Sentient Email

Automate email with AI-powered tool, , for efficiency

  • Automate email responses and prioritize essential communications

  • Powered by proprietary AI agent for precise messaging

  • Customize automated responses based on subject and tone


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What is Sentient Email is an AI-powered tool that automates email responses and helps manage your inbox. It uses AI technology such as semantic search and sentiment analysis to ensure that every message is targeted and personalized. With features like auto-reply and customizable responses, streamlines email communication and prioritizes what matters most.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Email Responses: offers a tool to manage and automate email responses, reducing time spent on unanswered messages.
  • True Value Experience: The platform is committed to helping users maximize the benefits of, providing ongoing support and addressing queries.
  • Work with AI’s Strengths: Powered by proprietary AI, employs semantic search and sentiment analysis to ensure precise and targeted messaging.
  • Simple AI Assistance: Let the system craft responses, allowing users to focus on other pressing tasks.
  • Consistent Replies: ensures that the information provided is the information sent.
  • Your Voice, Your Rules: Customize responses to fit individual needs, whether aiming to be an authority or more knowledgeable.
  • Filter by Subject: Choose to send automated replies based on subject and tone, maintaining simplicity and efficiency.


Message In A Bottle Plan

  • Cost: $10/month
  • Features:
    • 3 Automatic Replies Per Day
    • 1 Active Prompt
    • Email support
    • Ideal for individuals or small teams wanting to try out the product at a low cost.

Take On Mail Plan

  • Cost: $50/month
  • Features:
    • 40 Automatic Replies Per Day
    • 10 Active Prompts
    • Priority Email Support
    • Perfect for heavy email users, particularly office workers who send an average of 40 emails a day.

Don’t Stop Replying Plan

  • Cost: $100/month
  • Features:
    • Unlimited Prompts
    • 100 Email Replies Per Day
    • White Glove Support
    • Feature Requests
    • Designed for users who require extensive email automation, offering the highest level of support and customization.

Please check here for more details about Sentient Email’s pricing.

Sentient Email

Automate email with AI-powered tool, , for efficiency

Key Features

🆓 Free

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