What is GPT Macros

GPT Macros is a Chrome extension designed to streamline the ChatGPT workflow. It enables users to create and rearrange custom macros, utilize variables in prompts, and scrape data from websites. The tool is particularly useful for those looking to enhance their productivity in ChatGPT interactions, offering features like batched runs, a UI builder for complex configurations, and a collection of predefined prompts. Its focus on efficiency and customization makes it a valuable addition for users frequently engaging with ChatGPT.

Key Features

  • Custom Macros Creation: Allows users to create custom macros from frequently used prompts.
  • Macro Rearrangement: Enables rearrangement of macros in any desired order.
  • Variable Usage in Prompts: Incorporates variables inside prompts to enhance productivity.
  • Web Parameters: Utilizes web parameters for data scraping from websites.
  • System Prompts: Offers the use of system prompts for streamlined operations.
  • Macro and Prompt Search: Facilitates easy searching for macros and prompts.
  • Predefined Prompts Access: Provides access to predefined prompts and macros.
  • Batched Runs: Allows running a specified number of prompts in batches, avoiding GPT-4 model restrictions.
  • UI Builder Page: Simplifies editing of large variable configurations.
  • Enhanced Web Variables: Offers robust and smooth web variable experiences.