What is robust intelligence

Robust Intelligence is an AI platform that delivers real-time protection and validation of AI models and data. It addresses the business risks associated with AI and offers solutions to secure AI against threats and meet regulatory requirements. The platform protects models by validating inputs and outputs in real time, conducting algorithmic red teaming to expose vulnerabilities, and supporting Generative AI and other model types. It also offers continuous validation throughout the AI lifecycle and has partnerships with technology companies to enhance its capabilities.

Key Features

  • AI Firewall: An API that protects production models against various threats by validating inputs and outputs in real time.
  • Continuous Validation: Automated red teaming to surface weaknesses in AI models and data, ensuring compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Generative AI Support: Natively supports Generative AI across all major modalities, addressing the unique risks associated with generative models.
  • Model Input/Output Protection: Real-time protection of model inputs and outputs to prevent undesirable outcomes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps operationalize AI risk management in line with major AI regulations, guidelines, and frameworks.