What is ChatAvatar

ChatAvatar is a new AI tool developed by DeemosTech that generates hyper-realistic 3D facial assets for use in software like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Maya. It utilizes text to 3D or image to 3D technology and a proprietary diffusion model and Production-Ready Facial Assets dataset. This tool allows users to create CG-friendly assets that meet industry standards.

Key Features

  • Progressive Generation of Animatable 3D Faces: Utilizes AI and text/image guidance to generate animated 3D faces.
  • Upload and Generate: Users can upload images or input text to generate custom avatars.
  • Variety of Avatars: Allows users to create avatars of different ages, genders, and styles.
  • Easy Collaboration: Ideal for teams of all sizes, enabling collaboration on avatar creation.
  • Integrates with Popular Software: Avatars can be directly used in software like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Maya.