AI drawing app allowing users to learn and create art

  • Master the art of drawing

  • Connect and grow with other artists

  • Transform your photos into stylized AI portraits


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What is Sketchar

Sketchar is an AI-based drawing app that allows users to learn and create art on-the-go. With a community of over 11 million users, Sketchar aims to help individuals express themselves, improve their skills, relieve stress, and boost their creativity through drawing. The app offers diverse creative activities and personalized scenarios, making it suitable for both hobbyists and lifelong learners. Additionally, Sketchar has been used by schools worldwide to enhance children’s creativity and engage them in the drawing process. The platform also incorporates augmented reality technology for live drawing performances.

Key Features

  • Learn to Draw: Sketchar offers¬†a unique feature¬†that uses augmented¬†reality (AR) to¬†help users learn¬†how to draw by¬†projecting images¬†onto paper through¬†their smartphone‚Äôs camera.
  • Artistic¬†Social Network: The platform¬†includes a social¬†network for artists, allowing users¬†to share their¬†creations, follow¬†other artists, and participate¬†in a creative¬†community.
  • AI Portraits: Utilizes AI to turn¬†photos into digital¬†portraits in¬†various artistic¬†styles, providing¬†users with personalized¬†artwork.
  • Step-by-Step¬†Tutorials: Provides¬†step-by-step drawing¬†tutorials to¬†guide users through¬†the process of¬†creating art, making it accessible¬†for beginners.
  • Drawing Tools: Offers a variety¬†of digital drawing¬†tools within¬†the app, enabling¬†users to create¬†art directly¬†on their devices.
  • AR Sketching: The AR¬†feature assists¬†users in sketching by tracing¬†virtual lines¬†on the physical¬†drawing surface, enhancing the¬†learning experience.
  • Creative Challenges: Hosts challenges¬†and prompts to¬†inspire users¬†and encourage¬†practice and¬†improvement in¬†their artistic¬†skills.


AI drawing app allowing users to learn and create art

Key Features

ūüí≤ Freemium
ūüďĪ Mobile App

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