What is Taboo

Taboo AI is an interactive wordplay game that helps users improve their English skills while having fun. The latest update includes better AI evaluation with English feedback to correct grammar mistakes and suggest improvements. Users can now access their profile page to change their nickname, view past results and game statistics, and revisit the results of their past 5 games played. The game can be easily installed as an app on mobile devices for convenience.

Key Features

  • Topic Selection: Users can start playing by choosing from various topics.
  • Contribute New Topics: Allows users to contribute their own topics for global player engagement.
  • Profile Page & Rankings: Features a profile page for signed-in users, displaying past results, game statistics, and the ability to delete the account.
  • Topic Rankings: Includes a ranking mode for each topic, showing the Best Score and Top Scorer among logged-in users.
  • Game Statistics: Provides statistics like the best performing topic, most frequently played topic, and the number of topics and games played.
  • AI Evaluation with English Feedback: Utilizes the latest ChatGPT model to correct grammar mistakes and suggest improvements in English learning.
  • Privacy Settings: Offers privacy options such as toggling anonymity in topic ranking screens.