What is InstaNovel AI

InstaNovel AI is a platform that uses AI to generate mini-novels based on user prompts and selected art styles. Users can create their own stories and receive a mini-novel with 4-6 chapters and beautiful artwork. The platform is primarily used for inspiration, fun, language learning, and creating personalized gifts. Currently, the generated books are in a mini-website format, but there are plans to add support for printing hard copies in the future.

Key Features

  • AI-generated Novels: Use prompt and visual style to generate a mini-novel.
  • Language Support: Currently supports English, with plans to add more languages.
  • Visual Styles: Choose from digital art, cinematic, fantasy, colorful, water painting, or Van Gogh painting.
  • Email Confirmation: Receive an email with a confirmation link to get your generated story.
  • Printing Support: Currently rendered as a mini-website, with future plans for printing hard copies.
  • Inspiration and Fun: Use the tool for inspiration, language learning, or creating unique gifts.