If you’re familiar with Adobe Audition and other podcasting software, a new and exciting product is in the works. 

ai powered podcasting adobe podcast ai

Adobe Podcast Beta uses artificial intelligence to make recording, editing, and enhancing audio easier, faster, and better. 

Here’s what you need to know about this new AI audio recording platform! 

What is Adobe Podcast AI

Adobe Podcast AI is a cloud-based new-generation audio recording and editing tool.  Adobe specifically designed the software for podcasting.  

The software uses AI to enhance audio, transcribe recordings, create synthetic voices, and more. 

Adobe Podcast AI promises to help users create professional-quality podcasts with little effort or podcast experience required. 

The platform’s AI-powered tools also help eliminate repetitive tasks and save time creating high-quality podcasts. 

How to Start Using Adobe Podcast AI 

Well, there’s good and bad news regarding using Adobe Podcast AI. 

The bad news is that Adobe Podcast AI is currently in closed beta. So, you likely won’t get access to all the platform’s features immediately. 

The good news is that Adobe Podcast AI has two excellent podcast creation features that you can try today for free. These are: 

  1. The AI Voice Enhancer 
  2. The Mic Check Tool 

Some more good news: You can request access to the complete Adobe Podcast AI platform. Hopefully, you’ll be among the lucky few who get to try the entire product before launch. 

Requesting access is a quick and easy process. Just go to the Adobe Podcast AI website and click Request Access. 

Adobe Podcast AI home page

Next, fill the form with details like name, email, age, and country. 

adobe audio enhance sign up

Meanwhile, let’s explore what you can do with Adobe Podcast while you wait for access to the full version. 

Be sure to sign up for a free Adobe account to access these features. 

1. Adobe Podcast AI Enhance Speech 

The Enhance Speech is the more popular Adobe AI feature currently available. It’s also super easy to use. You can use it to remove background noises and clean up your audio. 

Log into your Adobe Podcast AI account and scroll down to AI-powered audio. Click Try it out

Adobe Podcast AI Enhance Speech Try it Out

This will take you to the Ehance Speech tool. Simply upload or drag and drop your audio file to clean it up. 

Drag and drop audio to remove noise

Here’s the original sample we used for our test. As you can tell, there’s some ambient room noise. It sounds like paper rustling in the background. 

Now listen to the enhanced version. The AI removed all the background noise. The audio quality is much clearer, almost as if recorded in a professional studio. 

We tried again with a different audio sample. This time, you’ll notice far more background noise than in the previous sample: 

Now listen to the enhanced version. The difference is clear. The software did a terrific job removing the background noises and cleaning up the audio.

The speaker’s voice frequency is also much sharper in the enhanced version. This time, the speaker’s voice is in the foreground without distractions. 

Overall, the Enhance Speech feature does a terrific job of cleaning up your audio. Here are a few takeaways: 

  • This feature removes background noise and makes your audio clearer
  • It’s easy to use; just upload or drag and drop your audio file
  • The feature has generous limits; you can enhance up to 1-hour of audio 
  • It’s free to use 
  • You don’t need any technical sound editing experience; Adobe Podcast AI does all the work 

2. Adobe Podcast AI Get Mic Check’d 

You might have the best and most expensive podcasting equipment. However, the equipment alone doesn’t guarantee that the recording will be professional. 

Factors like proper microphone positioning and soundproofing require experience. But Adobe Podcast AI allows beginners to learn optimal microphone positioning and other techniques for improving sound quality. 

Even seasoned podcasters can learn a thing or two from Adobe Get Mic Check’d feature. 

Scroll down to Get Mic Check’d. Then click Try it out to start. 

adobe audio ai mic check

Adobe takes you to its AI tool. You can use it to verify if your microphone is set up correctly. Click Start to audit your setup. 

Adobe Podcast AI Get Mic Check’d get started page

Then, allow Adobe Podcast AI access to your microphone. 

Adobe Podcast AI Get Mic Check’d allow permission

Talk into your microphone for a few seconds. The AI software automatically checks if there are any issues with your setup. 

Some of the problems the AI identifies include: 

  • Your gain (e.g., if you turned up your microphone too high)
  • Background noises and how they’re affecting your audio quality
  • Echo issues 
  • Your distance from the microphone (e.g., if you’re too close or too far from your microphone) 

The Mic Check tool is undoubtedly a valuable feature. You can ensure you get crystal-clear sound quality before you begin recording. 

What to Expect from Adobe Podcast AI Complete Feature Set

Besides audio enhancement and the mic setup checker, here’s what you can expect once the complete product launches: 

Real-time Audio Transcription

Adobe Podcast automatically transcribes your audio as you record. You’ll have a written copy of your content at any point throughout the recording. 

No more manual transcribing. 

You can also edit and improve the transcription for a blog post or other content marketing strategy. 

Edit Audio From The Transcript

Adobe Podcast AI Edit Audio From Transcript

Adobe Podcast takes an entirely novel approach to audio editing. 

You won’t be working with audio files and waveform editors. 

Instead, you’ll be making changes to your transcript. 

For instance, you can cut, copy, paste, or delete words from your transcript. These changes automatically sync with the recorded audio. 

Voice Customization   

The software has tons of synthetic voices to add to your recording. Rather than record your podcast, you can choose a natural-sounding artificial voice to do the job for you. 

Plus, you can adjust elements like emotion, pitch, tone, and speed to convey your message precisely how you envision it. 

Guest Invitations

Adobe Podcast AI lets you invite guests

Adobe Podcast AI lets you invite guests and collaborators via a link. You can also record with others in real-time. 

Again, the software also syncs all recordings in the cloud for quick and easy editing. 

Think of Zoom but for podcasts.  

Project Templates 

adobe audio enhance project templates

Adobe Podcast AI provides numerous templates for different recording types. 

For instance, you can find an interview or podcast template so you don’t have to create a structure from scratch. 

You can also create and save your own templates to ensure your recordings are consistent. 


  1. What is Adobe Podcast AI

    Adobe Podcast AI is a cloud-based audio recording and editing tool. It’s designed for podcasts. You can use it to record podcasts, automatically transcribe audio content, edit audio, invite collaborators, and more. 

  2. Is Adobe Podcast AI Free

    You can use Adobe Podcast AI’s voice enhancement tool and microphone checker for free. The complete platform is still in closed beta.

  3. When Will Adobe Podcast AI Be Available 

    Adobe has not officially communicated the release date of the commercial version of Adobe Podcast AI. However, you can complete a form from the Adobe Podcast AI website to request access. 

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