What is Deepfakes Web?

Deepfakes Web is an AI-driven platform that utilizes machine learning algorithms to create deepfake videos. The service operates entirely in the cloud, allowing users to upload videos and generate deepfakes with just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Cloud Software: Operates entirely online, requiring only video uploads to create deepfakes.
  • Privacy Focused: Ensures user data, videos, and images are private and not shared with third parties.
  • Model Reusability: Allows for the reuse of trained models for improved quality or additional videos without re-training.
  • Quality Dependent on Training: The quality of deepfakes depends on the training of the AI model and the quality/length of the videos.
  • Responsible Use: Emphasizes responsible use of technology with content policy and terms of use.
  • Visible Watermarks: Every deepfake has a clear watermark indicating it’s a deepfake, with traces of manipulation in the video data.
  • Imperfect by Design: Intentionally leaves imperfections to ensure deepfakes are identifiable as fake.
  • Accessibility: Aims to make deepfake technology accessible for entertainment, gaming, satire, and culture.


Basic Plan:

  • Cost: $0/month
  • Cloud Usage: $4/hour (approximately $15/video creation)
  • Creation Time Limitation: 5 Hours
  • Video and Image Limitation: 50MB, 150-second video
  • Number of Learning Iterations: 10,000
  • Simultaneous Creation: 1 Video
  • Video Retention Period: 180 days

Premium Plan:

  • Cost: $19/month
  • Cloud Usage: $4/hour (approximately $15-/video creation) in basic mode; $4-$60 in advanced mode depending on the number of iterations
  • Creation Time Limitation: 1 Hour in basic mode
  • Video and Image Limitation: 100MB, 300-second video
  • Number of Learning Iterations: 10,000 – 50,000 (4x in advanced mode)
  • Simultaneous Creation: 5 Videos
  • Video Retention Period: No limit

Additional information:

  • Cloud usage rights are required for creating Faceswap videos, which involve extensive computer use on the cloud.
  • Cloud usage rights can be purchased for $4 per hour.
  • In advanced mode, which uses a high-spec server, 5x more cloud usage will be consumed.

Please check here for more details about Deepfake Web’s pricing.