Transform videos into shareable short-form clips using AI

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Our Verdict

4.7/5 impressed us with its thoughtful design and ease of use. After uploading our first video, we quickly had multiple short clips, with the AI managing the clipping based on our chosen layout.

Creating professional videos was effortless, thanks to the Editor's comprehensive assets like background music, captions, and social media logos. The AI efficiently handled subtitles, scene changes, and resizing, resulting in high-quality social media clips in no time. Additionally, allows direct scheduling or posting to social media.

What is is an AI-driven video editing platform designed to simplify the process of creating short, social media-ready video clips from longer videos. It aims to save users time and effort by automating various aspects of video editing.

Key Features

  • Auto-Video Captioning: Improve your video’s online performance by adding subtitles with AI.
  • Video Clipping: Use powerful tools to create short videos quickly and hassle-free.
  • Instant Video Resizing: Easily switch between portrait, landscape, and square video sizes.
  • Social Media Templates: Auto-detects crucial segments and organizes them into chapters.

What Sets Apart

Below are some advantages of compared to other AI video generators and editing tools like Synthesia and Pictory:

  • Focus on Short-Form Content: While Pictory and Synthesia offer a range of video editing and creation features, specializes in transforming long videos into short, social media-ready clips.
  • Instant Resizing for Multiple Platforms: allows users to instantly resize their videos to fit different social media platforms. This feature is ideally suited for those needing to publish across multiple platforms quickly.
  • AI-Powered Captioning: While other platforms may offer captioning services,’s auto-captioning is designed to transcribe and emphasize key points in the video, making the content more engaging and easier to understand.

Transform videos into shareable short-form clips using AI

Key Features

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