What is Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT is an AI-powered extension for chat management and prompt management within ChatGPT. It offers features such as folders and reordering for chats, auto sync and delete options, search and highlight functionality, and the ability to save and share prompts. The extension also allows users to change the response language, customize the AI model, and access utilities like auto splitting, word and character counting, and more. It has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 from 481 users.

Key Features

  • Chat Management: Organize chats in folders, sync history locally, auto-delete old messages, and pin important messages.
  • Prompt Management: Save and run prompt chains, access custom prompts, and search through prompt history.
  • Language and Style Customization: Change response language (supports over 190 languages) and adjust tone and writing style.
  • Utilities: Create multiple custom instruction profiles, auto-split long inputs, and adjust conversation width.
  • Model Support: Supports various GPT models including GPT-4, with model switcher feature.
  • Community Interaction: Access, share, and vote on community prompts, and read AI newsletters.
  • Privacy: User data saved locally, auto sync feature, no saving of conversations on database, no selling of user information.