Streamline your presentation-making tasks using Tome AI

  • Turn documents into professional presentations with a single click

  • Robust writing tools for improving ad copies

  • Offers multilingual capabilities on tools


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What is Tome?

Tome is an AI-powered presentation-making platform with tools for shaping and sharing ideas. Its premium plans allow teams of all sizes to collaborate in creating professional-looking presentations, sales pitches, and more. The platform leverages AI to help users articulate their ideas, generate content, and even search for references across the web.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Generate one-pagers, presentations, mood boards, and more with AI.
  • Tone and Phrasing Assistance: The AI helps nail the right tone and phrasing for your writing.
  • Interactive Embeds: Embed interactive product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more.
  • Responsive Layouts: Dynamic, mobile-responsive layouts adjust your content to fit any device.
  • Analytics Tracking: Track who has viewed your content with advanced analytics.

What Sets Tome Apart

Here are some competitive advantages of Tome compared to popular presentation-making tools like and Prezi:

  • AI-Driven Content Creation: Unlike traditional presentation tools like Prezi, Tome uses AI to help you articulate your ideas and generate content.
  • Multimedia Integration: The platform allows for a wide range of multimedia embeds, making it more interactive than competitors.
  • Responsive Design: The content automatically adjusts to fit any device, offering a seamless user experience.


Streamline your presentation-making tasks using Tome AI

Key Features

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