What is StarByFace

StarByFace is a celebrity look-alike face recognition app that allows users to upload a photo and find their celebrity doppelganger. The system detects the face and compares it with celebrity faces to suggest the most similar ones. Uploaded photos are not stored and are deleted after recognition, unless the user chooses to share them.

Key Features

  • Upload a Photo: Users can easily upload a photo of themselves to the platform. The photo should ideally be frontal with a clearly visible face for best results.
  • Find Your Celebrity Doppelganger: StarByFace uses advanced face-recognition technology to determine which celebrities a user most closely resembles.
  • Automatic Face Detection: Once a photo is uploaded, the system detects the face and identifies key facial components such as eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and their positions.
  • Neural Network Analysis: The platform’s Neural Network then compares the uploaded face with a database of celebrity faces to find the most similar matches.
  • Choose gradient type: Users can select different gradient types for visual representation.
  • Photos: Uploaded photos are deleted after recognition, ensuring privacy.
  • Data Privacy: The platform collects no personal information except website usage data.