What is Typee

Typee is a platform that allows users to interact with AI in an efficient way. It offers both free and paid features, including a keyboard-only experience, support for a wide range of AI models, plugin support, a character library, and a prompt library. The platform is ready to use without the need for API keys, and paid plans offer additional features such as syncing chat to the cloud, accessing AI via the Typee API, and model training.

Key Features

  • Keyboard Only Experience: Typee is designed to be used with keyboard only, enhancing efficiency in interaction with AI.
  • Wide Range of AI Models: Typee supports a diverse range of AI models via OpenRouter, providing versatility in AI-powered chat.
  • Plugin Support: Users can enhance their experience with Typee by using plugins when utilizing OpenAI models.
  • Character Library: Typee offers a built-in character library, allowing users to access a variety of characters or add their own.
  • Prompt Library: Typee provides a built-in prompt library, enabling users to utilize pre-existing prompts or add their own.
  • Ready to Use: Typee eliminates the hassle of setting up API Keys for AI and plugins, allowing users to start using it immediately.
  • Sync Chat to Cloud: Typee synchronizes chat and settings to the cloud, enabling access to conversations from anywhere.
  • Access AI via Typee API: Users can access AI through the Typee API, facilitating the use of trained models from any location.
  • Model Training: Typee allows users to train their own models and utilize them within the platform.


Typee Starter Monthly:

  • $5/month or $50/year to enjoy for 2 months for free
  • Use Your Own Key
  • Sync Chat to Cloud
  • Model Training
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Technical Support

Typee Pro Monthly:

  • $19/month or $190/year to enjoy for 2 months for free
  • Includes all Starter features
  • 1M free tokens per month
  • Access AI via Typee API

Please check here for more details about Typee’s pricing.