Verify faces online using facial recognition technology

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for image uploads

  • Helps to verify if someone is real by uploading their face

  • Can be used for spotting scammers, sex offenders, and anyone involved in crime


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🛠️ API
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Our Verdict


FaceCheck ID excels as an intuitive, AI-driven facial recognition tool. With a vast database, it efficiently identifies people from photos, making it perfect for basic background checks and detecting false profiles on social media. Its user-friendly interface simplifies checks for all skill levels.

We rated FaceCheck ID 4.5/5 as it impressed us with its near-accurate reports. While occasional downtime is noted, its overall performance and privacy features, like photo removal from the database, make it a top choice. For more details, read our full review.

What is FaceCheck.ID?

FaceCheck.ID is a facial recognition search engine designed to help users verify the identity of individuals by scanning their photos against a vast database. The platform aims to enhance personal safety and security by identifying potential criminals, fraudsters, and other malicious entities.

Key Features

  • Investigative Search Engine: Utilizes a photo of a face to search the internet, linking to webpages where the face or similar faces appear​.
  • AI-Powered Face Detection: Employs proprietary AI technology for detecting faces and measuring similarity, capable of searching vast data efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Database: Searches through various sources like social media, news, blogs, mugshots, and sex offender registries​.
  • Safety and Verification: Helps verify people’s real identities and avoid dangerous criminals by matching photos against mugshots and offender websites.
  • Protection Against Fraud: Aids in uncovering catfish, scammers, and fake profiles, enhancing personal and family safety.
  • Facial Recognition API: Offers a hassle-free REST API for integrating FaceCheck search into apps, websites, or platforms, with a credit-based payment system.
  • Photo Removal Request: Provides a straightforward and free process for users to have their photos removed from the search engine, with an immediate hiding of the photos and a follow-up deletion upon verification.


Rookie Sleuth

  • Pricing: $19 in Crypto
  • Best for: Occasional users needing basic facial recognition searches
  • Includes: 150 credits for 50 searches, expires in 14 days
  • Features:
    • View all websites containing the source photo
    • Skip to the front of the search queue

Private Eye

  • Pricing: $47 in Crypto
  • Best for: Regular users needing more frequent searches
  • Includes: 400 credits for 133 searches, expires in 2 months
  • Features:
    • All Rookie Sleuth features
    • Automated daily searches
    • Telegram alerts for newly found images

Deep Investigator

  • Pricing: $197 in Crypto
  • Best for: Heavy users needing extensive search capabilities
  • Includes: 2000 credits for 666 searches, expires in 6 months
  • Features:
    • All Private Eye features

The Professional

  • Pricing: $597 in Crypto
  • Best for: Enterprise users needing comprehensive search and data export
  • Includes: 10000 credits for 3333 searches, expires in 1 year
  • Features:
    • All Private Eye features
    • Save search results to PDF or Excel files

For more details, visit the FaceCheck ID pricing page.

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Verify faces online using facial recognition technology

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🛠️ API
🧩 Browser Extension

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