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So far, we’ve liked Character. AI’s ability to host various user-generated AI chatbots (or Characters) inspired by anything, like famous singers, novel characters, iconic personalities, memes, and more. The Characters can engage in fun and human-like conversations, with context in each response. Users can also create their custom Characters on the platform for free.

However, one disadvantage of Character.AI is its slow response time. Most information the chatbots generate is fictional, so the platform is mainly for entertainment and AI experimentation. The platform is also working on improving its LLMs to increase the memory of the chatbots and lessen the chances of them forgetting key conversation details.

Best For

Creative writers, content creators, language learners, and AI hobbyists


Free to $9.99/mo.


Unlimited access to all Characters

  • The Best
  • Freemium tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide variety of user-generated AI Characters
  • Highly customizable characters
  • The Worst
  • Characters can forget details in conversations
  • Slow response times for free users

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What is Character.AI?

Character.AI is an AI chatbot platform that hosts many user-generated chatbots called Characters, which can be based on anything from famous personalities and movie characters to virtual assistants and image generators. Users can also create and train their Characters on the platform for free.

character ai

Character.AI has a Character Community where users can share their public Character and ask for tips and suggestions about Character creation.

Is Character.AI Right for You?

We recommend Character.AI if:

  • You like to experiment with different prompts on various user-generated AI Characters.
  • You want to create your personal AI Character for free and customize its features.
  • You want access to interactive AI Characters that can generate images, host text-based games, etc., for recreational purposes.

Character.AI might not be ideal for users who:

  • You want access to AI chatbots that show reliable information.
  • You’re uncomfortable inputting personal or sensitive data on the tool’s Characters.
  • You prefer offline-capable AI chatbot platforms.

Pros & Cons of Character.AI


Freemium tool

Character.AI is a freemium platform where users can chat with various user-generated Characters. They can also support the platform and access more perks through Character.AI+.

User-friendly interface

Character.AI lets its users directly use any Character on the platform and have human-like conversations with them for free.

Wide variety of user-generated AI characters

Character.AI hosts various user-generated Characters based on anime or movie characters, famous personalities, game characters, virtual assistants, and more.

Highly customizable characters

Through the Create a Character tool, users can create and train their custom Characters and add them to the platform’s Character Book once its advanced features are set.

Trainable characters for human-like conversations

Users can train and improve publicly available Characters by giving feedback on their responses in a conversation using a star-based rating system.

Mobile app available

Character.AI users can use the platform on the go through its free mobile app available for iOS and Android platforms.


Characters are mainly for recreational purposes

All information generated in conversations with Characters is fictional, meaning that the platform is mainly for recreational purposes and is not a reliable source of information.

Characters can forget details in conversations

Characters forget key details in conversations since they only have limited memory.

Slow response times for free users

Free users can experience slow response times from Characters. However, they can subscribe to Character.AI+ for priority access on the platform.

What Sets Character.AI Apart

Compared to other AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Kajiwoto, Chai AI, and Botify AI, Character.AI grants users creative freedom when creating their Character, which can be based on their favorite movie character, personality, anime character and other themes and applications supported by the platform. They can also share their Character publicly with Character.AI’s Character Community for feedback.

Casual users can have human-like conversations with various user-generated Characters through the platform’s powerful LLMs. Character.AI also has a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Key Features

As an AI chatbot platform, here are some of Character.AI’s key features:

Create a Character

One of Character.AI’s main features is the Create a Character tool; it allows users to create their personal AI chatbot from scratch. They can also personalize their name, avatar, greeting, and visibility and fine-tune their conversations. When the Character is set to Public, other users can help improve it using a star-based feedback system.

In this example, we’ll make a character about Iron Man. We’ll set up the AI Character by adding its custom name, greeting, visibility (Public, Unlisted, or Private), and avatar:

Character.ai Create a Character tool page

Next, you can edit more of its details by selecting Edit Details (Advanced) to include your Character on the platform’s Character Book (database of all Characters). However, we’ll directly create the tool using the customizations from earlier by choosing Create and Chat!:

include your customized character start create and chat

Then, we’ll ask Iron Man a few simple questions, like where he is from and what he does for a living:

Created an Iron Man character and started chatting with simple questions.

Finally, we’ll ask what his superpowers are:

Continue chatting with created character

Overall, the Character’s responses were reasonably accurate and had context, despite creating it using default settings and without inputting custom definitions or other advanced details for the chatbot.

AI Characters

Another popular feature of Character.AI is the ability to chat with various user-generated Characters. Users can choose from over 15 Character themes, like anime characters, known personalities, animals, image-generating Characters, and more. It’s important to note that most of the responses generated by the AI Characters on the platform are primarily fictional and are not considered reliable sources of information.

For instance, we’ll chat with famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo:

A popular feature of Character.AI has the ability to chat with different user-generated Characters

We’ll ask him about his favorite football rival of all time:

Asking questions with user-generated character

Then, we’ll ask him how much he made this year in football and his favorite shoe brand:

Continue asking follow-up questions with  user-generated character

Based on its answers, the Character can engage in a human-like conversation and with context. This time, we’ll try out a Flag generator made by a user on the platform. To start, we’ll ask the Character to create a fictional flag of Asia:

Trying out Flag generator feature made by a user on the platform

Its response was odd since its description and photo didn’t match—it showed more of an Italian flag.

Next, we’ll ask it to generate a flag for the United States of America:

Character AI example to create a flag from text

While the Character shows a factual description of the USA flag, the generated photo lacks details compared to the original flag.

Overall, we had fun using the platform’s user-generated Characters. They were functional and generated human-like conversations. However, it can have inaccurate responses (e.g., wrong flags shown on the Flag Generator), which users can improve through feedback.


While Character.AI is mostly a free AI chatbot platform, it offers Character.AI +, which costs $9.99 monthly. It’s a premium service that grants priority access to the platform’s services, faster response times, and early access to new features. Premium users will also have a private community, which includes other Character.AI + users.

Character.AI pricing plan

Final Thoughts on Character.AI

Character.AI is an entertaining AI chatbot platform that hosts various user-generated Characters, like known celebrities, movie characters, image generators, virtual assistants, chat-based games, and more. We liked its Create a Character feature, where users can quickly create their custom character from scratch by setting up its name, greeting, visibility, and avatar.

We rated Character.AI 4.2/5 due to its user-friendliness and diverse amount of interactive Characters in 15 different themes. However, we experienced slow response times on some Characters. They also tend to forget key information during conversations since they have limited memory.

Overall, we highly recommend Character.AI to AI chatbot hobbyists who want to experiment with various prompts with different AI Characters.

Got Questions?

What is Character.AI used for?

Character.AI mainly allows users to interact with user-generated AI Characters with different experiences and perspectives. For instance, users can chat with known personalities like Elon Musk, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, and even Ariana Grande. Users can generate images, learn languages, and engage in human-like conversations with movie or anime characters.

However, the platform emphasizes that most of the information generated by these Characters is likely fictional and cannot be used as a reliable source of information.

Is Character.AI safe to use?

Yes. Character.AI employs encryption techniques to protect user data and ensures that all AI conversations remain private. However, user information and interactions with the platform are stored and monitored mainly for law compliance and to protect the safety of other users. The platform also has an NSFW filter to prevent lewd or sexually suggestive content.

Does Character.AI have a mobile app?

Yes. Character.AI has a free mobile app that users can download on Google Play and App Store. The app lets users chat directly with various user-created AI Characters on their phones.

Is Character.AI free?

Yes. Most of Character.AI’s core features are free and accessible on their official site. However, the platform offers Character.AI +, which lets users show their support to the platform. It also gives priority access to the platform’s services, faster response times, early access to new features, and a few more perks.

Can you delete conversations on Character.AI?

Yes. Users can delete their conversations with AI Characters by clicking the ‘Options’ (three vertical dots) button on the chat interface and selecting ‘Remove Messages’. However, it’s important to note that all conversations with Characters are stored in the platform for law compliance and to avoid NSFW content.

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