graphic templates and lets you upload your images and create text effects. This plan also gives you a 30-day free trial of the Plus plan. 

The Easil Plus plan costs $7.50 per month with monthly billing or $6.25 billed annually. The plan offers 10,000+ pre-designed graphic templates and lets you upload your videos. You can also add images to fonts, among other features. 

The Easil Edge plan costs $59 per month billed monthly or $49 billed annually. You get 25,000+ pre-designed graphic templates and 50 credits to remove background images, up from 10 credits with the Plus plan. 

The Enterprise plan gives you access to print management and portal features unavailable in the other plans. These include a custom branded portal, custom template design, dedicated account manager, and more. 

Easil is cheaper than Canva if you’re looking for an alternative design tool. You also get much of the same functionality as most other DIY design tools at an affordable price. 

Closing Notes On Easil 

We highly recommend taking advantage of Easil’s 30-day free trial. For solopreneurs without design skills or experience, the platform lets you easily create graphics from editable templates. And, for designers working with non-designers, Easil lets you control how collaborators access and edit the custom designs.

Easil is a terrific platform for creating visually engaging and modern graphics and designs. It’s affordable, easy to use, and creates professional-quality designs with minimal effort. There’s no reason not to try it out. 

Got Questions?

What is Easil?

Easil is a user-friendly graphic design tool that enables individuals and teams to create professional-quality digital and print marketing materials. With its drag-and-drop interface,  making it accessible for users of all skill levels to produce visually appealing graphics for social media, marketing, and advertising purposes.

Can I use Easil for commercial purposes?

Absolutely! All graphics created with Easil can be used for both personal and commercial purposes without the need for attribution. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to create professional marketing materials and advertisements.

Does Easil offer a free trial?

Yes, Easil offers a generous 30-day free trial of its Easil Plus plan, which provides access to all the main features of the platform. There is also a free-forever Basic plan with limited features available after the trial period.

What file formats can I export my designs in from Easil?

Easil supports multiple file formats for exporting designs, including PNG, JPG, and PDF. This flexibility allows users to choose the appropriate format based on their specific needs, whether for web use or high-quality print outputs.

Does Easil offer any print services?

Yes, Easil extends beyond digital design by offering print services. Users can design print materials such as business cards, flyers, and posters, and have them professionally printed and delivered directly through Easil’s platform. This service ensures that the print quality matches the design quality.

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