An AI-powered tool for taking biometric passport photos

  • Instant biometric photos

  • Compliance with passport standards

  • Digital download or printed delivery


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What is PhotoAiD

PhotoAiD is an AI-powered mobile and web app that allows users to take compliant biometric photos from home using their smartphones. The platform combines AI technology with human photo experts to ensure photos meet official standards, offering instant feedback and a double money-back guarantee if rejected. Users can download digital copies or get prints delivered, making the process easy and convenient without the need to visit a photo studio.

Key Features of PhotoAiD

- 3-Minute Passport Photo: Take your picture at home, avoiding the need to drive or wait in line.

- AI Photo Adjustment: AI technology crops, resizes, and adjusts the background of your image.

- Expert Verification: Manual review by experts provides feedback within a minute to ensure the photo meets all requirements.

- Photo Validation Built-in: Ensures your photo meets official requirements, reducing the stress of incorrect photos.


An AI-powered tool for taking biometric passport photos

Key Features

💲 Freemium
📱 Mobile App

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