Full-featured cloud workspace for Stable Diffusion AI art creation

  • Cloud-based AI art platform

  • Multiple user interfaces supported

  • Customizable extensions and resources


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What is Thinkdiffusion

Thinkdiffusion is a cloud-based platform offering a full-featured workspace for Stable Diffusion, providing unrestricted, powerful open-source AI art tools. It supports various user interfaces like Automatic1111, ComfyUI, and Fooocus, catering to different needs from simple to professional-level interfaces. Users can create, train, and fine-tune models, generate animations, and more, with customizable and easy-to-install extensions and resources. The platform is engineered for flexibility, speed, and ease, enabling users to push the boundaries of creative possibilities.

Key Features of Thinkdiffusion

- Full-Featured Workspace: Provides a comprehensive Stable Diffusion workspace in the cloud for limitless creativity and experimentation.

- Simple to Pro Interfaces: Offers a range of UIs like Fooocus for beginners, Automatic1111 for advanced users, Kohya for model training, and ComfyUI for intricate workflows.

- Animation Tools: Includes extensions like Wav2Lip for lip syncing, Loopback Wave for morphing clips, Deforum for trippy videos, TemporalKit for transforming footage, AnimateDiff for advanced animations, and SadTalker for creating talking avatars.

- Multiple Machines and Parallel Workflows: Run multiple machines simultaneously and train models while testing workflows in parallel.

- Unlocked and Customizable: Freely add extensions to A1111, custom nodes to ComfyUI, and upload any model with one-click from platforms like Civitai and Huggingface.

- Persistent Dedicated Drive: Provides up to 200GB personal storage, customizable and persistent for file organization.

- Ultimate Open Ecosystem: Access unrestricted resources, tutorials, models, and extensions, keeping up-to-date with the latest features from the global open source community.

- Superior Photorealism: Introducing ThinkDiffusionXL for high-quality photorealism and versatile performance in creating art and logos.

- Dedicated AI Art Lab: Customize and enhance your creative projects with specialized tools and models all within your personal AI art lab.


Hobby Plan:

  • Cost: No Subscription
  • Machine Rates: Standard hourly rates apply
  • Features:
    • 1 hour free with every sign-up
    • 10 GB of private drive capacity
    • 48-Hour persistent storage
    • Dedicated GPU for consistent performance
    • File access when machine is active
    • Free upload of any model with 1-click
    • Preloaded extensions with the ability to install any additional extensions
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing

TD-Pro Plan:

  • Cost: $19.99 per month or yearly with a 33% saving
  • Machine Rates: 20% discounted rates
  • Features:
    • All features in Hobby plan
    • $10 balance credit every month
    • 200 GB of private drive capacity
    • Persistent storage for the life of the plan
    • Free file management anytime without launching a machine
    • Priority support, including video calls with in-house experts

TD-Teams Plan:

  • Cost: $59.99 per month
  • Machine Rates: 20% discounted rates
  • Features:
    • $20 balance credit every month
    • Includes 2 team members and a 200 GB default Teams workspace
    • Add up to 18 more team members ($6/member/mo)

Add additional workspaces (Small: $10/mo, Medium: $15/mo, Large: $20/mo, Each additional 100GB: $20/mo)

  • Manage team member access to each workspace
  • Persistent storage for the life of the plan on all workspaces
  • Free file management anytime without launching a machine
  • Priority support, including video calls with in-house experts

Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Contact for pricing
  • Features:
    • All benefits of TD-Pro and TD-Teams plans
    • Enhanced support and customized solutions for organizations with 20+ team members
    • Blazing fast speeds and uninterrupted work
    • Custom branding and settings tailored for specific organizational needs
    • Unparalleled security and confidentiality with private workspaces and administrator acces
    • Data ownership retained by the user

Machine Rates:

  • FAST (16GB RAM, 16GB VRAM): $0.59/hr
  • RAPID (32GB RAM): $0.99/hr
  • TURBO (24GB VRAM): $1.75/hr


Full-featured cloud workspace for Stable Diffusion AI art creation

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🛠️ API

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