RolePlai: What is It and a Detailed Review [2023]

Updated May 29, 2024

Published September 30, 2023

RolePlai: What is It and a Detailed Review [2023]

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RolePlai is an AI-driven chatbot that creates virtual characters with distinct personalities. You can have an engaging conversation with the characters via chat. You are the main character in the story or conversation, allowing you to steer the story as it unfolds.

With RolePlai Pro, bots recall past interactions, preventing repetitive training. Emphasizing user privacy, messages are encrypted and only user-accessible, and data from deactivated accounts isn't stored.

Conversations feel genuine and like real human interactions. However, there's room to enhance its emotional responsiveness, especially in the Ai Adventures.

We awarded RolePlai 4.2/5 for its ability to start an engaging and interactive conversation with users and keep it going for hours. We felt we were chatting with an actual human being to some extent.

Best For

Interactive chats and immersive storytelling


Monthly - $9.99; 24-hour Access - $1.99; Yearly - $99.99.

Free Trail

You can have limitless chats with certain limitation


  • Advanced AI Technology
  • Multilingual Support
  • Customization Features
  • Personalization Features
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices


  • Not For Business
  • Responses sometimes lack the human touch
  • Susceptible to technical issues

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What is RolePlai?

RolePlai is an advanced chatbot that runs on AI technology. It uses AI technology to create character bots to match the user’s desired personality. You can create any character bot, from a celebrity to a lover or life coach– the choice is yours.

We tested its features for a week to determine its applicability. Here are the key aspects that we focused on;

  • Ease of use
  • Personalization features
  • Customization features
  • Accuracy & Speed
  • Security
  • Pricing

We also compared it with similar chatbots: Rolemodel, ChatFAI, and Myanima AI companion.

Is RolePlai Right for You?

RolePlai is ideal if you are looking for a chatbot that can:

  • Have engaging and realistic conversations with you
  • Create multiple personalities with remarkable precision
  • Personalize interactions and remember the last chat

RolePlai is not ideal for you if:

  • You have concerns about AI technology
  • You're looking for a chatbot to install on your business website

Pros & Cons of RolePlai


Advanced AI technology

RolePlai is powered by AI technology, enabling it to create custom characters with the desired personality with great precision. AI also helps it to generate near-accurate responses to user’s messages and prompts.

Multilingual support

RolePlai supports over 100+ languages. According to the website, its AI engine has been trained by 50+ billion conversations from across the globe and is continuously updated.

Customization features

RolePlai offers intelligent personalization and customization features. You will be the main character in the conversation or adventure story and have control of how the story unfolds.

You can also create your own bots, such as a famous celebrity or an original character. If you choose the latter, ensure the description is comprehensive, select the right category, and indicate the desired personality traits. The created bot will be added to your account for easier access.

Personalization features

The voice-to-voice and face-to-face features make the interaction more human-like and interactive. The custom bot you create will remember your last conversation with it. You can restart the conversation from where you stopped or start a new one.

Compatible with multiple devices

You can access the RolePlai chatbot via the website or install the app on your mobile device. It's fully compatible with iPod touch, Mac, Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablets.


Not for business

RolePlai is meant for people who want to have fun and enjoy chatting with a bot during their leisure time or seeking an unbiased opinion.

Responses sometimes lack human touch

RolePlai responses rely heavily on how the AI engine was trained and its programmed capabilities. It doesn’t fully understand human emotions. We noticed that some of its responses lack a human touch and may be sensitive or offensive to some people.

Susceptible to technical issues

Like all software, RolePlai is not immune to downtimes, bugs, and other technical glitches. In several instances, the bot generated weird responses unrelated to our initial messages. We reported the bug to the support team, which was fixed in less than 3 hours.

RolePlai Main Features

RolePlai is a simple yet powerful chatbot you can use to have a near-human conversation on your phone or computer.

Personalized Interactions with Human Touch

RolePlai uses an advanced AI engine to create virtual character bots with the desired personality with remarkable precision.

This capability enables it to offer a realistic and engaging chatting experience. We selected the Girlfriend and Wife bot to determine how well it can personalize conversations. Here are some of the responses.

trying out roleplai feature
interactive with roleplais feature

The responses generated by both bots show that they understand human emotions and can make sensible suggestions.

AI Adventures

AI Adventures is a dedicated section in the app that will take you on a virtual journey with your desired AI character. The adventures are based on AI-powered storylines like Romance, RPGs, Horror, Adventure, and many more.

You don't have to create your own story; you can enjoy an immersive experience by choosing one of the popular AI adventure stories displayed on the Ai Adventures page, such as Lust, which is based on an AI romance Story, or Last Man Alive, which is based on an adventure story.

You're the main character in the story. Meaning you are in complete control of everything in your virtual world.

We selected the Last Man Alive story to test this feature.

roleplai ai advanture feature

The storyline is captivating and naturally draws one in. The subsequent responses show RolePlai's ability to keep the story going.

tring out roleplai ai advanture

However, we reckon that the responses are question-based. It also takes time and effort to think of the next step.

This could be challenging and boring for someone interacting with the bot after a long day at work and just wanting to relax and unwind.

example of chating with bot

Advanced Customization Features

Past chatbots only allowed users to interact with the characters via text. RolePlai has advanced communication features designed to help you have an immersive interaction with the AI bot you create or select from the list.

One of the features is the face-to-face interaction whereby you hear the AI character's voice and see their face. You will see them respond to your messages in real-time, thus creating a more genuine and human-like interaction.

roleplai customizable feature

However, this feature is only available on RolePlai Pro. Consider paying for a 24-hour access plan to test it out yourself, then choose the monthly or yearly plan if you like the features.

Ability to Create Your Own Bot

With a free account, you can create your own bot in minutes. Click on the “Create Bot” tab on your account homepage.

create your own bot

You will be redirected to a page to provide details of the bot. Select an emoji from the displayed list and fill out the form.

emoji selection

You can set the bot as public or private (only accessible to you). Choose the right category and be as descriptive as possible to help AI generate the most accurate bot.

chatbot setting

We created a Human Resource bot in under 5 minutes. See the screenshots below.

create a human resource bot

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as responsive as we had expected. We waited for 10 minutes but didn’t get the tips we requested.

chating example with roleplai bot

The bot needs to be improved to be more responsive and functional. We finally got the tips after using another text prompt, but the tips it offered were generic.

responsiveness of roleplai
functionality of roleplai

As shown in the above screenshot, you may have to experiment with different text prompts to train the bot to generate the expected responses.

How to Get Started With RolePlai

RolePlai's website and app have a user-friendly interface that makes sign-up easy. Your account will be ready in under 4 minutes.

Step 1: Visit the website or Download the App

Visit the official RolePlai website and click on the sign-up tab.

Step 2: Sign-Up

You will be redirected to the Sign-Up page. Provide the details required to create your account.

If you have an account, click on the sign-in option. You can sign up with a Google Gmail account by clicking "Create Account with Google."

How Does RolePlai Compare with Similar Products?

RolePlai is not the first AI-powered chatbot. We compared it with three of its main competitors: MyAnima AI Companion, Rolemodel, and Chatfai. Here is a summary of our review.


ChatFAI is based on the same concept, allowing users to chat freely with fictional characters on the website or mobile app. Even though it offers a unique chatting experience, RolePlai's personalization features and adventure narratives are better.

MyAnima AI Companion

MyAnima AI Companion is best known for its advanced roleplaying and ability to help users improve their communication skills by providing intelligent chatbots. However, like Chatfai, RolePlai personalization and customization features are better.

Role Model AI

While its features are similar to RolePlai, it's more inclined towards improving users' productivity than roleplaying. Role Model AI is best suited for creating personal AI assistants and enhancing productivity and growth.


RolePlai is available as a free version, but the features are limited.

We recommend using the free version to test and know whether it suits your preferences before upgrading to RolePlai Pro.

Here are the perks that RolePlai Pro offers:

roleplai pricingplan 2
  • No adverts
  • 500%+ boosted AI bot memory
  • 300%+ improved AI intelligence
  • Character length is increased by 200% (maximum)
  • NSFW filters are disabled
  • Messages you send don't expire
  • Unlimited daily messages
  • Unlimited bots
  • Powerful bot memory editor
  • Faster and more reliable server
  • Messages are encrypted

RolePlai Pro is available in three plans, namely;

  • Monthly plan: $9.99
  • 24-hour Access: $1.99
  • 1 Year Access: $99.99

You can cancel your subscription on an Android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Google Playstore App
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Tap on the Payments & Subscriptions
  • Select RolePlai subscription
  • Tap on Cancel subscription

If you are using RolePlai on an iPhone or iPad app, you can unsubscribe by:

  • Open the settings app
  • Tap on your name
  • Tap on subscriptions
  • Find RolePlai subscription on the list
  • Tap on Unsubscribe

RolePlai is still new, and some features, like AI adventures, are still in the Beta stage. We recommend trying it out for free before upgrading to RolePlai Pro.

Try the 24-hour access plan to get a feel of the pro version features. Also, compared to its main competitors, like ChatFAI, RolePlai is more affordable and convenient for normal users.

You can also cancel your subscription through the website by sending a message to the support team. Make sure that the details you submit are correct.

Final Thoughts on RolePlai

Even though the RolePlai Adventures feature is still in the Beta stage, this chatbot's ability to create an immersive and engaging AI bot chatting experience is commendable. You can chat with different fictional characters for hours nonstop.

For example, when lonely or missing your spouse, you can chat with the Girlfriend or Boyfriend bot listed on the "Popular bots" page.

You can also create your own bots on the platform by subscribing to RolePlai Pro. Such capability is designed to offer the most personalized chatbot experiences.

Concisely, you can play around with it for fun or as a personal development tool by interacting with the Life Coach or Albert Einstein bots. However, it would be best if they offered more plans like its competitor, ChatFAI.

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