AI portrait generator creating custom avatars

  • AI-powered platform for creating realistic art

  • Upload 5 photos and AI

  • Browse avatars and create custom ones


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What is Portret

Portret is an AI-powered platform that allows users to generate and customize their own art portraits. Users can upload high-quality photos, and the AI creates unique avatars in 50 different styles. The platform also offers additional tools, such as upscaling and photo enhancement, and provides a dashboard to browse and create avatars.

Key Features

  • Personalized AI Portraits: Portret.ai generates personalized art portraits using AI, creating unique avatars based on user-uploaded photos.
  • Dedicated Neural Network Training: For each user, a dedicated neural network is trained to ensure personalized and accurate avatar generation.
  • Variety of Styles: The platform offers over 50 different styles for avatar creation, allowing users to explore a wide range of artistic interpretations of their likeness.
  • High-Resolution Output: Avatars are generated in a default resolution of 1024Ă—1024 pixels, ensuring clear and detailed images.
  • Custom Avatars Using Prompts: Users can create custom avatars by providing text prompts to guide the AI in generating specific styles or themes.


Portret.ai Basic

  • Cost: $9 (Single payment)
  • Features:
    • 200 avatars
    • 1 training session
    • Resolution: 1024Ă—1024 pixels

Please check here for more details about Portret’s pricing.


AI portrait generator creating custom avatars

Key Features

đź’° Paid

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AI-powered platform for generating custom AI avatars