What is ReleasesNotes

ReleasesNotes is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the creation of release notes. It allows users to easily generate comprehensive release notes using handpicked commit messages, saving time and effort. The tool streamlines the release management process by simplifying it, improving productivity, and enhancing collaboration among teams.

Key Features

  • Simplified Release Process: Generate comprehensive release notes with just a few clicks, reducing complexity.
  • Improved Productivity: Focus on core tasks, leading to increased efficiency in development cycles.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Gathers commit messages from multiple contributors in a unified format.
  • Integration with Github: Streamlines the process by accessing repositories directly for generating release notes.
  • Customizable Commit Selection: Choose specific commit messages or use filters for release notes.
  • AI-Powered Generation: Automatically creates informative release notes from selected commit messages.
  • Scalable Plans: Offers different pricing plans suitable for individual developers to large teams.
  • Diverse Project Suitability: Useful for various software development projects including web, mobile, and desktop applications.


Free Plan:

  • Cost: €0/month
  • For individuals and businesses getting started
  • Includes 3 release notes per month
  • 2 commits for each release note
  • Email Support

Starter Plan:

  • Cost: €12/month
  • Suitable for rapidly growing businesses
  • Offers 40 release notes per month
  • 5 commits for each release note
  • Priority email support

Pro Plan:

  • Cost: €20/month
  • Ideal for businesses aiming for the next level
  • Provides 80 release notes per month
  • 10 commits for each release note
  • Priority email support

Please check here for more details about ReleasesNotes’s pricing.