Automate scheduling emails from your existing account with Recurrr

  • 5-Minute setup

  • No inbox access needed

  • Easily schedule recurring emails


💰 Paid


⏳ Free Trial

What is Recurrr

Recurrr is an email automation tool that allows users to schedule emails and send them automatically from their existing email accounts. It enables efficient management of routine communications by transforming regular meetings and follow-ups into automated emails, saving time and increasing productivity. The platform is user-friendly, secure, and doesn't require access to your inbox or contacts. Recurrr offers a free trial and simple pricing model at $9/month after early access.

Key Features of Recurrr

- Put Your Email on Auto-Pilot: Recurrr sends your text, from your email, on a schedule you choose, helping automate and streamline communication.

- 5-Minute Setup: Quick setup process that gets you started in just five minutes.

- Simple Calendar View: Your scheduled emails are presented in a straightforward calendar layout, making it easy to manage your automated communications.

- Innovative Recurrence Input: Define your schedule with ease, using natural language processing and AI to handle both simple and complex scenarios.

- No Inbox Access: Designed for privacy, Recurrr doesn’t access your inbox.

- Compatibility with Existing Email Providers: Recurrr integrates seamlessly with your current email setup, eliminating the need to migrate emails or alter workflows.


Early Access: Free

Regular Pricing after Early Access:

- Cost: $9/month

- Features Included:

  • Free trial available, no credit card required
  • Ability to send from 3 email addresses
  • Send to up to 30 recipients (10 To, 10 Cc, 10 Bcc)
  • Smart compose feature
  • Dashboard view
  • Calendar view
  • List view


Automate scheduling emails from your existing account with Recurrr

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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