Jobo AI

Automate job hunting with AI-optimized resumes and tailored applications

  • Optimizes and applies for job listings automatically

  • Personalized resume enhancement using AI technology

  • Continuously updated job listings for relevant matches


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What is Jobo AI

Jobo AI is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the job application process by enhancing your resume, finding suitable job listings, and applying on your behalf. Utilizing technologies like AUTO-GPT and EmbedChain, Jobo personalizes your applications, optimizing them for successful matches. The platform continually updates job listings and offers tailored resume optimization integrated with LinkedIn profiles. It aims to automate job applications, allowing users to focus on interview preparation.

Key Features of Jobo AI

- AI-Powered Resume Enhancement: Integrates with LinkedIn and CV to refine and optimize your professional journey using OpenAI.

- Unlimited Job Applications: No constraints on the number of applications; Jobo can apply to thousands of jobs for you.

- Smart Job Matching: Matches your skills, experience, and aspirations with the most relevant job listings, regardless of the industry.

- Automated Application Process: AI handles the tedious task of applying to jobs, allowing you to focus on interview preparation.

- Real-Time Job Listings: Continuously updated job listings ensure you never miss new opportunities.

- AI-Driven CV Insights: Identifies potential discrepancies and showcases your skillset to ensure your CV stands out.

- Personalized Job Search: AI tailors applications to each opportunity, improving the chances of landing the right job.

- Daily Application Monitoring: Easily track your daily job application progress and detailed insights through the overview tab.

- Robust Resume Scoring: Provides a detailed scoring system and identifies areas for improvement to enhance your resume.

- Data Security: Advanced security measures to protect your personal information, with no data sharing without consent.


1. Starter Plan - $9.90:

  • Includes 30 automated job applications.
  • Ideal for initiating your job hunt.

2. Professional Plan - $19.90:

  • Includes 80 automated job applications.
  • Suitable for seasoned job seekers.
  • Guarantees an interview or provides a refund.
  • Provides access to premium resume templates.

3. Premier Plan - $39.90:

  • Includes 200 automated job applications.
  • Ultimate bundle for serious job hunters.
  • Offers three guaranteed interviews or a refund.
  • Provides access to premium resume templates.

Jobo AI

Automate job hunting with AI-optimized resumes and tailored applications

Key Features

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