AI-powered platform enhancing business websites with comprehensive web solutions

  • AI-powered all-in-one platform for comprehensive business solutions

  • Offers legal compliance, content publishing, talent acquisition, and more

  • SEO-optimized content publishing


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What is is an all-in-one platform designed to enhance business websites by providing essential tools such as a legal center, knowledge base, careers portal, blog, and changelog. It leverages AI to ensure seamless content creation, legal compliance, customer support, and product engagement. Additionally, SubPage offers tailored analytics, SEO optimization, and professionally designed layouts, making it accessible for non-technical teams.

Key Features of

- AI-Powered Solutions: SubPage integrates advanced AI technology throughout its platform, enabling features like instant content generation, policy creation, and job postings.

- Multi-Language Legal Center: Transform your website policies into a centralized legal center with search functionality, policy history, and multi-lingual support, including consent widgets for cookies and agreements.

- SEO-Optimized Blog Publisher: Publish blogs with built-in SEO features, AI writing, real-time co-authoring, and tailored analytics. It also includes a built-in image editor.

- Press-Friendly Newsroom: Add a press center to automatically fetch and publish press mentions or your own releases. Attractive newsroom layouts can be switched anytime.

- Self-Serve Support Center: Create a support center with articles and step guides generated via a Chrome extension. Support widgets provide contextual assistance.

- Brand Page Publishing: Boost your online identity by listing colors, assets, and guidelines for your business branding. Easily publish with various professional layouts.

- Dynamic Business Glossary: Create a multi-page glossary to define terms related to your business, improving both user experience and SEO.

- Coming Soon Page: Quickly set up an attractive coming soon page for new launches, collect early leads, and manage subscribers with a waitlist manager.

- Careers Portal: Start hiring directly from your website with a comprehensive careers portal. List job benefits, openings, and manage applications with an application manager.

- Public Product Roadmap: Visually inform users with a kanban-styled public roadmap. Collect votes and feedback for planned features to analyze user interest.

- Change Log Management: List product changes with built-in search and filters. Notify users of new features or improvements, gather user feedback, and analyze statistics.

- Integration Directory: Provide a dedicated knowledge base for product integrations, featuring a categorized, store-like interface with search and detailed steps.

- Customer Education: Generate self-help content to efficiently address customer questions and improve user experience.

- Product Engagement: Engage your audience with updates on recent and upcoming product developments.

- Consistent User Experience: SubPage offers a familiar and easy-to-onboard experience across all its products.

- Built for Non-Tech Users: No technical expertise required; ideal for HR, support, media, or legal teams.

- Tailored Analytics: Access tailored analytics and metrics specific to different modules for powerful insights.

- Multiple Professional Themes: Choose from several professionally designed page layouts that can be easily switched or customized as needed.

- Comprehensive Out-of-Box Features: Unlike traditional CMS or website builders, SubPage provides complete packaged solutions beyond just content pages.


- Pricing Structure: SubPage products are priced individually, allowing users to selectively upgrade within the apps.

- Free Plan: Users can start with a free plan.

- Per Website Pricing: The pricing is per website. Each domain can fully utilize the modules associated with the selected plan.

- Additional Websites: Support for additional websites can be purchased at the same cost from the same account.

- Collaborator Access: Licenses are tied to the domain space, meaning collaborators can access shared domain spaces even after their trial period expires.

- AI Assist: Usage of AI assist is restricted and operates on a credit system to manage additional costs.

AI-powered platform enhancing business websites with comprehensive web solutions

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🧩 Browser Extension

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