What is DaVinciFace

DaVinciFace is an AI-powered software that uses Deep Learning and GAN technology to generate DaVinci-style portraits from any photo of a human face. It can create these portraits in less than 2 minutes, allowing users to transform their selfies into Renaissance-style works of art. The platform assures users that their submitted photos are kept private and deleted from the database once the portrait is generated. Commercial use of the portraits is prohibited without purchasing the high-resolution version.

Key Features

  • DaVinci Style Portraits: Transforms any human face photo into a portrait in the style of DaVinci using deep learning.
  • Generative Neural Network (GAN) Technology: Employs advanced GAN technology for generating high-quality artistic portraits.
  • Efficient Processing: Generates a DaVinci style portrait in less than 2 minutes.
  • Extensive Training: Utilizes a network trained with more than 500 million parameters, ensuring detailed and accurate artistic renditions.