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Our Boomy AI review shows it is an excellent generative music platform for independent music creators, producers, and aspiring artists. It uses AI and advanced deep learning algorithms to generate unique-sounding music. Its Music Generator has a user-friendly interface that allows users to customize their tracks through music automation systems.

The platform features a streamlined content monetization process for creators, where Boomy AI assists in distributing their song releases to known music streaming platforms (e.g., Spotify and Apple Music) and social media for commercial use. Users can also earn a share of the royalties through the platform.

However, as a new generative music platform, Boomy AI hasn’t created hit songs yet on any music platform. Also, Spotify has flagged and removed music made from Boomy because of “stream manipulation.”

Best For

Music artists, producers, and casual music enthusiasts


Free to $39.99/mo. (25% off)

Free Plan

Create and edit up to 25 songs

  • The Best
  • User-friendly
  • Free plan available
  • Generates professional-grade music in various genres using AI
  • Supports song releases on music platforms like Spotify
  • The Worst
  • Commercial license only available on paid versions
  • Hasn’t created any hit songs yet
  • Spotify removed songs made using Boomy AI due to “stream manipulation”

Ease of Use


Value for Money






What is Boomy AI?

Boomy AI is an AI-powered music generator that allows users to create original, generative music. It supports various instrumental styles, including electronic dance (EDM), rap, Lo-Fi, and relaxing music, and even allows users to set their custom genre. Paid users can distribute their tracks on music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and social media platforms.

boomy ai review

Is Boomy AI Right For You?

We recommend Boomy AI for your projects if you fit these descriptions:

  • You’re an independent music artist with an interest in generative music.
  • You’re open to creating music using AI that heavily relies on reference tracks based on your chosen genre.
  • You’re open to fast music creation with premade instrumental styles.
  • You want a streamlined platform where you can make music and earn royalties.

Boomy AI might not be suitable for you if:

  • You want to establish creative freedom in your music and song releases.
  • You want to produce music that’s original and less generic.
  • You prefer creating music with actual equipment to AI-generated sounds.

Pros & Cons of Boomy AI



Boomy AI has an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to create music using AI without needing real instruments or music equipment.

Free plan available

Boomy AI offers a free plan that lets users utilize the platform’s AI Music Generator to generate up to 25 songs for personal use.

Generates music in various genres using AI

The platform allows users to generate music using  five pre-defined music styles: EDM, Rap Beats, Lo-Fi, Relaxing Meditation, and Global Groove. They can also create their custom genre.

Supports song releases on music streaming platforms

Boomy AI supports its generative music artists and producers by streamlining song releases to popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. They can also earn royalties on the platform.

Users can join global community of generative music artists

The platform has a global community of generative music artists and producers where they can share their music.


Commercial license only available in pro plan

The platform only allows users in the Pro plan to use their music commercially through podcasts and social media advertisements.

Songs lack originality and creativity

We noticed that the Music Generator tool produces generic music compared to human-composed songs.

Spotify removed tracks made using Boomy AI due to “stream manipulation”

Besides the fact that Boomy AI hasn’t made hit songs yet, some of its songs on Spotify were removed due to stream manipulation (artificially inflating streaming numbers), which made some critics question its integrity as a platform.

What Sets Boomy AI Apart

Compared to other AI music generators like Abundant Music, AIVA, and Jukebox, Boomy AI can provide more accurate and unique AI-generated songs based on your desired genre. The tool has robust music automation systems and an easy-to-use interface, enabling aspiring musicians to customize their tracks even if they don’t have significant experience in producing music. Boomy AI also streamlines music distribution by partnering with streaming platforms and letting users earn a share of the royalties.

Boomy AI Music Generation Review

Boomy enables users to create their songs using their AI-powered Music Generator feature. The tool allows users to pick from six main instrumental styles: EDM, Rap Beats, Lo-Fi, Relaxing Meditation, Global Groove, and a custom instrumental style. In this example, we’ll create Lo-Fi music:

Creating a soon with Boomy AI - select style

It lets you select and hear a preview of predefined styles with their characteristics. We’ll pick the ‘Rainy Nights’ option:

Picking the Rainy Nights option

After a few seconds, the tool will generate music based on your input, which you can listen to:

Playing the generated music

Boomy AI allows you to customize the created song by adding your vocals via the Vocals tool, adjusting the preset composition through Rewrite, making adjustments to the song’s arrangement via the Rearrange tool, and adding instrumental elements and sound effects to your music using Instruments and Sounds:

Customize a generated song using the Boomy AI vocal tool

Once you’re satisfied with your music, you can save it by clicking the Save button. All your AI-generated songs and releases will be stored in your account’s Library:

Save the generated song in the library

Boomy AI’s Music Generator was easy to use and allows for quick music generation using premade music styles and AI. However, we noticed that its music was generic compared to human-generated songs, which sounds more creative and original.


As an AI music generator platform, Boomy has three main pricing plans:

boomy ai pricing plan

The Free plan is ideal for users trying out the platform’s tools. It allows users to create and edit their desired songs for free and save up to 25 tracks. It also includes one music release, which has three songs. Users can use their created tracks for personal use (e.g., sharing them with friends and social media accounts), except for monetized content.

The Creator plan is for independent music artists looking to introduce their music to various platforms. The plan starts at $5.99 monthly (currently at 60% off). It offers features from the Free plan, including an increased 500 song saves, three monthly releases with up to 25 tracks, and up to ten MP3 downloads per month of your songs. It also includes licensing options for non-commercial use for user-generated content (e.g., Twitch streams) and on social media platforms.

The Pro plan is for growing music artists and producers who want to create generative music commercially. It costs $19.99 monthly (currently at 50% off) and offers features from the Creator plan, including unlimited song saves, ten monthly releases with up to 25 featured tracks, and up to 25 MP3 and WAV monthly song downloads. 

It includes licensing options for non-commercial use in UGC streaming, other derivative works, and commercial use in social media advertising and podcasts.

Check here for more information about Boomy AI’s pricing.

Final Thoughts on Boomy AI

Boomy AI is a suitable platform for independent music artists, producers, and hobbyists who want quick music creation using artificial intelligence. We liked its Music Generator, which allows users to create music from scratch using pre-defined instrumental styles; they can also customize their song by adding vocals and instrument sounds, adjusting its composition, etc.

We gave the tool a 4.1/5 overall rating mainly because of its ease of use, quick music generation, and streamlined music releases on social media and streaming platforms for commercial purposes. However, the tool has controversies about stream manipulation and lack of originality compared to human-composed music.

We recommend this tool for aspiring music artists, producers, and generative music hobbyists.

Got Questions?

Is Boomy AI completely free?

No. While the Free plan allows you to create AI-generated songs and release tracks, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the paid plans to save more songs, make more releases, and monetize your songs through major music streaming platforms like Spotify and social media.

How does Boomy AI work?

Boomy AI uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to analyze popular tracks on specific song styles and generate new music similar to those tracks’ styles and structures. Generated songs can be customized on the tool using robust music automation systems that allow users to add vocals, change instrument sounds and effects, and rearrange or rewrite the song to make it more original.

Can I use Boomy AI commercially?

Yes. Users subscribed to Boomy AI can release their songs to music streaming platforms like Spotify and on social media placements for commercial purposes. The user will earn some of the royalties earned by their music releases.

Is Boomy AI good for making music?

Yes. Boomy AI notably allows musicians and non-experienced music creators to generate unique songs using AI. It enables you to commercialize your song releases through partnerships with music streaming platforms and ads on social media platforms. You can also join and interact with its large community of music artists driven by generative music.

Can I use music from Boomy AI on YouTube?

Yes. Users can utilize AI-generated music from Boomy AI on their YouTube videos. However, you must ensure you’re using your own music; otherwise, you must attribute the track’s copyright owner to your video or contact them directly to avoid copyright disputes.

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