AI platform for creative outputs, from strategies to production

  • AI tools for creative, strategy and production

  • Concepts on-demand for agencies, brands and studios

  • Private inputs and outputs, user-owned ideas


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What is is an AI-powered platform that offers a collection of creative AI tools for agencies, brands, and studios. The platform allows users to generate strategic briefs, creative concepts, names for brands and products, shot lists, and even dialogue lines with the help of AI. The generated outputs are private and owned by the user, and the platform prioritizes data privacy and security.

Key Features

  • Strategic Brief Generator: Create strategic briefs tailored for specific campaigns.
  • Creative Idea Generator: Generate creative concepts on-demand.
  • AI Creative Partner – Chat Interface: Collaborate with an AI for generating and revising creative ideas.
  • Naming Generator: Develop names for new brands and products.
  • ShotList Generator: Create detailed shot lists for establishing scenes in visual media.
  • Quentin Tarantino Line-O-Rama™ Generator: Generate unique character dialogues.
  • Data Privacy & Security: Commitment to keeping user inputs and outputs private and secure.
  • Custom Training Data: Utilizes internally-compiled datasets for unique and effective outputs.
  • Multi-Output Generators: Generate multiple outputs simultaneously from a single brief.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use by strategists and creatives.


Daydrm AI Day Rate

  • Cost: $5/day
  • Features:
    • 24-hour unlimited access to all generators
    • Single-purchase, no recurring payments
    • Help & Support available
  • Ideal For: Short-term individual projects

Daydrm AI Monthly

  • Cost: $19/month
  • Features:
    • Unlimited access to all generators
    • Self-managed subscription: cancel anytime
    • Help & Support available
  • Ideal For: Continuous monthly access

Daydrm AI Enterprise

  • Cost: $39/seat per month
  • Features:
    • Everything included in the Monthly plan
    • Dedicated database for data privacy
    • Custom domain (e.g., with dedicated server resources
    • Data encrypted in database at rest for security
    • Automated database backups for data loss prevention and business continuity
    • Premium Help & Support
  • Ideal For: Agency & brand teams

Please check here for more details about’s pricing.

AI platform for creative outputs, from strategies to production

Key Features

💰 Paid

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