AI-powered sales intelligence platform for automating prospecting and personalization

  • Simplify and automate prospecting for revenue teams

  • Automates personalized outreach, enhancing engagement and response rates

  • Versatile tool for sales leaders and teams of all sizes


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What is Truebase

Truebase is a sales intelligence platform that uses AI to simplify and automate the prospecting process. It helps users discover more leads by searching websites, job descriptions, and news, and offers AI-powered qualification and personalization features. The platform is designed to accommodate different team structures and can handle both individual and multiple leads at once. Truebase aims to increase efficiency and productivity in prospecting to allow sales teams to focus on closing deals.

Key Features

  • AI-Enhanced Prospecting: Leverages ChatGPT-style AI to boost prospecting and ignite engaging conversations.
  • Lead Discovery: Scours websites, job descriptions, and news to discover more leads.
  • AI-Powered Qualification: Quickly qualifies leads using AI, speeding up the decision-making process.
  • Personalized Outreach: Crafts custom messages for email and LinkedIn outreach, increasing response rates.
  • Versatile Tool for Revenue Teams: Adapts to different team structures and workflows in the prospecting journey.
  • Comprehensive Platform: Offers solutions for search, qualification, enrichment, personalization, and engagement.


Starter Plan

  • Cost: $49.90/user/month (Billed Annually)
  • Features:
    • Unlimited Prospecting
    • Access to Truebase 150M+ professionals’ information, including LinkedIn URLs
    • Hyper-personalized message generation
    • Company Overview generation
    • Topic-Based Search
    • Unlimited Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)
    • Realtime Verification of leads
    • Export to Outreach & CRM
    • Zapier & Webhook Integration
    • AI-powered Smart Search
    • Team Management
    • ICP Match Score

Email Address Pack (Add-on)

  • Cost: $24.90/team/month (Billed Annually)
  • Features:
    • Up to 500 Emails per Month
    • Enrichment with work and personal emails
    • Email Validation and Verification

Phone Number Pack (Add-on)

  • Cost: $24.90/team/month (Billed Annually)
  • Features:
    • Up to 250 Phone Numbers per Month
    • Enrichment with work and personal phone numbers

Personalization (Add-on)

  • Cost: $49.90/user/month (Billed Annually)
  • Features:
    • Hyper-personalization of messages across channels and outbound campaigns
    • Sequence Messages
    • Multi-format personalization (emails, social media DMs)
    • Voice & Tone customization
    • Impersonation feature
    • Import & Bulk message generation

Please check here for more details about Truebase’s pricing.


AI-powered sales intelligence platform for automating prospecting and personalization

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API
⏳ Free Trial

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