What is CodeBaby

CodeBaby is a platform that offers AI-powered virtual assistants in the form of emotionally intelligent avatars. These avatars are designed to transform customer interactions and deliver personalized and engaging experiences. CodeBaby’s avatars include brand mascots, character-based avatars, and lifelike human avatars. Through conversation automation and AI technology, CodeBaby aims to enhance customer engagement and provide exceptional customer experiences. The platform also offers features such as speech, choice, empathy, and visuals to create meaningful connections with customers.

Key Features

  • Avatar-first Conversational AI: Delivers personalized and engaging customer experiences.
  • Diverse Range of Avatars: Offers brand mascots, character-based, and lifelike human avatars.
  • Efficiency Through Automation: Streamlines operations and boosts efficiency with Conversational AI.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Provides exceptional customer experiences through emotionally intelligent avatars.
  • Personalization: Delights customers with tailored interactions and proactive guidance.
  • Animation: Elevates experiences with intuitive UIs and real-time adaptive animation.
  • Video Output: Enhances static content with high-quality, integrated video outputs.
  • Speech, Choice, Empathy, Visuals: Utilizes emotional intelligence and captivating visuals for meaningful connections.