What is timeOS

timeOS is an AI-powered time management tool that automates meeting notes, scheduling, and task delegation. It integrates with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to capture meeting details and provide summaries. The tool also offers features like customizable summaries, action item tracking, and browser extensions for enhanced productivity. With a focus on security and privacy, timeOS ensures data encryption and user-controlled data deletion.

Key Features

  • Automated Note Taking: Enables users to be fully present during meetings by automatically taking notes, ensuring no important action items or opportunities are missed.
  • Integration with Notion: Seamlessly adds meeting notes to internal Notion, streamlining the process of summarizing calls and managing follow-ups.
  • Time Saving: Saves users approximately 3 hours a week by eliminating the need for manual call summarization.
  • Client Engagement: Allows users to maintain eye contact with clients during meetings without the distraction of note-taking.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers impressive multilingual support, accurately creating summaries and action items from languages such as Estonian and Bulgarian, even when the language is not set in account settings.


Free Plan

  • Cost: $0/month
  • Features:
    • Up to 10 AI Meetings
    • AI Summaries in 60 Languages
    • AI Follow-up Emails That Sound Like You
    • Smart Scheduling Links
    • Instantly See Your Schedule
    • Auto-join Your Next Meeting
    • Search Through All Your Notes
    • Seamlessly Sync Notes to Notion
    • Support & Community
    • Join Our Time-Hackers Community
    • User Guides and Tutorials
    • Group Onboarding

Pro Plan

  • Cost: $19 Per Person/month or $12 Per Person/month when billed annually
  • Features:
    • Unlimited AI Meetings
    • Custom AI Notes & Templates
    • Secured Access to Full Transcription & Recordings
    • Integrate with Notion, Todoist, ClickUp, Slack, Monday.com, Google Drive, and More
    • Your Branded AI Attendee
    • Change Your AI Appearance
    • Get Reminders from Past Meeting Context
    • Ask Your AI Anything About Your Meetings, Calendar, and Schedule
    • Prioritized Support
    • First Access to New AI Features
    • Productivity Coaching & More

Please check here for more details about timeOS’s pricing.