What is AML Watcher

AML Watcher is a compliance partner that offers a range of solutions for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Their products include Sanction Screening, Watchlist Monitoring, Adverse Media Screening, PEP Screening, Corruption Monitoring, and International Leaks Database. They provide features such as efficient risk monitoring, robust sanctions screening, sentiment analysis, and customizable risk scoring. Their solutions cater to various industries including financial services, securities commissions, insurance, gaming, and more. AML Watcher aims to simplify AML screening and improve compliance accuracy with their innovative technology.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive AML Compliance Suite: Offers a fully integrated suite of solutions for audit, risk, and regulatory compliance management.
  • Global Sanction and Watchlist Screening: Includes consolidated sanctions regimes, domestic sanction lists, and industry-specific watchlists.
  • Adverse Media Screening: Utilizes official government sources and media publications for regulatory news coverage and local news analysis.
  • PEP Screening: Features an extensive database for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screening, including relatives and close associates.
  • Corruption Monitoring: Provides updated international corruption indexes and industry-specific corruption trends.
  • Efficient Risk Monitoring: Robust sanctions screening with regularly updated and filterable lists.
  • Advanced Analytics: Offers sentiment analysis, multilingual support, and customization options.
  • Minimized False Positives: Employs proximal name matching, phonetic filtration, and cultural name matching.
  • Industry-Tailored Application: Tailored solutions for various industries including financial services, law enforcement, insurance, and gaming.