AI-powered platform for easy and fun travel blogging

  • Travel blogging platform with AI-powered content creation

  • Customizable blog with powerful editor blocks and custom maps

  • Travel storytelling with AI and community engagement


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What is TravelFeed

TravelFeed is a travel blogging platform that simplifies the creation and sharing of travel stories. It offers unique features like AI-assisted content creation, community engagement, and the ability to earn cryptocurrency. With its user-friendly interface, customizable blog options, and a dedicated mobile app, TravelFeed caters to both seasoned and novice travel bloggers. The platform emphasizes ease of use, fast content delivery, and interactive tools like maps and photo galleries, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to document and share their journeys online.

Key Features

  • Start for Free: No credit card required to start blogging on TravelFeed.
  • Use Your Own Domain: Option to use your own domain with site builder plans.
  • Community Engagement: Find an audience within the TravelFeed community.
  • Traveler Optimized Features: Includes custom maps, automatic categorization by destination, and destination search.
  • Powerful Editor Blocks: Tools for crafting posts with maps, photo galleries, Instagram embeds, and more.
  • AI Blogger: AI-powered tool to help create high-quality travel blog content quickly.
  • Fast Content Delivery: Uses edge caching for fast article delivery worldwide.
  • Customizable Blogs: Fully customizable blogs with a site-builder, no coding required.
  • HTTPS Included: Automatic provision of free SSL certificates for sites.
  • Earn Crypto: Opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by cross-posting to Hive.
  • Maintenance-Free: No need for updating plugins, themes, or databases.
  • Mobile Blogging: Create and post travel stories on the go with the mobile app.


AI-powered platform for easy and fun travel blogging

Key Features

💲 Freemium
📱 Mobile App

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